Current Council Members

Current Session: March 2017 – March 2019

Gavin Palmer (the Jabberwock) – U.S.A., Chairman
Ernst Brun (Logain) – France
Eric Dane (Thorsten the Traveller) – Netherlands
Karsten Gerland (Shapeshifter) – Germany
Wolfgang Penetsdorfer (thorondor) – Austria
Marc Roca (cram) – Spain
Jose San Miguel (Jose-san) – Spain
Nicolai Willinek (Vastor Peredhil) – Germany

To improve administrative effectiveness, the Council has formed the following committees. If you have a specific committee related question or comment, please use the forum to contact the members of that committee. 

After the passage of the 2018 Charter, current committees are in the process of being formed. Please check back for an update soon for an accurate list of committee members.

Dream Cards
Ernst Brun; Eric Dane; Karsten Gerland; Nicolai Willinek

Game Promoting & Public Relations
Wolfgang Penetsdorfer; Marc Roca; Nicolai Willinek; Jose San Miguel

Rules Oversight
Ernst Brun; Eric Dane; Karsten Gerland; Jose San Miguel; Gavin Palmer

Web Based Initiatives
Gavin Palmer; (Outside Council – Dominik Schönleben)