[Hero (Saruman) vs. Hero or Minion] Kingly Wedding

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[Hero (Saruman) vs. Hero or Minion] Kingly Wedding

Post by Fangorn » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:38 pm

Saruman's seeking a way for Gondor to withstand Mordor's strength.
Times are evil because inns are filled with rumours of ghosts.
He thus intends to raise hope, faith and moral among brave people.
To reach this goal, an event of overwhelming happiness must happen : a kingly wedding.
He has to convince Aragorn to reveal himself as Isildur's heir, and Arwen to choose a mortal life.
Wedding will be then celebrated under the blessing of the White Tree.

Note : cards in brackets are against minion alignment

Character Pool

Starting Company
Aragorn II
Imrahil (+ Cram)
Damrod (+ Cram)

In deck

Not in deck

Wizards Characters

Boromir II
Denethor II


Knights of Dol Amroth
Men of Lebennin

Sapling of the White Tree
Sapling of the White Tree
Sapling of the White Tree
Palantir of Minas Tirith

Noble Steed
Noble Steed
Noble Steed

Return of the King
Choice of Luthien
Dark Numbers

Houses of Healing
Forewarned is Forearmed
Flatter a Foe
Dark Quarrels
Dark Quarrels
A Friend or Three
A Friend or Three
Withdrawn to Mordor
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Smoke Rings
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf


Chill Douser
Chill Douser
Chill Douser
Stirring Bones
Stirring Bones
Stirring Bones
Corpse Candle
Corpse Candle

Itangast at Home [Mouth of Sauron]
Ren the Unclean

The Moon is Dead
The Moon is Dead
Twilight [Spells of the Barrow-wight]
Pale Dream-maker [Spells of the Barrow-wight]
Pale Dream-maker [Spells of the Barrow-wight]
Alone and Unadvised
Alone and Unadvised
Lure of the Senses [Alone and Unadvised]
Lure of the Senses
Lure of the Senses
Lure of Expedience
Lure of Nature
Lure of Nature
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


Alatar [Power Against the Shadow]
Scroll of Isildur [No Strangers at This Time]
The Sun Unveiled [Gandalf the White Rider]
The White Tree
Men of Anorien
Tower Guard of Minas Tirith
Align Palantir
A Chance Meeting
To Fealty Sworn
Nenselde the Wingild
First of the Order
Glamour of Surpassing Excellance
Riders of Rohan
Wizard River Horses
Scorba at Home
Dragon-sickness [Itangast at Home]
The Roving Eye
The Balance of Things
The Burden of Time [Will Shaken]
Lure of Creation [Durin's Bane]
Lure of Power
Knights of the Prince
Itangast Ahunt
Diminish and Depart [Golodhros]
Mordor in Arms [Fled into Darkness]
Short Legs are Slow [Shelob]
In Heart of his Realm [Redoubled Force]

Sideboard FW

Echoes of the Song
Echoes of the Song
Echoes of the Song
Longing for the West
Inner Rot
In the Grip of Ambition
Mask Torn
Fool's Bane
Heart Grown Cold
Heart Grown Cold


Glittering Caves, Isengard => Sapling of the White Tree
Edoras => Noble Steed, Riders of Rohan
Minas Tirith => Return of the King, Choice of Luthien, Palantir of Minas Tirith, The White Tree, Men of Anorien, Tower Guard of Minas Tirith
Pelargir => Men of Lebennin
Dol Amroth => Knights of Dol Amroth, Nenselde the Wingild
Tolfalas => Scroll of Isildur

Deck description

Aragorn and Arwen are of course in starting company.
They are escorted by the faithful Imrahil (which will be followed by his Knights), and Damrod which can conceal company and deal with rivers.
There's 5 free general influence.

Imrahil and Damrod bear each a Cram for extra movement first turn.
Meanwhile the valiant Beregond, Bergil and Forlong will enhance security of Minas Tirith.

If Aragorn (and Strider) is bounced during character draft, free general influence must be enough to bring him into play.
Faramir is a substitute for Imrahil if the latter is bounced.

Wizard is Saruman, because his home site is close to Minas Tirith and he's able to use Palantiri.
Back-up Wizard (in sideboard) is Alatar, because of closeness of his home site.

