Trading other ccg at lure next week

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Trading other ccg at lure next week

Post by gollum51 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:13 pm

Besides playing meccg, I have been collecting (a lot) and playing (a little) many other card and miniature games, especially:
- Dune ccg
- Mythos ccg
- a game of thrones ccg
- Cthulhu ccg
- Lotr TCG
- Star Wars ccg (decipher)
- Conan ccg
- Star Wars miniatures (WotC)
- Lord of the Rongs Combat Hex miniatures

If you are interesting in trading at Lure to finish your collection (or even simply to help me finish mine :-)), please pm me and we can send each other our lists.

See you at Lure.


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