[Deck Elf-lord Cirdan] The Straight Way

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[Deck Elf-lord Cirdan] The Straight Way

Post by Fangorn » Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:37 pm

Here is the MeFF version of deck.
Main goal is still to focus Palantir of Elostirion at Grey Havens with following steps :
- finding Keys of the White Towers
- Reconstructing Towers
- finding Palantir of Elostirion
- carrying it as A Long-hoarded Treasure

[DC] stands for a DreamCard.

Character Draft

Starting company
[DC MEFB] Cirdor + [DC MEFB] Trusted Councellor + Healing Herbs
[DC MEFB] Tharudan + [DC MEFB] Kinsman and Ambassador
Elwen + [DC MEFB] Bow of Yew
Gildor Inglorion + Star-glass

In deck
[DC MEFB] Bladorthin
[DC MEFB] Shipwright

Not in deck
[DC MEFB] Wood-elf


[DC MEFB] Cirdan the Shipwright
[DC MEFB] Cirdan the Shipwright
[DC MEFB] Cirdan the Shipwright
[DC MEFB] Shipwright
[DC MEFB] Shipwright
[DC MEFB] Andovon Pathdal
[DC MEFB] Elven Handmaid


[DC MEFB] Aranruth
[DC MEFB] Great Bow of Yew
[DC MEFB] Great Bow of Yew
[DC MEFB] Great Bow of Yew
Keys of the White Towers

Elves of Lindon
[DC MEFB] Elves of Edhellond

Nenselde the Wingild

[DC MEFB] Sail to the West
[DC MEFB] Sail to the West
[DC MEFB] Sail to the West

[DC MEFB] Possession of the High Elves
[DC MEFB] Swanships of Lindon
[DC MEFB] Ulmo's Watch
[DC MEFB] Hair of Uinen
Gates of Morning
Gates of Morning
Gates of Morning
The Evenstar
The Evenstar
The Evenstar
Star of High Hope
Star of High Hope
Star of High Hope
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf
A Chance Meeting
A Chance Meeting


Ent in Search of the Entwives
Ent in Search of the Entwives
Ent in Search of the Entwives
Old Man Willow
Old Man Willow
Old Man Willow
[DC MEFB] Tree-herder
[DC MEFB] Bregalad
[DC MEFB] Fangorn
[DC MEFB] Finglas
[DC MEFB] Fladrif
[DC MEFB] Falathrim
[DC MEFB] Falathrim

[DC MEFB] Protecting their Domain
[DC MEFB] Protecting their Domain
[DC MEFB] Wrath of the Olvar
[DC MEFB] Wrath of the Olvar
[DC MEFB] Wrath of the Olvar
[DC MEFB] Yavanna's Plea
[DC MEFB] Yavanna's Plea
[DC MEFB] Sentinel of the Grove
Power Built by Waiting
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


Palantir of Elostirion
[DC MEFB] A Long-hoarded Treasure
[DC MEFB] Reconstructed Towers
Jewel of Beleriand
Jewel of Beleriand
[DC MEFB] The High Sea
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Praise to Elbereth
[DC MEFB] Elves of the House
Noble Hound
Noble Hound
Great Patron
Legacy of Smiths
Scroll of Isildur
[DC MEFB] The Elf-king
[DC MEFB] Sworn to the Lord
[DC MEFB] The Sea's Prowess
[DC MEFB] Keeper of the Passage
The Old Thrush
[DC MEFB] Crisfuin
Redoubled Force
Something Else at Work
The Reach of Ulmo
Diminish and Depart
The Sun Shone Fiercely

Sideboard vs. Fallen / Lord

Call of the Sea
The Burden of Time
[DC MEFB] Choked with Vanity
[DC MEFB] He is Lost to Us
[DC MEFB] Curse Him, Root and Branch
[DC MEDF] All This Dwarvish Racket
[DC MEDF] Fear of Kin
[DC MEDF] Flooded to the Surface
Nature's Revenge
[DC MEFB] Dark Heart


