Relative trading value of "big" rares

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Relative trading value of "big" rares

Post by Kjeld »

This is a question for the community, as it has come up several times recently when discussing what would be a fair exchange when considering MEAS R1s and MEBA R1s (i.e. those that are one-per-box). Several MELE cards would also fall into this category, such as The Lidless Eye and Elf-lord.

There seems to be little difference in value between the MEAS R1s, with the possible exception of Farmer Maggot which seems to be a bit harder to find for some reason. So I think it's pretty well established that trading an MEAS R1 for another MEAS R1 (assuming equivalent condition) is fair.

However, what is the relative value between, say, Itangast Roused and Sauron? Or between Angmarim (H) and To Fealty Sworn? Would it be a fair trade to exchange The Lidless Eye for The Ithil-stone? What about a Beorning Skin-changers for an Elf-lord Revealed in Wrath? And where do some of the more "in demand" yet not quite so highly valued cards fit in, like Crept Along Carefully, Whispers of Rings, We Have Come to Kill, or Chill Them with Fear? How many of these would you need to trade for something like a Longbottom Leaf?

Also, some cards are in demand just to complete a set (the MEAS R1s fit this category) while others are in demand to complete play sets (like Longbottom Leaf) or to build top tournament decks. All of that complicates the equation.

However, many of these cards come up for sale or trade so rarely these days that it's hard to get a good estimate of their relative value, so I thought I would ask the community for thoughts. While a general consensus is probably not likely, at least a discussion might help set some rough bounds for relative value.

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Re: Relative trading value of "big" rares

Post by rezwits »

You pretty much answered the question :P

Those cards are all relatively valued similar. Depending on what your goal is.

Some guys might want, 4 of something so they can go 2 and 2 in 2 different deck hazard parts,
and have 4 and would be willing to trade an Elf-lord for a R1.

But if a guy had 3 Longbottom, they probably wouldn't you know, unless they only need 2
because they play FW often?

Depends what each person is seeking, if someone is a hoarder for CASH value,
well then take that into consideration too...
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Re: Relative trading value of "big" rares

Post by CCG Collector »

The tricky part is that with such a small supply of cards and such a small community for the game, card value for rarer cards can only be determined on a case-by-case basis. With a bigger game like Magic, you have an ever-present, obvious blend of rarity and utility. With MECCG, the few people actually trading are doing so for different reasons, and therefore apply different values to the cards they want.

One thing we can't escape is the limited and quickly diminishing amount of cards in circulation. As an example, if I were buying an R1 from Against the Shadow, I'd probably offer 25-50 bucks for it, because that's its "market value." However, I wouldn't even consider selling one for that price, simply because I can't guarantee I'd ever be able to get my hands on one of those cards again. And if a Farmer Maggot pops up? That seller can set the price wherever he pleases, and people will jump on it regardless.

Of course, I say all this from the perspective of a collector, not a player. I would love to play if I could find local competition, but right now, I just don't have a handle on which cards and which decks are powerful, and consequently valuable.
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Re: Relative trading value of "big" rares

Post by thedarkness »


It didn't seem like long ago you could find boxes of old CCG bulk at flea markets and garage sales for close to nothing. I'm not sure where all the inventory went, but it seems much of it has gone missing from circulation.

Price seems to be more of a negotiation between buyer and seller for MECCG. Whatever both parties seem satisfied with.

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