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Post by zarathustra » Sat Jan 27, 2007 6:01 pm

So here we are, the JCP where it belongs: at the CoE website.

Nothing special to put in this announcement yet, except the list of current judges:

This is the complete list of judges; if you're a judge, your name should be on here. If you're not, it shouldn't. If you're working on advancement (either to an upper level or just to level 1), your name will not show up in the rank you're working towards. In other words, if you're trying to get to level 3, then your name will show up in level 2. If you're working towards level 1, your name simply won't be here (yet).

Please alert me to any errors in this list.

Level 1:

Dave Barton
Kris Van Beurden
Brian Min
Joe Bisz
Jonathan Yost
Kuba Krchak

Level 2:

Manuel Cabezali

Level 3:


Level 4:

Mark Alfano
Travis Took
Chad Martin
Nigel Buckle
Mikko Vihtehmaki

Level 5:


* Note: Wim Heemskerk is no longer a Level 4 Judge due to his claim to be hoarding rules and rulings in secret. If the claim is true, he is not to be trusted. If the claim is false, he is likewise not to be trusted. Hence, he is not to be trusted for rules or rulings information in future.
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Post by thorondor » Sun Jan 28, 2007 6:58 pm

i am not sure, but i think that this thread is not in the public area. is this right? then i woould suggest to have a thread for all to see what´s the status of the JCP.
also, since mark is no longer present at meccg.net, asking and asnwering rules questions would be better hosted here at the COE forums. consequently the periodical NetRep rulings will be published here, too.


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