[DC | Fallen R vs. Hero] Friends of Kelvar destroy the Tower

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[DC | Fallen R vs. Hero] Friends of Kelvar destroy the Tower

Post by zirilan » Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:57 am

Character Pool

Starting Company
Grimbeorn the Old (GW) [Thrall of the Voice (WH) | Wizard's Myrmidon (WH)]
Halbarad (TW)
Gulla (LE) [Binding-ring (LE)]
Hador (LE) [Shadow-cloak (LE)] [Thrall of the Voice (WH) | Shadow-cloak (LE)]
Náin (LE) [Thrall-ring (AS)] controlling Gulla

Deck Character
Beretar (TW)
Faramir (TW)
Ioreth (TD)
Marin (NW)
Ulvûn the Owlkeeper (ML)
Calendal (LE)
Leärdinoth (NE)
3x Radagast [F] (WH)

Resource Cards

1x Palantír of Amon Sûl [H] (TW)

1x Blackbole (LE) [Cor Angaladh [M] (FB)]
1x Radagast's Black Bird (WH)
1x Meneldor (RS) [Eagles' Eyrie [H] (TW)]

1x A Panoply of Wings (WH)
1x Bears of the Carrock (DF)
1x Great Falcons of Mirkwood (GW)
1x Hives (NM)

1x Friend of the Kelvar (NW)
1x Towers Destroyed (FB)
2x Great Achievement (DF)

2x Get You Gone (WR)
1x Local Hospitality (RS)
1x Pocketed Robes (WH)
1x Crept Along Cleverly (WH)
2x Orc Quarrels (LE)
2x Threats (LE)
1x Voices of Malice (LE)
2x Dark Quarrels (TW)
2x Longbottom Leaf (BA)
1x Marvels Told (TD)
2x Muster (TW)
1x Putting away All Fear (WR)

Hazard Cards

1x Ambusher (LE)
1x Assassin (NE)
2x Goblin-faces (WH)
1x Orc-guard (TW)
1x Orc-lieutenant (TW)
1x Ruffians (WR)
2x Sellswords Between Charters (LE)
1x Thief (TW)
2x Uruk-lieutenant (LE)

1x Mouth of Sauron (TW)

1x Ambush! (TI)
3x An Unexpected Outpost (DM)
1x Fury of the Iron Crown (PR)
2x Orc-tortured (DF)
1x Pierced by Many Wounds (DM)
2x Rank upon Rank (DM)
2x Ransom (NE)
2x Soldiers of the Dark Lord (DF)
3x Twilight (TW)

1x Bolg, Son of Azog (DF)
1x Capricious Spirit (RS)
1x Fire Unwatched (KN)
2x Heedless Revelry (LE)
1x Left Behind (TD)
1x Lost at Sea (TW)
1x Lost in Free-domains (TW)
1x Orc-guard (TW)
1x Pierced by Many Wounds (DM)
1x Rolled down to the Sea (WH)
1x Seized by Terror (DM)
1x Siege (TW)
1x Variag Horse-raiders (CP)

1x 1-mind non-unique ally of your choice
1x Local Hospitality (RS)
1x A Panoply of Wings (WH)
1x Clean the Greenwood (FB)
1x Marvels Told (TD)
1x Safe from the Shadow (AS)
1x Shimmer of Hope (DF)
2x Smoke Rings (DM)
1x Crept Along Cleverly (WH)
1x A Merrier World (WH)
1x An Untimely Brood (WH)
1x Girdle of Radagast (WH)
1x Great Patron (WH)
1x Legacy of Smiths (WH)
1x Thrall of the Voice (WH)

Play Notes

About the resource deck:
Use a big company and raise factions for Friends of Kelvar (The Carrock, Mountains of Mirkwood, Beorn's House) until you draw the Palantír and got Towers Destroyed in play. Your Wizard comes in play and sideboards important cards until he gets a 5-minder to control and meets with your main company. Now its time to go to Dol Guldur, you should have two guys with home site to cancel the automatic-attacks and one with a shadowcloak in case a Nazgûl hits you. Use your Halbarad and Radagasts Bird to play the diplomacy card (Get You Gone) to cancel unique hazards. Halbarad and Ioreth just Marvel and Voice through the corruption cards or nasty permanent-events you might encounter. In the sideboard you find a backup faction, in case your Grimbeorn get lost befor he could raise his faction (Hives).

About the hazard deck:
Try to capture some of your opponent characters. Your creatures are weak and easy keyable, but Fury of the Iron Crown, Pierced by Many Wounds and Ambush! are some mean surprises that gives you a fair chance to get enough power to capture your target boy. With Soldiers of the Dark Lord one of your lieutenants should also be able to get a prisoner following an orc attack. You got no corruption cards, call of homes, rivers or other generic stuff to play, so discard wisely and decide if you wanna capture with orcs or men hazards.

Marshalling Points

Allies: 6
Factions: 7(+1)
Items: 5
Charakters: 10
Miscellaneous: 20
Kill Points: ca. 3
Total: ca.50

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