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MECCG in Vegas (III)

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:32 am
by rezwits
Event Date: 2019/11/19

Hey Dudes!

Just wanted to post an update to how the weekend out in Vegas went!

Things were pretty cool, except I really wanted this PIRATE FIZZ SODA ANNE BONNY BLACK CHERRY: ... ack-cherry

The stuff is $7.50 a bottle from the store fridge and is so LEGIT!

They had some smaller $2.50 bottles of Diet Black Cherry, so that had to do.

A couple months ago Goblin King was in town and we went thru 3 of these bottles! Couldn't believe they didn't stock-up!


---=== GAME 1 ===---

The day started pretty nice weather-wise, four of us gaming, Justin, Gandalf-Gene, and Tradewind Rider, and myself.

I ended up playing Gandalf-Gene, two games from 12-6pm. The time was CRAZY, during our first game I looked and we had about 2 turns each (4 total) left, and boom 3pm. I was going DAMN time goes by quick when you are having fun with this game. But here the game details:

I played my Adûnaphel Haradrim Mordor Guardians deck versus Gandalf-Gene's tried and True Aiglos Dragon Helm, Late Game Alatar Hunt Deck (which this time he didn't get around to doing, whew).

Alatar stayed at Rivendell for the most part or Grey Havens while Glorfindel II, Aragorn II, and Gildor Inglorion went to Angmar and then Down to the Under-deeps. I screwed up because I played Baduila on him with Inner Cunning, stalling him, a turn which was nice, but then in my haste discarded my trusty Umagaur the Pale while having Tuma in hand, and then two turns later of course he goes to the Under-deeps. I don't know? Would that have been too long to hold onto? Just was a bummer...

On my side Adûnaphel showed up turn one and the team was rolling great for factions (except for my 1st), and after I got a Cave Troll with Gothmog, Lt. of Minas Morgul, went with Uglúk and posted up at the Teeth of Mordor, Cirith Gorgor, and started recruiting.

The game was fun as Gandalf-Gene usually finds a way to scare the hell out of you droping Hazards constantly, sometimes finding a way to stick one even if you avoid the heck out of them. I did get lucky by not having to face his Nameless Thing Summons from Long Sleep setup, by Voices of Malice! That had to gut punch him haha.

I tried to Stormcrow him, but a Bûthrakaur the Green at Mt. Gundabad wrecked him more so, because he teleported with Alatar, and ended up losing Thrain II, but unfortunately I couldn't call the game one turn sooner, because I might have won 30 to something (with Double Faction Pts) but like the saying goes, paraphrasing: "Not the Elves of Lindon again!"

He put Alatar in play the following turn and then passed his influence check, for his one faction.


---=== GAME 2 ===---

This game was a little fustrating due to "Kine Resources Contested". I stalled out his Dwarf at Wellinghall for one turn, and then ran the hell over there and got Quickbeam. He didn't like that and so Pallando went to Wellinghall and sweated my Thranduil who had Quickbeam as an Ally, and he influenced him away from Thranduil and Quickbeam followed Pallando. BUMMER!!

We went back and forth I racked up some factions, but the real fun I had with this was, I had a pretty smooth chararcter draw from turn one, and ended up getting Thranduil with one of Elrond's sons Elrohir, they went to his home, at Thranduil's Halls and were fighting the Spider of the Morlât, which was fun they were cutting those 2@10 (3@10) spiders up, and then I drew a Hauberk of Bright Mail (major item), and in the corner of my mind, I was like "Hey wait!, I think Sarn Goriwing (Hero) allows the play of Major Items, and yep for sure, and then they went south and fought the Spiders nabbed the Mail, went back North and influenced Wood-elves in the end. Really cool CUTE stuff!

I was happy!

All in all I got some real life gaming in and got me pumped again to start buidling decks for January, Feb, or March, 2020! (and to do some final updates for!

Laters... Happy Thanksgiving! (USA)

Re: MECCG in Vegas (III)

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:47 am
by CDavis7M
Anne Bonny Black Cherry. That sounds good!

Looks like some intense gaming. Thanks for the update and all the pics. Time sure can fly playing this game. Gotta eat BIG before you setup to hold you over if you start early.
rezwits wrote:
Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:32 am
Gandalf-Gene usually finds a way to scare the hell out of you droping Hazards constantly, sometimes finding a way to stick one even if you avoid the heck out of them.
True that.
rezwits wrote:
Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:32 am
a Bûthrakaur the Green at Mt. Gundabad wrecked him more so, because he teleported with Alatar, and ended up losing Thrain II
rezwits wrote:
Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:32 am
"Not the Elves of Lindon again!"
Could say that again.

Re: MECCG in Vegas (III)

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:20 am
by rezwits
He actually only lost Thrain II, because on his follow up turn he had to discard due to lack of GI, and since he discarded a character that turn he couldn't play one, which if I could have called that 1 turn before, he would have had a tough time getting "Elves of Lindon" easily. :(

Re: MECCG in Vegas (III)

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:43 pm
by TradewindRider
Greetings All,

I’ve come to enjoy these MECCG gatherings in Vegas for a number of reasons. Living just east of LA, the trip is a fairly easy 3.5-hour drive on a Saturday, since most of my fellow SoCal hooligans choose to drive to Vegas on Friday night and return on Sunday night. I also work from home, so it’s great to be able to just do a 1-day road trip and blast the car stereo all the way there and back.

Of course, the “kitchen pass” requires an offering, in terms of an errand to the outlet stores at the state line to get something for the wife. The Primm Valley Outlet Mall appears to be dying, but down the road in Jean, they’ve built the world’s largest Chevron gas station (96 fuel pumps!), anchored by none other than a White Castle restaurant. Having lived in the Midwest for years, I do crave White Castles once in a while, so it was great to see not one, not two, but three places now in the Vegas area.

The Little Shop of Magic was once again very accommodating and a great place to play! I didn’t get a chance to try rezwits’ Anne Bonny Black Cherry cola, but I did get a chance to try out the Bundaberg brand Australian ginger beer—had two bottles, actually! They did a really good job, it's non-alcoholic and low sugar. The store has the most amazing collection of goodies I’ve ever seen, as their they own a very lucrative corner floorspace in the corner of the second story of a strip mall. It’s on the west side of town, far enough away for the hustle and bustle of the strip, but there are plenty of places around to eat and take a break.

As for the gaming, while Gandalf Gene and rezwits engaged each other in high-concept/high-level MECCG games, Justin and I played a couple of Hero deck matches, using Gandalf Gene’s greatly modified Challenge Deck A against my standard Thrain deck that tools around dragon country canceling everything in sight, trading decks after the first game. I totally mishandled the challenge deck in the first match, heading off to the coastal seas to take advantage of Great Ships, then immediately managing to get all the hobbits injured, so I conceded after four turns. The second match was much better, Justin was able to get his scimitars down to make the orc heavies quite lethal. That game turned when I managed to roll some low-probability high rolls to turn back the Orc and Uruk Lieutenants, that last one rolling a 10 (needing a 9). We noted that I was rolling craps dice all day long, so maybe I should have spent a few minutes at the casino—well, maybe next time. :)