[FS] Cardgamegeek - "urgent" sale

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[FS] Cardgamegeek - "urgent" sale

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Hello everyone,

Shit happen in life and I will have to make a big loan for my wife cures.
For this reason I will likely sell ALL my extras and hopefully not have to go as far as selling my collection.

Following what I have for sale:

Balrog Set complete - 400€ --- SOLD

Balrog Set minus Sauron and 3 An Unexpected Outpost - 340€

AS R1 : 40€ each
  • Angmarim --- SOLD
    Nurniags --- SOLD
    Bairanax Roused --- SOLD
    Leucaruth Roused x3
    Daelomin Roused --- SOLD
    Earcaraxe Roused --- SOLD
    Farmer Maggot --- SOLD
Beorning Skin-Changers - 50€ --- SOLD

Assassin UL x2 - 15€ each --- SOLD

The One Ring UL - 13€

Then all cards I have listed on eBay.
Please use eBay only as a reference for what I got price for singles can and will be reviewed for CoE members.

I then have somewhere around 12-13k of C/U/F (4k being from LE) hopefully worth something around 250€

Also 3 Booster boxes and one big shoe box of cards from other languages: a few JP, FI, ES, FR, IT and mostly NL and DE. Mostly METW with some DM and Dragons. Never sorted, but looking through them there are rares. Hopefully would like to get 150€ for them all.

Bare with me if the top stuff is at premium price, but I have to try and get the most out of this.
Obviously if you are interested in getting multiple singles, lot etc, we can discuss bulk pricing.

Thanks for your time and hopefully for your help.

NB: I miss only 1 Firiel (DM) to finish my collection if anyone can help... at least should I sell it I will do it as complete...
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Re: Cardgamegeek - "urgent" sale

Post by Llewy »

All i could say is that he's trustworthy.
I had the opportunity to trade with him a few times, and everything went very smoothly.

Anyway, good luck for the selling, i hope you'll be able to cover your loan!

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