Selling Collection The Wizards & Lidless Eye

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Selling Collection The Wizards & Lidless Eye

Post by Smaple » Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:23 am

Hi everyone!

I'm giving up my complete collection of Middle Earth.

The Wizards is a complete set except for 3 cards (Woodmen, Snowstorm, The Stones). Which and how many Rare Cards you will find below.

Lidless Eye has more missing, for the details of which cards I have see also below.
Edit: LE-Rare cards are all gone now, I keep the common/uncommon-cards listed below if anyone's interested anyway.

I would hope for someone to take them all together or at least all of the Wizards or Lidless Eye, but I would sell them as single card's as well.

I'm from Austria but could send them worldwide if need be. If interested please leave me a PM, best with an offer to start with.

The Wizards - Rare Cards included:


Agburanar 1x limited
Akhôrahil 1x limited
Brand 1x limited
Círdan 1x limited
Clear Skies 1x limited
Clouds 1x limited
Deadly Dart 1x limited
Denethor II 1x limited
Dwarven Ring of Barin’s Tribe 1x limited
Dwarven Ring of Drúin’s Tribe 2x limited
Dwarven Ring of Durin’s Tribe 1x limited
Dwarven Ring of Dwálin’s Tribe 1x limited
Elf-song 1x limited
Elves of Lindon 1x limited
Fair Travels in Dark-domains 1x limited
Frodo 2x limited (1x german, 1x eng.)
Galadriel 1x limited
Galva1x limited
Indûr Dawndeath 1x limited
Leucaruth 1x limited
Lucky Search 1x limited
Lure of Power 1x limited
Minas Morgul 1x limited
Morannon 1x limited
Morgul Night 1x limited
Mûmak (Oliphant) 2x limited
Palantír of Annúminas 1x limited
Palantír of Osgiliath 1x limited
Paths of the Dead 1x limited
Sacrifice of Form 1x limited
Shadowfax 1x limited
Shelob’s Lair 1x limited
Skinbark 1x limited
Smaug 1x limited
Southron Oasis 1x limited
Southrons 1x limited
The Precious 1x limited
The White Tree 1x limited
The Will of Sauron 1x limited
Variag Camp 1x limited
Eiserne Krone (german) 1x limited


Adunaphel 1x unlimited
Anduril 1x unlimited
Army of the Dead 1x unlimited
Arwen 1x unlimited
Assassin 2x unlimited
Balrog of Moria 2x unlimited
Bane of the Ithil-stone 1x unlimited
Barad-dur 2x unlimited
Bilbo 2x unlimited
Carn Dûm 2x unlimited
Círdan 1x unlimited
Cirith Ungol 1x unlimited
Daelomin 1x unlimited
Dain II 2x unlimited
Dol Guldur 1x unlimited
Dunharrow 2x unlimited
Dwar of Waw 1x unlimited
Dwarven Ring of Bávor’s Tribe 1x unlimited
Dwarven Ring of Drúin’s Tribe 3x unlimited
Dwarven Ring of Dwálin’s Tribe 3x unlimited
Eagle-mounts 2x unlimited
Easterling Camp 2x unlimited
Easterlings 1x unlimited
Elf-song 2x unlimited
Elrond 1x unlimited
Eye of Sauron 1x unlimited
Fair Sailing 1x unlimited
Fair Travels in Dark-domains 1x unlimited
Fair Travels in Free-domains 1x unlimited
Favor of the Valar 1x unlimited
Fell Beast 1x limited 1x unlimited
Fell Turtle 3x unlimited
Gollum’s Fate 3x unlimited
Great Ship 1x unlimited
Gwaihir 1x unlimited
Haldalam 2x unlimited
Hiding 2x unlimited
Hoarmûrath of Dír 1x unlimited
Hobbits 1x unlimited
Isles of the Dead that Live 2x unlimited
Khamûl the Easterling 2x unlimited
Lost at Sea 1x unlimited
Lost in Dark-domains 2x unlimited
Morannon 1x unlimited
Morgul Night 1x unlimited
Morgul-horse 1x unlimited
Morgul-knife 3x unlimited
Mouth of Sauron 1x unlimited
Narya 2x unlimited
Nenya 2x unlimited
Palantír of Amon Sûl 1x unlimited
Palantír of Annúminas 3x unlimited
Paths of the Dead 3x unlimited
Pûkel-men 1x unlimited
Ren the Unclean 2x unlimited
Return of the King 3x unlimited
Rogrog 2x unlimited
Roäc the Raven 2x unlimited
Secret Entrance 1x unlimited
Shelob 3x unlimited
Siege 1x unlimited
Silent Watcher 1x unlimited
Stone of Erech 1x unlimited
Stone-circle 3x unlimited
Storms of Ossë 4x unlimited
The Arkenstone 1x unlimited
The Balance of Things 1x unlimited
The Great Goblin 2x unlimited
The Mithril-coat 2x unlimited
The Nazgul are abroad 3x unlimited
The One Ring 1x unlimited
The Pale Sword 1x unlimited
The Will of the Ring 4x unlimited
Thief 1x unlimited
Thorin II 1x unlimited
Tolfalas 1x unlimited
Tom Bombadil 4x unlimited
Traitor 1x limited 2x unlimited
True Fana 1x unlimited
Ûvatha the Horseman 2x unlimited
Vale of Erech 1x unlimited
Variags of Khand 2x unlimited
Vilya 1x unlimited
Vygavril 3x unlimited
Witch-king of Angmar 2x unlimited
Wizard’s Fire 1x unlimited
Wizard's Ring 1x unlimited
Wizard’s Voice 2x unlimited
Words of Power and Terror 1x unlimited
Woses of Old Pûkel-land 1x unlimited
Black Arrow 1x unlimited
Fury of the Iron Crown (german)

