Council of Elrond elections 2016

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Thorsten the Traveller
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Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by Thorsten the Traveller »

Good friends of meccg,

New elections for the Council of Elrond are long overdue. One reason for this is that new candidates for the Council are hard to find; voting 1 candidate out from a list of 10 is not rewarding. Another is that few players seem concerned with the activities of the Council, and rather see a Council that guards the past than one that plots a new future.

Either way, it is time for some new blood. If you feel like participating in the Council of Elrond, and are seriously committed to contributing, please state your name below, and your plans and ideas for the Council and the game.

Over a period of 1 month we will be gathering new candidates for the Council. If there are more than 9 candidates, we will hold elections, otherwise we will appoint all as members and instate of the new Council.

we're looking foreward to your contributions

the Council of Elrond

edit: the term for announcing candidacy will be extended, as it seems some more awareness of this topic must be created first within the community.
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the JabberwocK
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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by the JabberwocK »

My name is Gavin and I am volunteering for the Council.

I have copied below what I wrote previously about my thoughts on the Council and this great game going forward:

Hello friends,

I feel that a new CoE is necessary for the oversight of meccg leading into the future. I believe each council member should have an area of interest which he is passionate about. If each member works on something which interests him, it will help to prevent members from dropping off and the council falling dormant again.
For some members, this will mean working on event organizing (LURE, Worlds, other tournaments and gatherings, etc.) For other members, this might mean developing and supporting Dream Cards. For still other members, something else entirely.
For me personally, I am interested in items which I feel will benefit and encourage newcomers to join this great game and community. Specifically, my passion is for addressing the rules quagmire which new players get stuck in, and also for taking web based initiatives which support meccg.

As such, my personal agenda items for the new council are:


1) Poll the community to find out which current rules are unclear, contradictory, and/or otherwise causing conflict with the game. Once this data is obtained, have the council vote on whether or not to make errata adressing such rules.

2) Complete some form of a universal rules document which is easy to use and reference during game play (thanks to Bandobras for starting this effort!) This will greatly help in encouraging newcomers to take interest in this great game without having to battle all of the confusion surrounding the rules from the get-go. This document will be maintained and kept up to date.


1) Update and maintain a current web page which will be full of resources for new and old players alike. A central, online hub for all meccg activity which will be easy to find for those seeking out meccg online.

2) Create an online (easily viewable to casual surfers) graphic spoiler of all of the cards in meccg. This will be great as a way to create interest for newcomers as well as a handy online reference for all.

3) Maintain an updated textual spoiler document which contains all cards in written format accompanied by their most current errata.

I am volunteering to be a part of this effort going forward and I have the passion and vision to contribute. I expect progress to be slow and not take place overnight, but I feel slow and steady progress is much better than no progress. I believe that if a new council is not elected with members who wish to actively oversee and support meccg, then the game will slowly diminish and depart in the future.

Thanks to all for your consideraton.

Warmest Regards,


Vastor Peredhil
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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by Vastor Peredhil »

Me, me

Nicolai Willinek aka Vastor Peredhil

'll start with my candidacy.

motivations: well this game deserves to be played, also ME-RPGs are even more time consuming so I am stuck with this!!! ;)
objectives: fighting the long defeat of meccg-decline, trying to keep meccg interesting for ALL players and fans, by promoting both new cards and formats, and keeping the old ones alive and kicking. Could not have said it better Eric ;)
dream: getting all to see the benefits of a changing MECCG product with help by many not just few . . . and an active community to support it, we are not dead, but far from active, active.

was my text for the last election in 2013, still not a lot changed, one does not see most council members all year, even though we had 10 to choose from the last time around

Most council members labor in darkness, and little is known about their work to most players or even forum readers, still I would like to call out many more players to participate in these, we need a round mail from Wolfgang maybe to get some attention to it...

I come from a once huge now smallish community of German speaking players, still many French and spanish players are far more active ;)

I would love to see these guys help us recruit more active players to the council, all council members should pic a project and get it going and through with it, Eric and I show how such things are done (and yes we are finalizing another one within a year hopefully), so does Wolfgang for ages ;)...projects do not have to be huge, but finished and usable, too many players start stuff they never finish

...or game will be dying if we do not change some things and keep it going

yours Nicolai

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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by thorondor »

here is another one ...

i would very much like to be part of a Council of Elrond - however it may look like in the future. what can i contribute?

- Lure of MECCG - the annual event at Castle Stahleck. in fact even not being a COE member wont hold me from doing it again and again ;-)
- help organizing other events if needed (such as Worlds)
- spreading any MECCG related news all over the world (as i am know for already) - though a better mailing systm would be very welcome.
- providing stuff and help adding it to the homesite.
- i am in favor of a more active Netrep (team), meaning issuing new card errata where needed.

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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by Logain »

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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by Shapeshifter »

Although the one month period for gathering candidates has passed I hope it’s not too late to announce my candidacy.

My name is Karsten (beorning in GCCG). I started playing MECCG in 1996 and stopped again in 1998 due to a lack of players in my area. In 2004 I got back into the game and since then I frequently attend LURE as well as other tournaments (e.g. Worlds, Nationals). I have been organizing German Nationals for several times.

Some of you might know my webpage (Fallen Gandalf’s Homepage) where I’m collecting all results of all more or less official MECCG tournaments ever.

I am quite good in rules questions and am current member/advisor of the unfortunately inactive NetRep team. I would be glad in helping to assemble a new and active NetRep team.

