[Deck Elf-lord Galadriel] The Watchful Peace

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[Deck Elf-lord Galadriel] The Watchful Peace

Post by Fangorn » Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:19 pm

Strong beings Treebeard, Tom Bombadil and Gwaihir, have a Long Good Talk.
Meanwhile Istari and Elf-lords are roaming. Among them is Lady Galadriel very active.
She seeks for the lost Palantir of Minas Ithil and plans to destroy foundations of the Dark Tower Barad-dur with her fana.
Thus the Watchful Peace will continue at least for centuries, hindering the Dark Lord Sauron to rebuild Mordor.

[DC] stands for a DreamCard.

Character Pool

Starting Company
[DC MEFB] Celeborn, Lord of Lorien + [DC MEFB] Trusted Councellor + Star-glass
[DC MEFB] Erestor + [DC MEFB] Master Healer + Elf-stone
[DC MEFB] Legolas of Greenwood + [DC MEFB] Bow of Yew
+ [DC MEFB] Lady of Many Gifts

In deck
[DC MEFB] Fanar

Not in deck
[DC MEFB] Bladorthin
[DC MEFB] Huinen
[DC MEFB] Aramacar
[DC MEFB] Rumil

Avatar and Characters

[DC MEFB] Lady Galadriel
[DC MEFB] Lady Galadriel
[DC MEFB] Lady Galadriel
[DC MEFB] Mallorn-dweller
[DC MEFB] Mallorn-dweller
[DC MEFB] Wood-elf
[DC MEFB] Wood-elf
[DC MEFB] Elven Handmaid


Emerald of the Mariner
[DC MEFB] Crisfuin
[DC MEFB] Cloak of Many Colours
[DC MEFB] Aranruth

[DC MEFB] Elves of Lothlorien

Tom Bombadil

[DC MEFB] A Long Good Talk
[DC MEFB] A Long Good Talk
[DC MEFB] Ancient Knowledge
[DC MEFB] Ancient Knowledge

Mirror of Galadriel
Great Patron
[DC MEFB] Ring of Water
[DC MEFB] Desperate Strike
A Chance Meeting
I'll Be at Your Heels

Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf


Alatar the Hunter
Gandalf the White Rider
Pallando the Soul Keeper
Radagast the Tamer
Saruman the Wise
[DC MEFB] Lord of the Wood
Master of the House
[DC MEFB] Sons of Elrond
[DC MEFB] Falathrim ([DC MEFB] Evenstar of her People against Dark/Grey)
Wandering Eldars (Elves upon Errantry against Dark/Grey)
Wandering Eldars (Elves upon Errantry against Dark/Grey)
Wandering Eldars (Elves upon Errantry against Dark/Grey)
Elf-lord Revealed in Wrath
Elf-lord Revealed in Wrath
Elf-lord Revealed in Wrath

[DC MEFB] The Watchful Peace
[DC MEFB] The Watchful Peace
Chill Them with Fear
Chill Them with Fear
[DC MEFB] Camthalion ([DC MEDF] Eagles Ahunt against Dark/Grey)
[DC MEFB] Out of Practice
[DC MEDF] Pit-trap
[DC MEDF] Pit-trap
[DC MEFB] Shifting Paths
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


vs. all
Phial of Galadriel
Three Golden Hairs
[DC MEFB] Drive Back the Shadow
[DC MEFB] Light of Lothlorien
True Fana
[DC MEFB] Royal Duo
[DC MEFB] Chief-guardian
[DC MEFB] Healing Song
The Old Thrush
Master of Wood, Water or Hill
[DC MEFB] Great Achievement
Fate of the Ithil-stone
Palantir of Minas Tirith
Dark Numbers
[DC MEFB] Sulhelka
Bitter Cold
[DC MEFB] Kheleglin
[DC MEFB] A Friend of Yore
[DC MEFB] Prisoner from Ost-in Edhil
A Merrier World
Legacy of Smiths
[DC MEFB] Decisions of White Council
Call of Home (Bow Galadhrim against Dark/Grey)
Reluctant Final Parting ([DC MEFB] Bow Lorien against Dark/Grey)
The Will of the Ring
Earcaraxe Ahunt (Wrath of the West against Dark/Grey)
Itangast Ahunt

vs. Fallen
[DC MEFB] Choked with Vanity
Diminish and Depart
Call of the Sea
[DC MEFB] Fear of Kin
The Way is Shut
[DC MEFB] Flooded to the Surface
[DC MEFB] He is Lost to Us
Blind to the West
Echoes of the Song
Longing for the West


