[Hazard vs. Hero] Animals & Spiders

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[Hazard vs. Hero] Animals & Spiders

Post by zirilan » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:43 pm

Animals & Spiders

Creatures (10)
3x Giant Spiders
3x Lesser Spiders
1x Watcher in the Water
1x Neeker-breekers
2x Morgul-rats

Half-creatures (6)
1x Mouth of Sauron
1x Spider of the Môrlat
1x Shelob
1x Monstrosity of Diverse Shape
1x Daelomin at Home
1x Bairanax at Home

Events (14)
3x Doors of Night
3x Twilight
3x An Unexpected Outpost
3x Wake of War
2x Full of Forth and Rage

Sideboard (19)
3x Shelob'1 Brood
2x Fell Turtle
2x Nameless Thing
1x Knights of the Prince
1x Spawn of Ungoliant
1x Ungoliant's Foul Issue
2x Das Pack vor der Tür
1x Flies and Spiders
2x Lost at Sea
2x Lost in Free-domains
2x The Way is Shut

Play Notes

A recurring horror for Hero players is and was always crossing mutliple [-me_wi-] in his site paths. A typical Animals & Spiders hazard deck will you show why. The creatures itself aren't too furious compared to Drakes / Dragons you will meet often in double [-me_wi-] . But there are quite a lot of different enhancment cards to aid Animal and Spider attacks. Combinded they can cause really nasty prowess with a hell load of strikes. Half-creatures named Shelob and Spider of the Môrlat do fit perfect in such a deck as well as do events like Wake of War and Full of Forth and Rage [Animals get: +4 prowess / +2 strikes while Spiders get: +4 prowess / +3 strikes].
Image Image Image Image

To let your creepers rain uppon your opponents company you will need some additional hazard limit. Therefor you got Daelomin at Home as in almost each hazard deck but you got some more features: Bairanax at Home and Monstrosity of Diverse Shape. While Bairanaxe at Home will increase the hazard limit for companies facing Animal attack the Monstrosity of Diverse Shape let you play the same (not defeated) Animal creature from your discard pile again.
Image Image

Once you got too many enhancment cards on the table, your opponent most likely won't travel through more than one [-me_wi-] anymore. So you need to either create some [-me_wi-] with Withered Lands (that would only target one company) or you can play Das Pack vor der Tür that let you play non-unique Animals & Spiders at [-me_bh-] or [-me_bl-] while Doors of Night is in play.

There are some decks you won't hit with Animals & Spiders. So make sure your sideboard is full of usefull and nasty stuff against [-me_cs-] , [-me_fd-] , and Under-deep sites.

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