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Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:06 pm
by Alter Tuk
The most important thing first:

Heiner defended his title! Congratulations!

The final four were Heiner (Balrog), Patric (Fallen Radagast), Bernd (Balrog) and Stefan (Ringwraith/Sauron)

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:26 pm
by Alter Tuk
I had a great tournament. On friday we had some drinks at the Glockenbachviertel. Heiner and me couldnt go home with the others and stayed for another round in the bar. I regreted it on Saturday.... I was so hung-over.

As tournament master I decided to play a quick Eriador Hero deck with Dwarves.

Round 1 Pawel (Rohan Balrog)

He had a nice hazard draw on my first turn. Killed two or three dwarves on their way to the Stones with Orcs. So I had to catch up, went with three companies and left very little General Influence free for two turns. In the turn when they wanted to join up with the wizard Pawel muster dispersed my faction and I dont remember why but it was my only one. That was a pity because he didnt have factions, too. 24-26. 2:4

Round 2 Markus (Fallen Alatar Dragon factions)

He said he had a bad starting draw and I played the big items first with the help of A short Rest. Last turn I played the Cruel Claw - Muster disperses - Blind to the west combo, stealing his faction and doubled mine with Alliance of free people. 6:0 Back in the game.

Round 3 Patric (Fallen Radagast Wolfie Squatter)

Now it was ultimate hangover time. After lunch I was so tired I had to take Aspirin but made mistakes like a bloody beginner. Could have prevented him from playing the Girdle but didnt and didnt make the Alliance although I could have... Patric drew his Wizard very late, so there were chances to catch up, but I didnt make the Ally due to a poor roll and he kept his only faction against the Cruel Claw combo with only 1 free General Influence rolling 11 and 12 on two Muster disperses. A well deserved 0:6 loss. Now I was pretty sure out of the finals.

Round 4 against Wolli (Hobbits in Dragonland)

I knew I had to go for 6:0 and I did. The game only last one hour or so. Pilfered most of the Hobbits and put a crapload of Marshalling points to table. Doubled allies and factions. 6:0 but of course it was not enough. I should have made at least some points against Patric to reach finals.

But I had a great time with one of my favourite games and with my favourite people!

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:45 pm
by Alter Tuk
The weirdest things I remember from other games:

The Lucky Strike

In Round 2 of the finals Heiner was playing against Bernd. It was Balrog vs Balrog. Heiner rolled higher and was allowed to start the game. After shuffling the decks Bernd cut Heiners deck three or four times and put another single card to the bottom saying "Now all of your three Balrogs are straight at the bottom." Heiner: "If you say so I bet its the first card!" He revealed the top card and guess what it was! It was so hilarious!

No need to say with the Balrog and Great Shadow he won the game and made a huge step forward to the tournament victory.

The Unhappy Blow

In the fourth round of the Semis it was very close who could reach finals and who not. Domse was playing against Bernd in a very tight game. Bernd had a ton of cards on the table but Domse managed to catch up with a fantastic last-turn-combo using Eagle mounts for a close lead actually winning 4:2. But there was one council roll for Thranduil bearing the Worms-bane. And you already guess it: Snake eyes on the very last roll of the tournament. No finals for Dominic....

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:30 am
by lucas.kubisch
Ahhh i hate rolling snake eyes on corruption checks when your trying to store items, this heiner sounds like the real pro, when you say defended his title you mean from worlds in california right? Do you know if he used the same deck, or does he have a couple good ones. Good story about cutting the deck, funny things like that always seem to happen, sad to hear no hero decks made it to the finals but good for the balrog im sure melkor is very happy

Re: Odp: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:07 am
by Muad'Dib
In San Francisco was diffrent tournament won by Joe. Worlds are played every year, Euro sometimes. Last time it was in Rome, few years ago and there won Heiner.

I will post my report when return from Munich;)

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:53 am
by Beornd
Congrats to Heiner – one more titel in his long Meccg career.

15 Players – 4 Rounds

In semifinals I played a Fallen Radi Ettenmoor squatter and in 1st round I met Heiner with his Balrog Rohan deck. Once more the start and my card flow were so bad, most of the stage cards were at the end. So no chance to create a small chance vs. a good player with a good deck. Obvious 0:6. The chance to reach the finals decreased towards 1 %.
Next two games I played vs. Wolli and Peter and there my deck did what it was created. I managed and saved girdle after the halve of the match – DoN enviroment works too. Both games called and won in time.

So the last game vs. Dominic for a small chance to reach the finals like me, him and five other guys. He played one of the most interesting decks – Hero Alliance of Free Peoples with Eagle mounts. In the first two rounds I didn´t play any environment and so he felt save with his GoM and discarded Twilights – now my roadblock worked for the next two rounds and I cornered him. At that moment I felt to save too and wanted to destroy his characters but he killed in one round a true fire drake and two assassins with incredible rolls [-me_cc-]. In the meanwhile my resources worked well and I managed 34 MP. But I had shot one´s bolt and he started a great comeback with clever card management to 36 MP – he stayed in finals until he rolled snake eyes on Thranduil/Orcist in council. Close, most interesting and thrilling game at this weekend.
My 4:2 and totally 15 TP normally would not reach for finals. But other guys drop points too and so Wolfgang and I tie TP and I was lucky with the tiebreaker - Wolfgang again the unlucky guy after worlds one month ago.