[DC MEFB] Lorien => [DC MEFB] Elves of Lothlorien
[DC MEFB] Thranduil's Halls => Wood-Elves
Eagles' Eyrie => Gwaihir
Wellinghall => Treebeard
[DC MEFB] Tom's House => Tom Bombadil
Minas Tirith => Palantir of Minas Tirith
Barad-dur => Dark Numbers, [DC MEFB] Sulhelka, [DC MEFB] Kheleglin, [DC MEFB] A Friend of Yore
The Lonely Mountain => Emerald of the Mariner
Mount Gundabad, Moria, Dead Marshes, Minas Morgul, Cirith Ungol => [DC MEFB] Crisfuin, [DC MEFB] Cloak of Many Colours, [DC MEFB] Aranruth

Play tips

Celeborn, the Lord of Lorien, is naturally the Trusted Councellor of Lady Galadriel.
Erestor, the Master Healer, provides great help and wisdom, as high-minded sage/diplomat Elf (without -3 MP if lost).
Legolas, the Bowman of Greenwood, uses Bow of Yew at full strength.

Bladorthin and Huinen are back-up of Celeborn and Erestor.
If Erestor is bounced, Master Healer is sadly discarded.
Aramacar is the back-up of Legolas because he's scout.

When Fanar enters play, give him the Bow of Yew because he can untap it.
He'll be the Chief-guardian with the Lady Galadriel.
If a Wood-elf or a Mallorn-dweller enters play early, give him the Star-glass and travel to Dead Marshes.
In this case Celeborn is corruption-free to play the first greater item there :
- Aranruth for himself
- Cloak of Many Colours for Erestor
- Crisfuin for Lady Galadriel

Elven Handmaid will be the follower of Erestor (without mind cost) and will play Marvels Told.
Treebeard and Tom Bombadil are good candidate too to play Marvels Told.

When Lady Galadriel enters play, sideboard to discard :
- Phial of Galadriel, Three Golden Hairs and Waybread (recycled with Lady of Many Gifts)
- Nenya (latter recycled with Ring of Water)
- Healing Song (recycled with Master Healer)

Waybread is great item to untap characters, but it should be saved for extra movement from Wellinghall to Old Forest.
Gwaihir is another way to move between Wellinghall and Old Forest ... imagine him carrying Treebeard !

With Desperate Strike, Escape, and when facing strikes from attacks, characters of main company will be wounded.
Healing Song is taken to hand thanks to Master Healer during end-of-turn phase.
Healing Song must be immediately be played on the lowest corruption-loaded character.
The following turn Legolas is boosted, and during end-of-turn phase a wounded character is healed.

Otherwise Trickery is a wide canceller, useful for aa at Orc-holds or Thranduil's Halls.
It could be used too against opponent's Elf and Awakened Plant creatures.

Although Anarin counts as character regarding deckbuilding, he must be played as agent.
On the other hand you might consider playing Nimloth as character, if opponent's area is far from Wilderland.
In this case she's very helpful to influence the Wood-elves (or cancel auto-attack).

Hazard is an heavy Maia / Elf theme.
The Wathcful Peace recycles Maia, and enhanced greatly playability of Maia and Elf-lord against minion and covert companies.
The Wathcful Peace boosts playability of Falathrim and Eagles Ahunt.
Most important sideboard hazard is Decisions of the White Council, for everlasting Watchful Peace, Chill them with Fear and Reluctant Final Parting.

Loophole of this hazard theme are dangerous sites.
Pit-traps cover part of it.
Moreover Camthalion is the trump hazard against company moving to Dark-holds/domains.
Use the presence of opponent's Nazgul (such as Adunaphel or Uvatha) to play him at Shadow-holds.
In sideboard Wrath of the West, Blind to the West, Longing for the West, and Echoes of the Song fit well with the theme.


