Council of Elrond - Terms of use

Council of Elrond Forum guidelines

This forum is provided for the discussion of the Middle Earth Collectable Card Game (MECCG) from Iron Crown Enterprises. To ensure that everyone feels they can take part in discussions and to help maintaining a friendly place to discuss the game that we love, participation on this server requires abiding to the following guidelines:

- Be kind, polite and respectful. Debate and discussion are encouraged but abusive, patronising or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

- Assume the best of people and keep in mind that an online forum is not a perfect medium for discussion. You cannot hear voice tone or facial expressions so where possible assume that people are well meaning.

- Be mindful of others. This server is for everyone. We will not allow any slurs or discrimination against any person or group of people. Conversely, consider when posting about how minor changes in the way you speak to people could help to make this forum and the MECCG community a friendlier and more inclusive place.

- Feel free to give your opinion honestly and explain your thinking and reasoning but do not try to convert other people and do not think that just because it is your opinion that it is the right one. Rather than engaging in endless discussions, politely agree to disagree.

- Do not spam. If you have links or things that you think will be of interest to the group then by all means post them but please do not post things that are completely unrelated.

- Sharing of illegal, violent or pornographic content is prohibited.

We have tried to make this list as extensive as possible, but there may be something we have missed. If you have suggestions on these rules or notice anyone breaching them, please contact sarma72 on this forum

Where possible we will always offer people the opportunity to amend their behaviour before removing them from the server. However, we may delete posts if we think they are inappropriate, close discussions if we think they are leading nowhere and becoming confrontational and - in instances of a severe breach of these rules - we will simply remove users. If you believe that you have been removed from the forum unfairly, please contact sarma72 on this forum and provide as much information as possible about the events that led to the exclusion.