Lidless Eye


A Little Gold Ring CB+CS1
A Nice Place to Hide CB+CS1
Adûnaphel the Ringwraith F1
Akhôrahil the Ringwraith F1
All Thought Bent Upon It U
Ambusher CB+CS1
Amon Hen U
Arouse Defenders CB+CS1
Arouse Denizens CB+CS1
Arthadan Rangers U
Asternak F1
Awaiting the Call U
Awaken Defenders CB+CS1
Awaken Denizens CB+CS1
Back to the Fray U
Bag End U
Bandit Lair U
Barad-dûr F5
Barrow-downs F1
Barrow-wight U
Belegorn U
Beorn's House U
Black Mace U
Black Rider CB+CS1
Black Trolls U
Black-hide Shield CB+CS1
Black-mail Coat CB+CS1
Blazon of the Eye CB+CS1
Blow Turned CB+CS1
Bold Thrust CB+CS1
Bree U
Brigands CB+CS1
Bright Gold Ring U
Broad-headed Spear CB+CS1
Burh Widu F1
By the Ringwraith's Word CB
Call of Home CB+CS1
Cameth Brin U
Carn Dûm CB+F5
Catch an Elusive Scent U
Cave Worm CB+CS1
Cave-drake CB+CS1
Caves of Ûlund F2
Cirith Gorgor U
Cirith Ungol U
Ciryaher U
Corpse-candle CB+CS1
Crack in the Wall U
Crooked Promptings CB
Dale F2
Dead Marshes U
Deeper Shadow U
Despair of the Heart CB+CS1
Dimrill Dale U
Dire Wolves CB+CS2
Diversion CB
Dôgrib U
Dol Guldur CB+F5
Doors of Night CB+CS1
Dorelas U
Down Down to Goblin-town U
Drúadan Forest U
Dunharrow U
Dunlending Spy U
Dunnish Clan-hold U
Dwar the Ringwraith F1
Easterling Camp F1
Easterlings F1
Edoras U
Elves Upon Errantry CB+CS2
Ent in Search of the Entwives U
Eradan U
Ettenmoors F5
Fell Rider CB+CS1
Fell Winter CB+CS1
Focus Palantír U
Foolish Words CB+CS2
Foul-smelling Paste CB+CS1
Geann a-Lisch CB+F5
Ghosts CB+CS1
Ghouls CB+CS2
Giant CB+CS1
Giant Spiders CB+CS2
Gladden Fields U
Gleaming Gold Ring CB+CS1
Glittering Caves U
Gobel Mírlond U
Goblin-gate F1
Goblins of Goblin-gate F1
Gold Ring that Sauron Fancies CB+CS1
Gondmaeglom F1
Gondorian Rangers CB+CS2
Gorbag F1
Greed CB+CS2
Grey Mountain Goblins F1
Grishnákh F1
Hador U
Half-trolls U
Haudh-in-Gwanûr F1
Henneth Annûn U
Heralded Lord U
Hermit's Hill U
Hidden Ways CB+CS1
Hide in Dark Places U
High Helm U
Hoarmûrath the Ringwraith F1
Hobgoblins CB+CS1
Horse-lords CB+CS1
Horseman in the Night CB+CS1
Huorn CB+CS1
I'll Be At Your Heels CB+CS1
I'll Report You CB+CS1
Incite Defenders CB+CS1
Incite Denizens CB+CS1
Indûr the Ringwraith F1
Iron Road U
Isengard U
Jerrek F1
Khamûl the Ringwraith F1
Lagduf U
Lake-town U
Land-drake CB+CS1
Lawless Men CB+CS2
Layos F1
Lesser Spiders CB+CS2
Long Winter CB+CS1
Lossadan Cairn U
Lossadan Camp U
Lost in Border-lands CB+CS1
Lost in Free-domains CB+CS1
Lost in Shadow-lands CB+CS1
Lost in Wilderness CB+CS1
Luitprand F1
Lure of Expedience CB+CS1
Lure of Nature CB+CS1
Lure of the Senses CB+CS1
Magic Ring of Delusion U
Magic Ring of Enigma U+F1
Magic Ring of Fury U+F1
Magic Ring of Guile U+F1
Magic Ring of Lies U+F1
Magic Ring of Savagery U+F1
Magic Ring of Weals U
Marsh-drake CB+CS1
Men of Dorwinion F1
Minas Morgul CB+F5
Minas Tirith F3
Minions Stir U
Minor Ring CB+CS1
Moria F2
Mount Doom U
Mount Gundabad F1
Muster Disperses CB+CS1
Muzgash F1
Nevido Smôd F1
News Must Get Through CB+CS1
Not Slay Needlessly U
Nothing to Eat or Drink CB+CS1
Nûrniag Camp U
Nûrniags U
Odoacer F1
Old Cache CB+CS1
Old Troll U
Orc Brawler CB+CS1
Orc Captain U+F1
Orc Chieftain U+F1
Orc Sniffler CB+CS1
Orc Stealth U
Orc Tracker CB+F5
Orc Veteran CB+F5
Orc-draughts CB+CS1
