Agalon’s Haves and Wants (WTTF / FT) 08/11/2019

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Agalon’s Haves and Wants (WTTF / FT) 08/11/2019

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Agalon’s Haves and Wants (WTTF / FT) 08/11/2019

Hi, this is Alf Rost from Germany. After a break of a few years l try to complete my collection. Maybe, someone can help me?
I was Vice Admiral Agalon of the old G.A.B. White Mithril Team and I trade on trust. My cards are mint/near mint and I’m only interested in those.



• Fatty Bolger (Dutch version only)
• Black Arrow (Japanese version only)
• Fury Of The Iron Crown (Japanese version only)


• Aiglos (DM)
• Gisulf (DM, co)


• Cinturón de Radagast (WH)
• Dar Bienvenida a los No Esperados (WH)
• Doeth (Durthak) (WH)
• El Mago Blanco (WH)
• La Gran Caza (WH)
• Los Vigilantes de Oromë (WH)
• Uglúk (WH)
• Lidless Eye complete set

Japanese TW unlimited

• Andúril, the Flame of the West
• Bane of the Ithil-stone
• Daelomin
• Elves of Lindon
• Hiding
• Indûr Dawndeath
• Lost at Sea
• Minas Morgul
• Siege
• Stone-circle
• The One Ring
• The White Tree
• Tom Bombadil
• True Fána
• Wizard's Fire
• Wizard's Voice
• Beorn (f1)
• Rangers of the North (f1)
• Dead Marshes (uc)
• Durin's Axe (uc)
• Fíli (uc)
• Haldir (uc)
• Himring (uc)
• Leaflock (uc)
• Lossoth (uc)
• Magic Ring of Courage (uc)
• Men of Lebennin (uc)
• New Moon (uc)
• Olog-hai (Trolls) (uc)
• Pick-pocket (uc)
• The Burden of Time (uc)
• Wake of War (uc)

JapaneseTW limited

• most rares – make an offer
• most non-rares – make an offer

Japanese DM

• Dragon-helm
• Into the Smoking Cone


• Adrazar (f1)
• Beorniani (f1)
• Beregond (f1)
• Casa di Beorn (f1)
• Cavalieri di Rohan (f1)
• Celeborn (f1)
• Edoras (f1)
• Elladan (f1)
• Faramir (f1)
• Glorfindel II (f1)
• Guardia Torre di Minas Tirith (f1)
• Henneth Annûn (f1)
• Insediamento Dunlandiano (f1)
• Nani dei Colli Ferrosi (f1)
• Peath (f1)
• Ranger del Nord (f1)
• Ranger dell'Ithilien (f1)
• Salimpozzo (f1)
• Uomini dell'Anórien (f1)


English unlimited

• Akhorahil
• Army of the Dead
• Arwen
• Assassin
• Balrog of Moria
• Bilbo
• Cirdan
• Cirith Ungol
• Daelomin
• Denethor II
• Dwar of Waw
• Dwarven Ring of Barin’s Tribe
• Dwarven Ring of Bavor’s Tribe
• Dwarven Ring of Druin’s Tribe
• Dwarven Ring of Dwalin’s Tribe
• Elrond
• Eagle-mounts
• Easterling Camp
• Easterlings
• Fair Travels in Free-domains
• Frodo
• Great Ship
• Hobbits
• Khamul the Easterling
• Leucaruth
• Lucky Search
• Minas Morgul
• Morgul-horse
• Morgul-knife
• Mouth of Sauron
• Narya
• Palantir of Amon Sul
• Palantir of Annuminas
• Roac the Raven
• Rogrog
• Shelob
• Shelob’s Lair
• Silent Watcher
• Snowstorm
• Southrons
• The Balance of Things
• The Great Goblin
• The One Ring
• The One Ring (signed by Angelo Montanini)
• The Pale Sword (not mint)
• Thorin II
• Traitor
• True Fána
• Vale of Erech
• Variag Camp
• Vilya
• Vygavril
• Witch-king of Angmar
• Wizard’s Voice
• Words of Power and Terror
• Woses of Old Pukel-land

