[France] Trying to complete my sets

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[France] Trying to complete my sets

Post by matchou » Thu Jul 25, 2019 8:59 pm


After having tried many card games in 25 years I'm back to MECCG with the new fan made set The Necromancer.
So this time I'm trying to classify my french/english/spanish cards by english alphabetical order ...
It was a good occupation before (re)building some scenarios decks and maybe a dark arda cube.

I thought I've completed my sets but now that I've listed my cards some are missing.

The Wizards
Hazards :
Morgul Night (french, english, spanish or italian)
Snow Storm (french, english, spanish or italian)

The Dragons
Ressources :
Heaume de son secret (french only)

Hazards :
Maints chagrins (french only)
Souvenirs dérobés (french only)
Earcaraxe au gîte (french only)

Dark Minions (french, english, spanish or italian)
Sites :
The Sulfur-Deeps
The Under-courts
The Under-galleries

Hazards :
Like the crash of battering-rams
Long dark reach
Revealed to all watchers
Shadow out of the Dark

Creatures :
Buthrakaur the green
Spider of the Morlat
Umagaur the pale

Ressources :
Fate of the Ithil-stone
Hour of need
Into the smoking cone
Pass the doors of Dol Guldur

Items :
Dragon Helm

The Lidless Eye
I think it's good with 2 french full set

The Whithe Hand
2 sets of the 5 fallen wizards

Balrog and Against the Shadow
I've got nothing but the prices are magic the gathering"esque" ...
Don't Follow Leaders
Watch Parkin' Meters

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Re: [France] Trying to complete my sets

Post by DuncanNeeds2Shave » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:03 am

If you are interested in purchasing meccg product, sealed, and in French, I know of a website based in the US that for some strange reason has a whole bunch of The Wizards boosters in French.

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Re: [France] Trying to complete my sets

Post by gollum51 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:39 pm

Would that be potomac?

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