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Good morning.
I am lloking for cards and promotional hings in italian, and I think it's more easy to find them here.
This is my want list -I can pay or trade-
Clouds - Nubi R 1.5
Dw. Ring of Durin's Tribe - Anello dei Nani della Stirpe di Durin R 1.5
Elves of Lindon - Elfi del Lindon R 1.5
Lucky Search - Ricerca Fortunata R 1.5
Mouth of Sauron - Bocca di Sauron R 6 negociando
Pukel Men - Uomini Pukel 1.5
Siege - Assedio R 1.5
Thorin II R 1.5 negociando
Wizard's Ring - Anello dello Stregone R 1.5

Adrazar 6
Aragorn II 8
Beorn 7
Beregond 6
Bree 6
Celeborn 6
Elladan 6
Elrohir 6
Gimli 6
Hombres de Anorien - Uomini dell'Anórien 6
Minas Tirith
Torre de Guadia de Minas Tirith - Guardia della Torre di Minas Tirith 6

I have totrade in italian:
Bane of the Ithil Stone
Carn Dum R 1.5
Denethor II R 1.5
Daw of Waw R 6
Eagle-mounts R x3 1.5
Easterlings R x2 1.5
Haldalam R x2 1.5
Isle of the Dead that Alive R 1.5
Morgul Nights R 1.5
Palantir of Amon Sul R x2
Southrons R
The Great Goblin R 1.5
The Stone of Erech 1.5
The Stones R 1.5
The Will of the Ring R 1.5
Thief R
Traitor R x2 1.5
True Fana R
Variags of Khand R x2 1.5
Wizard's Fire 1.5
Wizard's Voice R x2 1.5

Wellinghall - Sala del Manantial - Salimpozzo 6 F

Best regards
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Hey! You can find my up to date list here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing. Shipping from Italy. Let me know :)
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