All characters in deck are Dunedain, leaders for a faction, and most having Minas Tirith as home site :
- Ioreth recognizes the hands of healer (useful for Marvels Told)
- Boromir sides proudly with heir of Isildur (Men of Anorien)
- Denethor gives up the stewardship (Tower Guard of Minas Tirith)
- Anborn is followed by proud men (Men of Lebennin)
- Adrazar may himself gather the knights of the prince (Knights of Dol Amroth)

Except for Sapling of the White Tree, all resources are playable in free-holds.
- Factions are easy to play with their leader.
- Noble Steed must be played in Edoras and are bodyguard for most important characters.
- Palantir of Minas Tirith is the only valuable item playable in a free-hold, and is precious for foreseeing.
- Return of the King and Choice of Luthien are miscellanous easy to play.
Dark Numbers complete the resource part, because only man hazard may hit deck.

Support cards are mostly attack-cancellers to avoid man threat (Assassin and Corsairs), and drake threat first turn (Rain-drake, Cave Worm and Cave-drake).
Houses of Healing avoid slowing deck if a character is nevertheless wounded.
Withdrawn to Mordor is useful for dangerous agents (Surion and Elwen).

Hazard part is a mix of Undead and corruption.
Funniest hazard is Pale Dream-maker which is nasty if played.

Play Notes

Saruman enters play at Isengard and moves to Minas Tirith, where he'll stay for entire game.
He must have a canceller for that trip (Dark Quarrels, Flatter a Foe) if he moves alone.
He stays for playing characters, using Palantir and making Fireworks.

High priority is thus to turn Minas Tirith into haven with the White Tree.
Sapling must be played at Glittering Caves (which is the first move), or at Isengard if Saruman is already in play.

With Choice of Luthien, Arwen recycles discarded factions but above all controls Aragorn, freeing 4 GI. (Beware not moving to Edoras !)
In this case Aragorn automatically influences factions with Return of the King (be sure NOT to play Denethor before this one).

If Saruman didn't enter play, luck may occur with Anborn/Men of Lebennin or Adrazar/Knights of Dol Amroth in hand.
When Boromir enters play, sideboard Men of Anorien and Fireworks.
When Denethor enters play, sideboard Tower Guard of Minas Tirith and Fireworks.
If deck runs well, sideboard Bilbo and A Chance Meeting before exhausting to allow Align Palantir and To Fealty Sworn.

Other resource cards in sideboard are moved to play the following way :
- Alatar if Saruman is played by opponent
- Scroll of Isildur against a One Ring deck
- The Sun Unveiled if opponent plays Gates of Morning
- Nenselde the Wingild and Riders of Rohan after exhausting
- First of the Order for Council of Elrond
- Glamour of Surpassing Excellance against corruption
- No Strangers at This Time and Power Against the Shadow against CvCC
- Wizard River Horses against Khamul machine

MP overview (expected / max)

Characters : 8 / 11
Items : 2 / 10
Factions : 7 / 12
Allies : 2 / 5
Miscellanous : 9 / 12
Kill : 0 / 0
Total : 28 / 50
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Re: [Hero (Saruman) vs. Hero or Minion] Kingly Wedding

Post by i gwanunig » Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:05 am

nice idea & good description
What business does an Elf, a Man and a Dwarf have in the Steiermark? Speak quickly!

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Re: [Hero (Saruman) vs. Hero or Minion] Kingly Wedding

Post by zirilan » Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:54 pm

Hey , looks like a french decklist :) hurra

the description is very nice detailed and it looks like a smooth deck. I don't get the meaning of Shelob in the sideboard without a single Doors of Night or Peril Returns it is unplayable thought..
Same is with The Sun Unveiled and no Gates of Morning.

You have to watch out playing the deck, like you wrote Denethor and Return of the King, or Undead enhancers and Tolfalas for the Scroll.

We all hope more such decklists will follow :)

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Re: [Hero (Saruman) vs. Hero or Minion] Kingly Wedding

Post by karmi » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:26 am

zirilan wrote: I don't get the meaning of Shelob in the sideboard without a single Doors of Night or Peril Returns it is unplayable thought..
Shelob is playable as a creature at Imlad Morgul & Gorgoroth, incidentally the same regions where your opponent moves with Last Child of Ungoliant ;)

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