[FO] & [FT] Partial Balrog's Host set

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[FO] & [FT] Partial Balrog's Host set

Post by Flotsam&Jetsam » Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:16 pm

Hi all,

I am currently gauging interest and offers on an incomplete set of the Balrog's host. It comes in it's box with no rules supplement. I will consider selling singles from it but would prefer to sell as a whole to someone. I will also consider trades. The cards range from light play to near mint. Feel free to PM me for further details on specific card condition etc.

It contains the following cards:

A complete set of Grey border cards

Hill Troll
The Balrog x 3
Crept Along Carefully
Elven Rope
Show things Unbidden
To Fealty Sworn
Ancient Secrets
Flame of Udun
Gangways over the fire
Great Army of the North
Long Grievous Siege
Out he Sprang
Prone to Violence
Whispers of Rings
Diminish and depart
Fled into darkness
Imprisoned and mocked
Ancient Deep Hold
The Gem deeps
The Pukul deeps
The Rusted deeps
The Under gates
The Under grottos
The Under Leas
The Under vaults
The Wind deeps

Cheers, thanks for looking.
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