CoE Elections for 2023-2025

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CoE Elections for 2023-2025

Post by thorondor »

After an almost 2 year´s hiatus we finally would like to announce the long overdue election of a new Council for the 2023 to 2025 term.

On January 22nd, 2023 the poll will be started here in the COE forum. The voting process will be up for 2 weeks then.

Now, we would very much like to invite any of you who thinks he or she could add something in order to support the game and it´s community.
Right now there are 4 areas defined, where expertise is needed:

Rules Oversight Committee (ROC)
Game Promoting & Public Relations Committee (GPPRC)
Dream Cards Committee (DCC)
Web Initiatives Committee (WIC)

You will find more detailled information in the Charter of the COE:

If you want to be a candidate, please tell us a few things about yourself, your involvement with MECCG and how you would like to contribute as a COE member.

Feel free to ask any questions here or via PM.
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Re: CoE Elections for 2023-2025

Post by Manuel »

Well, someone had to be the first to answer the call, so here it is:

My name is Manuel Cabezalí and I've been playing MECCG on and off since 1998. I've played a lot of other games too, but at some point, I've always come back to this game because it's my favorite card game ever. Almost 25 years later I still get to see new deck ideas here and there, it's amazing!

I am currently a member of the Council of Rivendel, the body in charge of all things related to MECCG in Spain and Latin America. We refurbished the council in 2020 and since then, we have seen the biggest player base growth in our community since ICE lost the license long ago. Some of our achievements as a team are:

- We have developed a new website, with extensive deck archives, rulings, a powerful search engine for both cards and rulings, and many more features.
- We have worked on and recently released a remastered version of all the cards, with errata and updated text included, and better images, both in English and Spanish.
- Various video tutorials teaching players different alignments, timing rules, etc.
- We organize team tournaments that serve as an entrance to the different alignments for beginners. We've had 40 players playing Hero, 28 playing Minion, and 28 playing Fallen Wizard, distributed in equal teams of veteran and new players, so the veterans can help the newcomers build and refine their decks and strategies. And of course, we also have our own competitive 2-deck general opponent tournament, called Copa Imladris. It is being played right now, with 30 players inscribed.
-Every year we hold one or two beginner's exclusive tournaments, the next one will start next month and we already have 18 players in. Most of them have never played in a tournament before.
-We have a big WhatsApp general group (250 players/collectors and growing) of Spanish and Latin American players, and another exclusive for rules and strategy questions with 112 members as we speak. Lots of activity going on there!


And now you may think: why am I giving you all this information about the Council of Rivendell?

During the past year, Sergio Martínez "Kodi" and I have repeatedly asked ourselves the same question: "if we've been able to make the Spanish community grow in such a healthy way, what could happen if we also extended our work to the international community?" And that's the reason I'm here. I'd like to help my favorite game thrive. I think a strong, active Council, is important to gather players under the same banner.

If I get to be elected, my goals/principles as a future CoE member would be (in no special order):

1 – Constituting a new NetRep team that can answer questions about rules officially.
2 – Getting the Annual Rulings Vote's ball rolling again. It's a great initiative and I really liked the results of the 2018 edition.
3 – Promoting organized play, both offline and online. We already host online tournaments for the Spanish and Latinamerican people, so why not extend some of them to the non-Spanish players as well?
4 – Creating online video content in both Spanish and English, showing the beauty of this game to the world.
5 – Strong moderation of the forums and different channels of communication. This is an essential part of my program and I'd like to be very upfront about it. The House of Elrond should be a place of love and respect for each other, and there must be room for everyone to speak and feel at home, without being attacked, patronized, mocked, or belittled.


My main areas of expertise are probably organized play, rules questions, and, in general, contributing and/or directing projects that require different people to work as a team. However, there is one concept that I'd like to point out as an important part of my philosophy, which is the Council of Rivendel philosophy, too: A Council doesn't need to do all things personally; you don't need to be a member to help. A Council is a body in charge of supervising and organizing that those things get done in the best possible way, normally assigning tasks to both members and non-members. We believe that any Council should watch out for the wellness of the community, and this can be done visibly or invisibly sometimes.

Thanks for reading,

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