Orc-liquor CB+CS1
Orc-raiders CB+CS1
Orcs of Gorgoroth U
Orcs of Gundabad F1
Orcs of Mirkwood F1
Orcs of Moria F1
Orcs of the Ash Mountains U
Orcs of the Ephel Dúath U
Orcs of the Red Eye U
Orcs of Udûn U
Orc-warband CB+CS1
Orc-watch CB+CS1
Ost-in-Edhil U
Ostisen F1
Palantír of Minas Tirith U
Palantír of Orthanc U
Paltry Ring CB+CS1
Pelargir U
Plague of Wights U
Poisonous Despair U
Pon Opar F1
Radbug U
Raider-hold U
Rats! U
Rebel-talk CB+CS1
Red Book of Westmarch U
Ren the Ringwraith F1
River CB+CS1
Ruined Signal Tower U
Sable Shield U
Sarn Gorwing F1
Saw-toothed Blade CB+CS1
Scroll of Isildur U
Searching Eye CB+CS1
Secrets of their Forging U
Sellswords Between Charters CB+CS2
Shadow-cloak U
Shagrat F1
Shelob's Lair U
Shrel-Kain F1
Shut Yer Mouth U
Skies of Fire CB
Slayer CB+CS1
Smart and Secret CB+CS1
Snaga-hai CB+CS1
So You've Come Back U
Sons of Kings CB+CS2
Southron Oasis F1
Southrons F1
Stench of Mordor U
Stinker U
Stirring Bones CB+CS2
Stone Trolls U
Stone-circle U
Strange Rations CB+CS1
Swift Strokes U
Test of Fire CB+CS1
Tharbad U
The Least of Gold Rings CB+F5
The Lonely Mountain F2
The Ring Leaves Its Mark CB
The Water's Tithe U
The White Towers U
The Wind Throne F1
The Witch-king F2
Thranduil's Halls F2
Thrice Outnumbered U
Thunder's Companion CB+CS1
Tidings of Bold Spies CB+CS2
Tidings of Doubt and Danger U
Trifling Ring CB+CS1
Troll Lout CB+CS1
Troll-chief U+F1
Tros Hesnef U
True Fire-drake CB+CS1
Twilight CB+CS1
Uchel U
Umbarean Corsairs U
Ungol-Orcs U
Ûvatha the Ringwraith F1
Vale of Erech F3
Variag Camp F1
Variags of Khand F1
Veils Flung Away U
Voices of Malice CB
Wake of War CB+CS1
Wargs CB+CS2
War-warg CB+CS1
War-wolf CB+CS1
Watcher in the Water U
Weariness of the Heart CB+CS1
Weigh All Things to a Nicety CB
Whip U
Wild Trolls CB+CS1
Wisdom to Wield U
Woodmen F1
Woodmen-town F1
Wose Passage-hold U
Wrath of the West U
Zarak Dûm F1
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Re: Selling Collection The Wizards & Lidless Eye

Post by TomBombadil » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:20 pm

PM sent for A Malady without healing, Akhorahil unleashed, and Threats

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Re: Selling Collection The Wizards & Lidless Eye

Post by Grishnakh » Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:58 pm

PM send with an offer for all.
Heiko / Grishnakh

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Re: Selling Collection The Wizards & Lidless Eye

Post by Smaple » Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:31 am

Edit: for better overview I seperated the list of TW-Rare cards in limited and unlimited edition.

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Re: Selling Collection The Wizards & Lidless Eye

Post by TomBombadil » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:04 pm

Received the above cards well packaged from Smaple today. Thank you!

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Re: Selling Collection The Wizards & Lidless Eye

Post by Greenfield » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:33 pm

Bought some cards from Smaple - received promptly, well packed - thanks and recommended!

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