English limited

• An Unexpected Party (DM, signed by John Howe)
• Angband Revisited (BA)
• Angmar Arises (Promo)
• Bairanax at Home (TD)
• Balchoth (LE, not mint)
• Bolg (BA)
• Buthrakaur (BA)
• Cirith Ungol (BA)
• Daelomin at Home (TD)
• Deadly Dart (Promo)
• Denethor II (TW)
• Dwarven Ring of Barin’s Tribe (LE)
• Earcaraxe (TD)
• Favor of the Valar (TW)
• Fell Beast (TW)
• Fever of Unrest (TD, signed by Liz Danforth)
• First of the Order (DM)
• Frenzy of Madness (TD, signed by Heather Hudson)
• Fury of the Iron Crown (Promo)
• Gangways over the Fire (BA)
• Herb-lore (DM, signed by John Monteleone)
• Hill-troll (BA)
• Hobbit-lore (DM)
• Hour of Need (DM)
• Ireful Flames (Promo, signed by Jeffrey Reitz )
• Khamul the Easterling (signed by Liz Danforth)
• Leucaruth at Home (TD, signed by Stephen Hickman)
• Liquid Fire (WH)
• Longbottom Leaf (BA, only in trade for a promo I need)
• Lord Of The Haven (AS, signed by David Cherry)
• Monstrosity of Diverse Shape (BA)
• Mountain-maggot (BA, signed by Steve Luke)
• Never Seen Him (Promo)
• Out He Sprang (BA, Signed by Steve Luke)
• Phial of Galadriel (DM)
• Rhosgobel (AS)
• Roam the Waste (BA)
• Shadowfax (TW)
• The Arkenstone (Promo)
• The Balrog (BA)
• The Black Council (WH)
• The Black Enemy’s Wrath (DM)
• The Iron Crown (Promo)
• The Mouth (LE)
• The One Ring (LE)
• The Lidless Eye (LE)
• To Get You Away (DM)
• Whip of Many Thongs (BA)
• Woses of Old Pukel-land (signed by Stefano Baldo)
• a complete MEWH set


• all 9 German TW Nazgul
• Alte Beutestücke (LE, Remmands of Old Robberies)
• Arwen (TW)
• Baduila (DM)
• Baugur (German special promo)
• Belegennon (German special promo)
• Borkenhaut (TW, Skinbark)
• Das Pack vor der Tür (German special promo)
• Das Schattenheer (TW, Army of the Dead)
• Das Wüten der Eisernen Krone (Promo, Fury Of The Iron Crown)
• Das Wüten der Eisernen Krone (Promo, Fury Of The Iron Crown, signed by Angelo Montanini)
• Der Arkenstein (Promo, The Arkenstone)
• Der Eine Ring (TW, The One Ring)
• Der Grosse Ork (TW, The Great Goblin)
• Der Wille Saurons (TW, The Will of Sauron)
• Die Eiserne Krone (Promo, The Iron Crown)
• Die Jagd (DM, The Hunt)
• Dieb (TW, Thief)
• Dunkle Träume (DM, Pale Dream-maker)
• Earcaraxe Daheim (TD, Earcaraxe At Home)
• Elerina (DM)
• Erster seiner Ordens (DM, First of the Order)
• Fünfzehn Vögel in fünf Föhren (DM, Fifteen Birds in five Firtrees)
• Flammen des Zorns (Promo, Ireful Flames)
• Flammen des Zorns (Promo, Ireful Flames, signed by Jeffrey Reitz)
• Freca (German special promo)
• Geflügelter Unhold (TW, Fell Beast)
• Gemmen von Arda (DM, Gems of Arda)
• Gunst der Valar (TW, Favor of the Valar)
• Hab’ ich dich (DM, To get you away)
• Horn der Herausforderung (German special promo)
• Im Herzen seines Reiches (DM, In the Heart of his Realm)
• Itangast Daheim (TD, Itangast at Home)
• Kampf der Mächte (DM, Balance between Powers)
• Mit List und Tücke (TD, Subtlety Of Guile)
• Morannon (TW)
• Nain (LE)
• Opferung der Gestalt (TW, Sacrifice of Form)
• Osses Sturmflut (TW, Storms of Osse)
• Ringil (German special promo)
• Schwarzer Pfeil (Promo, Black Arrow)
• Scorba Daheim (TD, Scorba At Home)
• Stunde der Not (DM, Hour of Need)
• Thorin II (TW)
• Tötungsbefehl (DM, Ordered to Kill)
• Unterirdische Stollen (DM, The Under-galleries)
• Unvorhergesehenes Fest (DM, An unexpected Party)
• Versteck (TW, Hiding)
• Wahre Gestalt (TW, True Fána)
• Wilder geflügelter Unhold (TD, Wild Fell Beast)
• Wolf (German special promo)
• Zeichen guten Willens (DM, Token of Goodwill)
• Zirperkirper (Promo, Neeker-Breekers)
• Zorn des schwarzen Feindes (DM, The Black Enemy’sWrath)


