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Kawllie's Wants and Haves - Experienced Trader

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G'day members of the Council, I'm here to do some trades. Show me yours and I'll show mine. [Only ever English cards]

The Wizard Limited - Starter Brick
Against the Shadow - Booster Box
Could be interested in a sealed Balrog Brick

Lidless Eye:
Uruk-Lieutenant x3
Elf-Lord Revealed in Wrath x2
We Have Come To Kill
Heedless Revelry

A More Evil Hour
Black Vapour x2
Cave Troll x2
Challenge The Power
Cloaked By Darkness
Crept Along Carefully
Crowned With Storm
Darkness Made By Malice x2
Darkness Wielded
Descent Through Fire x2
Desire All For Thy Belly x2
Diminish And Depart
Eddy In Fate's Tide
Elven Rope
Fled Into Darkness
Glance Of Arien x2
Going Ever Under Dark x2
Great Army Of The North
Great Troll x2
Hearth of Dark Fire
Imprisoned And Mocked
Invade Their Domain
Long Grievous Seige
Lord And Usurper
Memories Of Old Torture x2
Mine Or No One's
No Better Use x2
Obey Him Or Die
Olog Warlords
Prone To Violence
People Diminished
Roam The Waste
Rumours Of Rings x2
Scourge Of Fire
Show Things Unbidden
Stabbing Tongue Of Fire
Tempest Of Fire x2
Terror Heralds Doom x2
The Reek x2
The Sun Shone Fiercely x2
Unbated In Malice x2
Vanguard Of Might x2
Whispers Of Rings

Paypal 8)
Almost complete set of Dark Minions
The Wizards Unlimited - Starter Brick x3
High-End Magic the Gathering (Duals, Reserved List, etc)
Some singles from various sets - it's better if I look at your wants, not too much of the expensive cards available.


You can either write here, or mail me at ellak_k@hotmail.com
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