[DC MEDF] Grey Havens => Elves of Lindon, [DC MEFB] Sail to the West, [DC MEFB] The High Sea
[DC MEDF] Mount Rerir, The Stones => [DC MEFB] Aranruth, [DC MEFB] Crisfuin
Himring, Isles of the Dead that Lives, Isle of the Ulond, Ruined Signal Tower => [DC MEFB] Great Bow of Yew
Tolfalas => Scroll of Isildur
Barrow-downs => Keys of the White Towers
The White Towers => Palantir of Elostirion, [DC MEFB] Reconstructed Towers
[DC MEDF] Tom's House => Goldberry
Dol Amroth => Nenselde the Wingild
[DC MEDF] Edhellond => [DC MEFB] Elves of Edhellond
[DC MEDF] Rivendell => [DC MEFB] Elves of the House
Lond Galen, Wose Passage-hold => Noble Hound

Updated play tips

Starting company costs only 10 GI :
- Cirdor costs only 3 GI with Trusted Councellor
- Tharudan costs only 2 GI with Kinsman and Ambassador
- Elwen costs 5 GI
- Gildor Inglorion is follower of Cirdor or Elwen

Elwen may use enhanced ability of Bow of Yew because she's Nando.
Star-glass is a must for Undead aa of item sites.

Lots of characters are in deck.
The most numerous have naturally Grey Havens as home site : Cirdan the Shipwright, Galdor, Shipwrights and Andovon Pathdal.
Thus Sworn to the Lord is very interesting to play.
Others have the second site to take a ship for the Straight Way, which is Edhellond : Bladorthin, Annalena and Arinmir.

Tharudan is useful for Elves of Edhellond.
Cirdor is the key coastal character, allowing to Sail to the West with Elves of Edhellond.
Elwen shares home site Dol Amroth with Nenselde the Wingild.
Gildor Inglorion is thematically nice.
Shipwright allows extra coastal movement.
Andovon Pathdal must Sail to the West, because otherwise he can't leave Eriador.
Bladorthin is the suitable character for the High Sea.

Cirdan stays most of the game at Grey Havens to :
- play characters,
- place characters under Sail to the West,
- rouse Elves of Lindon,
- receive Jewel of Beleriand and Elf-stone from Possession of the High Elves,
- sideboard.

Factions of the deck are Elf-port ones, where Sailing to the West is possible.
Allies are Uinen's servants.
Items are mostly Great Bows of Yew, and the legendary sword Aranruth, best for Cirdor.
Keys of the White Towers must be used to discard Fortress of the Towers, and there are moreover cool thematically.

The travel on the Straight Way is blessed by :
- Arien (Gates of Morning, The Sun Shone Fiercely),
- Varda (The Evenstar, Praise to Elbereth),
- Earendil (Star of High Hope),
- Ulmo (Ulmo's Watch, The Reach of Ulmo),
- Uinen (Hair of Uinen).
Thus support cards rely mostly on prowess enhancer for Elves and defense at sea.
Nenselde is very useful to recycle them.
Defense is ensured too by Swanships of Lindon and Falathrim.
Additionally Lindon is safe from Ambusher and Lost in Free-domains thanks to The Sea's Prowess.

If opponent plays rings, sideboard quickly Scroll of Isildur, which is prerequisite for The Elf-king.
If opponent plays Earcaraxe Ahunt, sideboard Keeper of the Passage and The Old Thrush.

Hazard part is an ultra-heavy awakened plant theme, which avoid backfire while travelling at sea.
Against small companies, Power Built by Waiting is a must for Ents !

MP overview (expected / max)
Characters : 10 / 15
Items : 11 / 20
Factions : 3 / 5
Allies : 2 / 5
Miscellanous : 7 / 15
Kill : 1 / 4
Total : 34 / 64
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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Re: [Deck Elf-lord Cirdan] The Straight Way

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:55 pm

Nice awesome thematic deck Frank ;) merci for posting it here ;)

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