Please report any bugs or issues with the forum here ASAP!

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Please report any bugs or issues with the forum here ASAP!

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Hello beloved community members,

As you are aware, we recently closed the forum temporarily in order to move it to a new server host.

We have made a backup of the forum prior to the transfer, but before we completely cut ties with the old host, we want to make sure everything is working as expected in the forum and no data is missing.

Recently, intra-forum hyper links were not working, but this problem has now been solved.

It was just brought to my attention that there is now a problem deleting PMs. I just tested this myself and found that an error message is received if you select the check box next to the PM and then choose the "Delete" option... it will not let you delete it. However, if you open the PM and select the box with an "X" in it, it should let you delete the PM normally. Please use this method until we can find a fix for the other method.

Anything else you find that is unusual or not working correctly, please post to this topic! We need the input in the next couple weeks.

Thank You!

At Your Service,


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