[Hero v hero] Elves Tour the Under-deeps

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[Hero v hero] Elves Tour the Under-deeps

Post by Kjeld » Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:36 pm

This deck is based on Maud'Dib's original idea, on MECCG.net: http://www.meccg.net/dforum/viewtopic.php?t=2592.

Starting Character Pool:

Thranduil (Glorfindel II)
Elrohir (Elladan)
Gildor Inglorian
Annalena (Arwen)

Starting Minor Items:

Healing Herbs

In Deck:

Alatar x3

MP Resources:

Torque of Hues
Noldo Lantern x2
Dark Numbers x2

Other Resources:

Secret Ways x2
Echo of All Joy x2
Gates of Morning x2
Star of High Hope x2
Concealment x2
Secret Entrance x2
Marvels Told x2
A Friend or Three x2
Longbottom Leaf x1
Smoke Rings x2
Sacrifice of Form

Hazards (against hero):

Assassin x3
Sellswords between Charters x3
Ambusher x3
Mouth of Sauron
Uvatha the Horseman
Balrog of Moria

Alone and Unadvised x2
Rank upon Rank x3
Thrice Outnumbered
Twilight x2
Foolish Words x2
Many Sorrows Befall
Lure of Power
Great Secrets Buried There x2
An Unexpected Outpost x2


Men of Anfalas
Elves of Lindon
Noble Hound
A Friend or Three
Star of High Hope
Marvels Told
Scroll of Isildur
Dark Quarrels x2
A Chance Meeting
The Hunt

Alone and Unadvised
Rolled Down to the Sea
Corsairs of Umbar x2
Storms of Osse
Call of Home
Muster Disperses
River x2
Bane of the Ithil Stone
Foolish Words
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Nameless Thing x2
Shut Yer Mouth
Reluctant Final Parting



Take the starting company to Goblin-gate (or possibly Moria). Play Glamdring/Orcrist/Gollum/Dark Numbers if you've got them, then drop down. (Only drop down to Under-gates if you've played Balrog of Moria). From Under-grottos, head to the Under-leas, Under-vaults, and eventually Iron-deeps. Play Aiglos, Dragon-helm, etc. as you can. Use the Secret Ways + Echo of All Joy until you get the lanterns out.

Meanwhile, get Alatar into play at Edhellond (maybe with Adrazar or Mablung if you've freed up some influence). Sideboard in an appropriate faction and the Noble Hound (if you didn't get Gollum) and go play those. Keep Alatar near a haven to teleport to the Under-deeps as needed. Once there, you can bring him back out again with Sac Form if necessary. If he gets a big weapon (e.g. Orcrist), bring in The Hunt for some extra MP. Keep the small company shuffling between Grey Havens and Edhellond (or wherever seems safest) to boost card draw as needed -- you won't burn through your deck too quickly with Under-deeps!

Eventually pop up from the Under-deeps at Carn Dum and try to play Angmarim, then call the council.

On the hazard side, it's a man-attack deck. Apart from harrying your opponent and trying to kill key weak characters, the goal is to prevent your opponent from getting factions (and possibly his or her ally) -- so play accordingly. Sideboard is filled with specialized hazards to give you contingency options.

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