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Suggested Format For Posting Decks

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:01 pm
by Bandobras Took
Probably similar to others seen elsewhere. ;)

I'm not a moderator or anything, but the point of posting a deck should be to make the deck as accessible as possible to the broadest number of players possible. Therefore, a few guidelines are probably not amiss.

Include the avatar and intended opponents in the title as well as whether it's a resource, hazard, or both; e.g.

Fallen Saruman Resource vs Hero Baking Cookies at Tharbad

Hazards vs Minion Dark Lord of Percussion

Hero Radagast Res/Haz Walking Through Wilderness and Playing Stuff While Drawing Lots of Cards

In the body of the text:


Please subdivide the section for clarity and so that newcomers to the game can see what portions go where, e.g.:

Regiment of Black Crows

3 x Half Orcs
3 x Greater Half Orcs

2 x Liquid Fire

Misc MP:
Great Ruse

Short Events:
2 x Threats
2 x In The Name Of Mordor

Long Events:
Old Prejudice

Permanent Events:
Skies Of Fire

Divide between creatures, half creatures, and events for clarity.


Dwar of Waw

Short Events
A Lie In Your Eyes

Long Events
Wake of War
Fell Winter

Permanent Events
3 x Doors of Night
2 x Eyes of the Shadow

Follow roughly the same organization of the larger deck

Play Notes
This is the most vital section. Posting a deck does no good if the reader will not know how to play it. Post the primary goals of the deck. Explain why you included some cards. Include sideboarding tips, so the reader knows when to bring in certain cards. In this way, the forum doubles as a tricks & tips forum and helps bring new players up to speed by giving them concrete examples to try. Explain why you did not include some cards. If possible, post a turn-by-turn game plan so the reader has some benchmarks to compare against.

Quick MP Summary:
Post the different types of MPs possible, the minimum, maximum, and expected totals.

Mainly, make sure you're posting the deck to teach people about it, not simply dumping an exported text file from GCCG. ;)

*edit: Blank Decklist you can use to post your decks.

Code: Select all

    [b]Character Pool[/b]

    [i]Starting Company[/i]
    Beretar (Cram)

    [i]Deck Character[/i]

    [b]Resource Cards[/b]

    1x ...

    1x ...

    1x ...

    1x ...

    [b]Hazard Cards[/b]

    2x ...

    1x ...

    2x ...


    1x ...

    [*] Rivendell
    [*] Cameth Brin: (Noble Hound)
    [*] Bree: (Rangers of the North)[/list]

    [b]Play Notes[/b]

    About the resource deck ...

    About the hazard deck ...

    [b]Marshalling Points[/b]

    Allies: [b]5[/b]
    Factions: [b]5[/b]
    Items: [b]5[/b]
    Charakters: [b]5[/b]
    Miscellaneous: [b]5[/b]
    Kill Points: ca. [b]5[/b]
    Total: [b]30[/b]