The game in Finland

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The game in Finland

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Hello Finnish collectors/players,

I am not Finnish, but interested in the Finnish cards (especially as a collector, although I think Finnish is a special language from a Tolkien scholarly perspective also).

I think it is possible the Finnish Wizards set had the smallest print run. Why?

1. Finland is a small country, with a population of about 5M people, Compare this to other countries with the rarest sets like Japan and Italy. Furthermore, the Finnish language is not widely spoken outside of Finland.

2. We know that there were no other Finnish sets - no Finnish promos either. This indicates to me that there is likely to be a very small Finnish Wizards print run. Compare to Japan - for example - where we have a very large population (bigger even than the UK) with Wizards Ltd, Wizards ULtd, Dragons, Dark Minions sets + promos (albeit apparently rare promos).

Only the Finnish and Italian sets had just a Wizards set with no promos (the Dutch set did have promos). So I am guessing one of these is the smallest set in terms of print run. But which? Well, for me it is likely to be the Finnish set - based just on the population size of Finland (5M) vs. Italy (60M+).

What do other Finnish players/collectors think? Am I the only one who thinks the the Finnish 'One Ring' is the rarest of rings?

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Re: The game in Finland

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I think the only way to know would be contacting some one who worked at ICE if they would have info about the print runs. Going with guess work, then finnish set would be smallest if proportionated with population of countries. Dutch and Italian could be same size though, depending on how the licensed companies saw the potential of the game.
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