Players in Boston?

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Players in Boston?

Post by Beleriand »

I'm looking for players in the Boston area. If you're still playing, or want to get back into the game, let me know. Maybe we can figure something out.

I've also looked into gccg, but since I use a Mac I'd have to follow the self-compile procedure. Haven't had the time yet to sit down and make that happen.
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Re: Players in Boston?

Post by Jose-san »

I'd check for players also on BGG's MECCG forum. There are more USA users there than here: ... -earth-ccg
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Re: Players in Boston?

Post by Muad'Dib »


im also using gccg on mac and atm its pain in the ass. But maybe my files were wrong compiled. I can send you my files but prefer to wait for you how your own stuff works. It will explain if i have problems with my libraries or compiling doesnt work good (so source needs some tuning).

Of course it doesnt mean you cant play on mac. It works but with some problems during the game. For example i cant run full screen because later minimaze is not possible. Running in smaller resolution means gccg works a little slower and there are some problems with loading sites directly from the map, you have to open the location deck and find what you need. All these problems are in my case and people using my compiled files. Maybe i did something wrong with libraries and you will do it better :)

Let me know when you do it, it doest take too much time, just download some stuff and later leave working mac for about 1 hour.
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Re: Players in Boston?

Post by lucas.kubisch »

Hey beleriand you live in boston? I use to live in beverly on the north shore, now i live in greenfield only two hours away. If you want to get it a game get at me on fb im jipsy faust
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