• À une Ounce prés (TD, Known to an Ounce)
• Adresse dans l’Alilité (TD, Deftness og Agility)
• Anneau Nain de la Tribu de Barin (LE, Dwarven Ring of Barin’s Tribe)
• Anneau Nain de la Tribu de Druin (LE, Dwarven Ring of Druin’s Tribe)
• Appetit de Dragon (TD, Dragon’s Hunger)
• Arachne (TW, Shelob)
• Changeur de Peau (TD, Skin-changer)
• Connaissance des Mathoms (Mathom Lore)
• Eärcaraxe au Gite (TD, Eärcaraxe at Home)
• Émerande du Marin (TD, Emerald of the Mariner)
• Fébrilité dans l’Impatience (TD, Fever of Unrest)
• Frugalité dans l’Isolement (TD, Parsimony of Seclusion)
• Itangast au Gite (TD, Itangast at Home)
• La Carte Maitre d’Armes (French special promo)
• Leucaruth au Gite (TD, Leucaruth at Home)
• Nuit de Morgul (TW, Morgul-night)
• Pâle rêveur (DM, Pale Dream-maker)
• Passion dans la Fureur (TD, Passion of Wrath)
• Prouesse de l’Age (TD, Prowess of Age)
• Scatha au Gite (TD, Scatha at Home)
• Scorba (TD)
• Scorba au Gite (TD, Scorba at Home)
• Smaug au Gite (TD, Smaug at Home)
• Subtilité dans la Ruse (TD, Subtlety of Guile)
• Vélocité dans la Hàte (TD, Velocity of Haste)
• a complete TD non-rare set

Spanish unlimited

• Balrog de Moria (Balrog of Moria)
• Cirdan
• El Rey Brujo de Angmar (Witch-king of Angmar)
• Ella-Larana (Shelob)
• Favor de los Valar (Favor of the Valar)
• Frodo
• Galadriel
• La Voluntad del Anillo (The Will of the Ring)
• Travesia Tranquila (Fair Sailing)
• Valle de Erech (Vale of Erech)
• Viaje Tranquilo por las Regiones de la Oscuridad (Fair Travels in Dark-domains)
• Viaje Tranquilo por las Regiones Libres (Fair Travels in Free-domains)

