[FS] 18 Middle Earth Cards signed by Artist

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[FS] 18 Middle Earth Cards signed by Artist

Post by DainII » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:49 pm


I am selling some signed cards Cards which I traded long time ago personally at Middle Earth events from different sources. All of them are in very good condition / near mint, signed by author. Tbh I don't know what they are worth these days, so I've put them up on ebay for about a 50 Euros (open for suggestions): https://www.ebay.fr/itm/273305028191?ss ... 1555.l2649

For the moment I have restricted shipment to EU only, but if you are from another region and interested let me know and I can add options.

Here's the list:
Title Language Edition Rarity Artist / Signed by
Hügel des Einsiedlers (Hermit's Hill) German limited U2 Alexander Günther
Dwalin Italian limited CB1 Angelo Montanini
Nani dei Monti Azzurri (Blue Mountain Dwarves) Italian limited U Angelo Montanini
Elladan English limited F1 April Lee
Annilo Enano de la Tribu de Thrár (Dwarven Ring of Thrár's Tribe) Spanish limited U Audrey Corman
Zwergenring von Bavors Volk (Dwarven Ring of Bávor's Tribe) German limited R Dan Frazier
Prüfung des Wissens (Test of Lore) German limited CA2 Donato Giancola
Überredungskunst (Persuasive Words) German limited CB1 Donato Giancola
Two or Three Tribes Present English limited C2 Donato Giancola
Under His Blow English limited CB, CS1 John Howe
Der Einsame Berg [Minions] (The Lonely Mountain) German limited F2 Larry Elmore
Hoarmûrath of Dír English unlimited R Liz Danforth
Scatha Ahunt English limited U2 Liz Danforth
The Pûkel-Deeps [Minions] English limited U2 Liz Danforth
Goblin-gate English limited F2 Randy Gallegos
Thranduil's Halls [Minions] English limited F2 Rob Alexander
Thranduil Finnish limited F1 Rob Alexander
Bairanax Ahunt English limited U2 [/list][/list]Rob Alexander

For photos check the ebay offer.


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Re: [FS] 18 Middle Earth Cards signed by Artist

Post by DainII » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:15 pm

Sold, this thread can be closed.


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