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Below is an edited version of the FAQ the NetRep Team had back on meccg.net. I will update it when necessary.
FAQ (updated version) wrote:Modus operandi
On the NetRep Team we discuss rules issues in depth. We are not in haste to produce answers; instead we strive to create very good, well founded rulings that will (hopefully) close each topic once and for all.

Ruling powers
Our power to rule is granted by the CoE and the guidelines within which we rule are set by that CoE. We cannot and will not change them ourselves, though we can request the CoE to make any change we deem necessary.

They are as follows:
  • - No changes shall be made to the official legacy left by ICE. This legacy consists of the cards (most recent English print), rulesbooklets, Council of Lorien policy 3.0 and CRF 15. Thus we always clarify and rule in accordance with these documents.
    - Rules published in post-CRF 15 digests (and rumoured from elsewhere) may be overturned, but please excersize proper caution in doing so, given that the community needs a stable rules base.
    - When no rule is found that settles (uncharted ground as contrary to further clarifying) the NetRep Team should rule as we think is best for the game. Factors are: consistency with other rules and card play of other cards, play balance, and Tolkien theme.
Decision structure
We generally decide by concensus. Most importantly this makes sure that we do not close a topic before everyone has said all they wish to say. It is possible that a concensus decision cannot be reached, in that case the Team Leader decides.

The Mouth
Only the NetRep speaks for our Team in public.

Current members of the NetRep Team are:
  • Mark Alfano, Team Leader (absent)
    Mikko Vihtemäki, NetRep
    David Barton (absent)
Only these members are part of the decision structure. At any time there may be a few others with access to this discussion board (Advisors), but that does not make them Team members.

Current NetRep Advisors are:
  • Brian Min
    Konrad Klar
    Manuel Cabezali Romero
    Jamie Pollock
    Marcos Cáceres
    Karsten Gerland
Showing current need for attention of a subject
  • - 'Sticky' things when they need everyone's attention (this brings them to the very top of the list).
    - Lock threads / subjects that are done to indicate that they need no further attention (left for reference / archive).
    - Post a message whenever you sticky / unsticky / lock / unlock something to keep the others from losing track. Note that we can all moderate here.


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