In the Council of Elrond I will stand up for a few moderate errata or rules changes if this could help making the game even more enjoyable for a majority of the community. I wouldn’t like to see many of such changes, though, because too many changes could cause confusion amongst not so frequent players or even frighten off people (well, most of us like the game as it is, at least more or less, don’t we?). I think it would be wise to ask the community what it thinks about new errata. On the final issuing of an erratum should only be decided by the Council with the help of rules experts (hopefully a working NetRep team), though.

As a dedicated Dream Card player I like where this project has gone so far. The issuing of the First Folk expansion was a big step for DC play, and the Necromancer will be another one. I have a feeling, however, that recent ideas for the DC game/rules could tend to diverge more and more from the basic rules and game feeling. This would be a development I wouldn’t like to see at all. Therefore I would see one of my goals in trying to keep such possible attempts at bay.

Last but not least I stand for keeping tournament play alive. For me it is not enough to play once a year at LURE. Although recently not many people attended Worlds or national championships we should keep up with organizing such tournaments. Additionally more online tournaments (Fallen Wizard Sealed League Cup has been very popular or even a world chamionship could be possible) should be organized more frequently again.

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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by thedarkness »

Another bump to keep this topic active.

The community needs progress on this issue.
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Thorsten the Traveller
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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by Thorsten the Traveller »

Another candidate joins the list, Eric Dane aka Adanedhel (gccg) aka Thorsten the Traveller.

As current CoE chair I was hesitant to sign up first, and even hesitant to sign up at all for the new CoE. Not that I lack time, energy, or passion to be an active CoE member, but after all, if the criticism is that the CoE has become dormant, that would be (in part) my responsability.

But keep in mind, the current CoE members represent a good deal of the active meccg players, that's to say, those who come together to visit tournaments (in Europe, or online). They get their feelers out to check what the other active players want and think of/for the game.

As such, a vigilant CoE, as I have noticed, is what most active players seem to appreciate. Organizing Worlds (in congruence with local initiative), and keeping an eye on possible rules issues, that's mostly it. Overhauls of the game are not in demand with the old-timers (no offence ;-)). Trying to get new players into the game is nice, but not easy to achieve (for various reasons), and if it requires changing the game too much, not desired.

Initiatives and ideas are always welcome, but I will say, too often have enthusiastic new (or renewed) players joined the game, only to disappear fairly quickly. That might be due to disappointment and inertia of our community, or their own short-lived interest, either way, to allow new imput to alter the game can alienate the stable active player base. And if the decisions and initiatives of the CoE are to be successful, they need to find response with all players, - even if in my own opinion the game (as well as the community) could use some shaking up.

Myself and others have gone in the direction of making new cards, Dream-cards, to keep things interesting after playing for 20 years. This has been appreciated by a small group, but again, many active players seem to like exactly knowing the game in and out, or they lack the time to prepare for/ learn a new type of play - hence also the popularity of the Arda game.

Thus, I like a CoE which:
- supports and stimulates the organization of tournaments, most notably Worlds.
- weeds out (in cooperation with a NetRep team) new rules issues that still arise (sadly, after 20 years).
- resolves these rules issues in the spirit of the game.
- possibly issuing errata, after consulting the community.

other projects should include:
- promoting meccg online. If twitter/FB and the like are required to keep people informed, so be it.
- promoting playing meccg online. Apparently many still find using gccg too difficult or not appealing.
- creating a new valid and manageable rules document, that includes all new rulings and presents them in a clear way. This is however a herculean task, and carries with it the risk of altering the game (should it be declared official), hence it must be done with great care.
- making some changes to the CoE, including selection of its members and annual meet-up.

personal projects:
- issuing The Necromancer dream-card set, to balance the alignments and create a stable environment for DC games.
- help developing other alternate game formats, and bring the players of these together.

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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by Jose-san »

I'm a bit late to this train. Thankfully the Lure awakened me from my slumber. I'd like to help and this is my short agenda:

- Completing the already extense Spanish edition errata ( This is a personal project.
- Informing the Spanish community about the CoE activities, and try to get them more involved with it.
- Promoting official new errata and/or clarifications.
- Revising the tournament policy ( ... uncil.html). I think this needs an update.

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Thorsten the Traveller
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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by Thorsten the Traveller »

We extended the elections to be able to do some networking at Lure, with success, we can now present a new Council of Elrond with a widely international representation.

your new Council of Elrond (alphabetical):

Ernst Brun (Logain) - France
Eric Dane (Thorsten the Traveller) - Nederland
Karsten Gerland (Shapeshifter) - Deutschland
Gavin Palmer (the Jabberwock) - USA
Wolfgang Penetsdorfer (thorondor) - Österreich
Marc Roca (cram) - España
Jose San Miguel (Jose-san) - España
Nicolai Willinek (Vastor Peredhil) - Deutschland

These are the new members, but we invite everybody to work together with the CoE, get/stay into contact with us, and don't hesitate to take make a contribution!
Stone-age did not end because man ran out of rocks.

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Re: Council of Elrond elections 2016

Post by panotxa »

These are great news Eric! And not one, but two spanish members 8)
This is an overwhelming year for me, but I always have the game in my mind so I'll evangelize as much people as possible and I'll try to help the CoE if needed.
People came back from Lure with renewed energies... The world is changed. I feel it in the air, I feel it in the water... :P (btw, congratulations Karsten for winning at the Lure).

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