[Hero (Radagast) vs. Hero] Elves Dunedain, Star of High Hope

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[Hero (Radagast) vs. Hero] Elves Dunedain, Star of High Hope

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Character Pool

Starting Company
1x Strider (Elf-stone)
1x Elladan (Cram)
1x Elrohir
1x Boromir II

Deck Character
3x Radagast
1x Faramir
1x Círdan
1x Gildor Inglorion
1x Beretar

Resource Cards

1x Valiant Sword
1x Orcrist
1x Wormsbane
1x Glamdring
1x Durin's Axe

1x Noble Hound
1x Goldberry

1x Blue Mountain Dwarves
1x Elves of Lindon
1x Lossoth
1x Rangers of the North

2x No Strangers at this Time
3x Gates of Morning
3x Echo of all Joy
3x Star of High Hope
2x Fog
2x Vanishment
2x The Cock Crows
2x A Friend or Three

Hazard Cards

1x Daelomin
1x Leucaruth
1x Itangast
1x Cave-drake
3x Rain-drake
3x Sellswords Between Charters
2x Assassin

1x Mouth of Sauron

3x Lure of Natur
3x Foolish Words
1x Lost in the Wilderness
3x Twilight
2x Dragon's Desolation
1x Frenzy of Madness
2x Nature`s Revenge
1x Rumor of Wealth
1x Fever of Unrest

  • Bruchtal
  • Grey Havens: Elves of Lindon
  • Barrow-downs: Glamdring, (Durin's Axe)
  • Zarak Dûm: Valiant Sword
  • Carn Dûm: Orcrist, (Wormsbane)
  • Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold: Blue Mountain Dwarves
  • Ruined Signal Tower: Durin's Axe, (Glamdring)
  • Old Forest: Goldberry, (Noble Hound)
  • Lossadan Camp: Lossoth, (Noble Hound)
  • Bree: Rangers of the North, (Noble Hound)
  • Moria: Wormsbane, (Orcrist)
Play Notes

Pin 1x Fog and 2x Star of High Hope to the table. Now all [-me_bl-] and [-me_sl-] become [-me_wi-]. This is vital, because you draw additional cards with Radagast for walking in Angmar. If you draw Radagast not in your starting hand, start him at Rivendell moveing direclty to Grey Havens (to bring another character into his direct influence or playing the Elves of Lindon). All your characters will benefit from the bonus of Star of High Hope except your Wizard, so make sure he gets the Noble Hound or a weapon and use your Vanishments wisely. Goldberry will help you to cancel creatures keyed to [-me_wi-] or prevent you from Snowstorm. She is a good ally in this deck because she has no prowess / body attributes and therefor cannot be the target of strikes and she is not limited on special regions to move in.

With the help of Fog you turn almost all regions into [-me_wi-]. That way you can more easy play Rain-drakes and your Lure of Nature inflicts additional corruption checks to your opponent characters. While playing the combination of Nature`s Revenge + Dragon's Desolution you can play some nasty Dragons. You can set additional traps to key your Dragons like Frenzy of Madness + Sellsword Between Charters or Rumor of Wealth or Fever of Unrest + Fog.

Marshalling Points

Allies: 2
Factions: 10
Items: 14
Charakters: 10
Miscellaneous: 2
Kill Points: ca. 3
Total: 41

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Re: [Hero (Radagast) vs. Hero] Elves Dunedain, Star of High Hope

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A cool idea for a deck. Love the fog

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