Misquoting error

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Konrad Klar
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Misquoting error

Post by Konrad Klar »

In EDIT MODE I can select text from post of User A and then press Quote User B button.
This make a some sense only if someone want to misquote deliberately.
Otherwise the smaller screen, the longer thread's history, the higher risk of misquoting accidentally.

Sugggested solutions:
- deactivating Quote User X button if text of User X's post is not selected.
- changing any references to the author of quoted text to the author of selected text, regardless of association of Quote User button with particular post.
We will not speak of such things even in the morning of the Shire.

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Re: Misquoting error

Post by CDavis7M »

Nice work trouble shooting.

Here is a picture that shows how this occurs.


Which results in:
Theo wrote:
Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:41 pm
It was not me.

I think that I know what causes this misquoting error. I will report it in respective sub-forum.

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