Hello from Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada!

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Hello from Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada!

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Hello everyone my name is Shawn Olson and I’m new to forum but not really new to the game. I started collecting back in 1995 when the game came out and stopped around a little after Lidless Eye came out.

I have recently got back into the game just ordered a box of Wizards Limited Starters, 60 loose packs of Wizards Limited Boosters, 2 Boxes of Dragons and 1 box of
Dark Minions...yeah I got back into the game pretty hard lol.

Don’t know if there’s anyone in Alberta out there that plays but shoot me a PM if there is!

Also I’m really looking for both the Limited Wizards The One Ring and Lidless Eye The One Ring cards in unplayed Pack fresh condition if anyone had them. Hopefully I pull a Wizards one when my cards come in.. fingers crossed.

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