Changing my PC

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Changing my PC

Post by gollum51 »

I need to change my PC. What is the easiest way to transfer gccg to the new PC without losing my gccg account? Thanks

Vastor Peredhil
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Re: Changing my PC

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this is not the correct forum for it, but do a new checkout

then look me up and I grant you the access to your old account, you MUST save your C/GCCG folder including your export & imported decks, it can be easily copy and pasted to the new folder of the same name on your new PC

yours Nicolai

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Re: Changing my PC

Post by Muad'Dib »

This folder on disk C includes already password to nie old account. You can copy this folder and the main (with app and images) to o pendrive and again copy to new computer.
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Re: Changing my PC

Post by emux »

Other way is using the network cloud features of the internet big boys (aka Google Drive)

I use it to share accross all my machines the .gccg folder.

I only need to set the HOME var in metw.bat to the correct path of the OS Google Drive instalation.


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