The first mission of the deck is A Long Good Talk, which is an awesomely cool card !
First play Treebeard which is in the main area of the deck.
Tom Bombadil may clog hand, but the increased hand size (Lady Galadriel, Emerald of the Mariner, Cloak of Many Colours) should help.
Once "off the side" they can recycle The Old Thrush.

The second mission of the deck is to prepare Lady Galadriel for using her fana at full strength.
Cloak of Many Colours must be given to Erestor.
With the Three Golden Hairs given by Lady Galadriel, he uses it without any risk :
- to increase hand size during first part of the game
- to take to hand Marvels Told if needed (or even thematically Master of Wood, Water or Hill)
- to take to hand True Fana during last part of the game

Emerald of the Mariner must be given to Lady Galadriel.
I'll Be at Your Heels thanks to Celeborn is another defense against corruption (he deserves the Phial too).
Indeed with Nenya and latter True Fana, Lady Galadriel would otherwise be in danger by corruption.

Sideboard and play Light of Lothlorien to allow her to play True Fana.
Recycle and play Nenya each turn thanks to Ring of Water.
Crisfuin is great for Lady Galadriel : it holds True Fana which is recycled each turn with Cloak of Many Colours.
For the purpose of True Fana, Lady Galadriel's prowess is 10 or even 11 with Crisfuin !

You might consider sideboarding Drive Back the Shadow if Lady Galadriel and moreover Ring of Water are played first turn.
Otherwise it'll be too late to use this very cool card.
Discard Lady of Many Gifts when Lorien items have been recycled, to free up corruption and stage points.

Play with lot of space according to DC, because Lady Galadriel should be overloaded with cards :), as many as 10 :
- Lady of Many Gifts
- Royal Duo
- A Long Good Talk
- Ancient Knowledge
- Emerald of the Mariner
- Ring of Water
- Nenya
- Light of Lothlorien
- Crisfuin
- True Fana

The third and last mission of the deck is to store Fate of the Ithil-stone.
First step is to play Ancient Knowledge on the wise Erestor.
His company (with Handmaid and a Woodmen or Mallorn-dweller) moves then to Minas Tirith to play Fate of the Ithil-stone.
His company plays the Palantir of Minas Tirith to invert it.

You might consider playing Calendal under direct influence of Erestor (with Elf-stone) to use the Palantir.
Main company of the Royal Duo Lady Galadriel and Celeborn (and all others) join to take Fate of the Ithil-stone.
Main company moves to Imlad Morgul, to play a missing greater item (while Erestor's company goes back to Lorien).
With the help of her True Fana, Lady Galadriel can withstand a Nazgul.
If A Merrier World is played, opponent should think twice before playing a Nazgul as hazard !
Finally main company moves to Barad-dur, enters there and play Dark Numbers.
Fate of the Ithil-stone is immediately stored thanks to Treebeard and Tom Bombadil who have A Long Good Talk about it.
With Great Achievement it's a whopping 8 MPs !

For the theme of the deck, be sure to play Nenya and True Fana at Barad-dur to Drive Back the Shadow (although out of range thus scoring no MP).

It's impossible the game isn't over yet, unless playing on GCCG and all run perfect ;)
There are still lots of stuff to do at Barad-dur.
Firstly deliver A Friend of Yore.
Secondly the other Ancient Knowledge must have been played on Lady Galadriel (or Celeborn), to play Kheleglin.
Healing Song is immediately played after to heal them one by one.

Instead of playing Kheleglin, choose Sulhelka instead if opponent plays lots of Nazgul or if you CvCC a Ringwraith.
The uttermost cool play is to store A Friend of Yore, discard it to play Prisoner from Ost-in Edhil, and give him Sulhelka !
Thus it's like Celebrimbor re-embodied !
Otherwise Sulhelka is perfect in the hands of Celeborn !

MP overview (expected / max)

Characters : 11 / 18
Items : 13 / 19
Factions : 4 / 4
Allies : 4 / 9
Miscellanous : 1 / 15
Kill : 2 / 4
Total : 35 / 69
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Re: [Deck Elf-lord Galadriel] The Watchful Peace

Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:55 pm

Ambitious deck with lots to do, showing true DC spirit!
(sorry couldn't resist reading, failed cc17).
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