Spanish limited

• Agburanar en Casa (TD, Agburanar at Home)
• Alatar el Cazador (AS, Alatar the Hunter)
• Asedio (TW, Siege)
• Bairanax en Casa (TD, Bairanax at Home)
• Bestia Maglina Salvaje (TD, Wild Fell Beast)
• Bosque Viejo (AS, Old Forest, Eye Back)
• Bosque Viejo (AS, Old Forest, Site Back)
• Brazo Largo y Oscuro (DM, Long Dark Reach)
• Celeridad de la Rapidez (TD, Velocity of Haste)
• Cerca para Escuchar un Susurro (AS, Near to hear a Whisper)
• Conocimiento de las Hierbas (DM, Herb-lore)
• Conocimiento de los Mathom (TD, Mathom Lore)
• Cric-Rics (Neeker-Breekers, Catalan Promo)
• Desde el Cielo Negro (DM, Out of the Black Sky)
• Destreza de la Agilidad (TD, Deftness of Agility)
• Earcaraxe en Casa (TD, Earcaraxe at Home)
• El Rey Brujo de Angmar (TW, Witch-king of Angmar)
• Elerina (DM)
• En el Corazon de su Reino (DM, In the Heart of his Realm)
• Flecha negra (Black Arrow, Spanish Promo)
• Framsburgo (AS, Framsburg)
• Frenesi de la Locura (TD, Frenzy of Madness)
• Frodo (TW)
• Furia de la Corona de Ferro (Fury of the Iron Crown, Catalan Promo)
• Gemas de Arda (DM, Gems of Arda)
• Huida S 16 (Spanish special card from the beginners set)
• La Colera del Enemigo Negro (DM, The Black Enemy’s Wrath)
• No Escaparas a mi Magia (TD, No Escape from my Magic)
• Movimiento Desesperado (DM, Hour of Need)
• Ojos de Mandos (DM, Eyes of Mandos)
• Orden de matar (DM, Ordered to Kill)
• Palido Sonador (DM, Pale Dream-maker)
• Para Llevarte Conmigo (DM, To Get You Away)
• Pasion de la colera (TD, Passion of Wrath)
• Prenda de Buena Voluntad (DM, Token of Goodwill)
• Primero de la Orden (DM, First of the Order)
• Quince Pajaros Cinco Abetos (DM, Fifteen Birds in Five Firtrees)
• Ratas de Morgul (TD, Morgul-rats)
• Rey bajo la Montana (TD, King under the Mountain)
• Scatha en Casa (TD, Scatha at Home))
• Scorba en Casa (TD, Scorba at Home)
• Soplo Negro (TD, Black Breath)
• Totem Tribal (DM, Tribal Totem)
• Todas Las Campanas Al Vuelo (AS, All the Bells Ringing, Eye Back)
• Todas Las Campanas Al Vuelo (AS, All the Bells Ringing, Site Back)
• Una Tertulia Inesperada (DM, An unexpected Party)
• a complete MEDM non-rare set


• Balrog of Moria
• Palantir of Osgiliath
• Vale of Erech


• all 9 Italian Nazgul
• Assassino (Assassin)
• Balrog di Moria (Balrog of Moria)
• Bilbo
• Bocca di Sauron (Mouth of Sauron)
• Dunclivo (Dunharrow)
• Esercito dei Morti (Army of the Dead)
• Frodo
• L’Unico Anello (The One Ring)
• Minas Morgul
• Sentieri dei Morti (Paths of the Dead)
• Shelob
• Vero Fána (True Fána)

Japanese unlimited

• Akhorahil
• Bilbo
• Dunharrow
• Dwar of Waw
• Eagle-mounts
• Easterlings
• Elf-song
• Elrond
• Fair Travels in Free-domains
• Fell Turtle
• Great Ship
• Hoarmurath of Dir
• Hobbits
• Isles of the Dead that Live
• Lost in Dark-domains
• Lucky Search
• Morgul-knife
• Palantir of Amon Sul
• Palantir of Annuminas
• Pukel-men
• Roäc the Raven
• Rogrog
• Stone of Erech
• The Great Goblin
• The Nazgul are Abroad
• The Precious
• The Stones
• Traitor
• Uvatha the Horseman
• Variag Camp
• Variags of Khand
• Vilya
• Words of Power and Terror

Japanese limited

• Arwen (TW)
• No Escape from my Magic (TD)
• Eyes of Mandos (DM)

I also have several signed non-rare cards and Japanese (UL) TW non-rares for trade.

To make a trade with Alf, E-mail him at:

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Re: Agalon’s Haves and Wants (WTTF / FT) 08/11/2019

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Hello back, my vice-Admiral!! I'm glad to be the first one to hail you. PM sent!

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Re: Agalon’s Haves and Wants (WTTF / FT) 08/11/2019

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Did a nice trade with Agalon. Highly recommended!

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