I was the only one who changed the deck – and played a Balrog Orc Sneaking Deck.

1st round vs. Stefan Minion Unterdeep/Mordor shuffle
I knew this deck exactly because with this deck I won 2011 A/CH/D championships. My “new” deck worked also very well and I did a safe 5:1

2nd round vs. Heiner again with his Balrog deck – I thought he would change the deck to his FW Radi Master of Shapes deck, because with the Balrog deck he played in most of his tourney´s and won also championships. But …..!
So who will draw the Balrog first: Than – result see Martins posting above …. Really funny – but the journey had ended before the game started. 1:5 – Heiner won his second game and was really safe to defend his title ahead his last game.

3rd round vs. Patric and his also peerless Fallen Radi Weathertop deck – this is what I expected and I managed my hazards in wiser foreknowledge. But I had to note that this deck is so hard to beat with Patric as the driver – at the end we had a small time problem because Patric had to leave the tournament to reach his train. But he won close 2:4 .
Heiner played a safe 4:2 so final standings:
Heiner – 14 TP, Patric - 9 TP, Bernd – 8 TP, Stefan – 5 TP.

Personal notes:
We had a really great time in a really great location, with really great conditions (food, beer, space, players, weather)
I personally played in every championship i took part a different deck – so it’s a bit frustrating playing vs. Heiner´s or Patric´s decks because I surely played those five times each and it´s so hard to beat them also you know their strategies. The games evolved every time in the same way. So for the future I ´d really like that more players have the courage to play more different decks – see Dominic !!!!

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:49 pm
by Alter Tuk
lucas.kubisch wrote:Ahhh i hate rolling snake eyes on corruption checks when your trying to store items, this heiner sounds like the real pro, when you say defended his title you mean from worlds in california right? Do you know if he used the same deck, or does he have a couple good ones. Good story about cutting the deck, funny things like that always seem to happen, sad to hear no hero decks made it to the finals but good for the balrog im sure melkor is very happy
In San Francisco Heiner played a Fallen Radagast Master of Shapes deck from what I know. He brought it to Munich but he was sure Patric was going to play Fallen R in finals and he didnt want the match-up so he played Balrog in finals, too.

There were some decent hero decks around. Actually Dominic almost made it to finals with Heros. I wont blame the alignements, it was the players who made it that far.

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:49 pm
by lucas.kubisch
Ok i think i saw a picture of heiner being handed the one ring, he kind of looks like frodo right? Lol, its unfair but i guess ultimately more rewarding that they have magic tournaments in every city but you literaly have to go on a journey to mount doom in order to get a proper game of meccg, at least we have you guys to show us the way, and heiner too, do you think hes some where clutching that one ring as we speak, do you think when he puts it on he can immediatley think of unique card combos or something like that, do we know where the ring was forged? Oh no you guys, what if Heiner is in Argentina or Hawaii trying to throw the ring in a fuckin volcano, Does the ring actually have powers or just represent the power that is heiner? Lol, when do we get to see heiner defend his tittle again could this be the beginning of a winning streak? Can we perhaps make heiner the poster boy ( or poster man im sure we all prefer ) in a media campaign to spread meccg awareness. Well any ways im looking forward to the next big game, thanks for keeping us informed. When is the dates/location announced for worlds 2015, i know i know Heiner is going to be champ for a while i just want to make sure im at the event this time, just bought my 2015 planner and its starting to fill up already, any ways got to go god bless, tierra media es numero uno!

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:07 pm
by lucas.kubisch
Ok just read the rest of there comments i think this joe character could be the ring bearing tourney winning frodo look alike i was thinking of, basicly does he still have the ring and does Heiner know about this, has heiner ever played this joe, why are there not more photos of these champions or is that just how balrog deck users operate, staying in the shadows keeping their fear faceless only revealing their identity upon your demise

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:17 pm
by domse
It was nice meeting all you guys once again! It could have been a perfect weekend if not for that frustrating moment. But that actually is part of the game, and as Beornd already said, I hadn't had bad luck with dice rolls at all that game. It was just the cruel moment paired with the fact that it was neither a conceptional mistake form my side (like loading thranduil with lots of corruption) nor an achievement of Beornds (like putting corruption pressure on him) but just a simple council cc2. Be all assured, I have already moved on and have positive memories of the weekend.

Concerning Beornd frustration on playing the same decks all over, I want to mention, that I dont want to be taken as a counter example, as I have played that deck already in Worlds 2008, Finals of Euros 2010, a german national and at least one Lure GO. Basically I am doing the same thing, only with a deck no one else plays and with an alignment no one could ever hate. I admit that I am a bit tired of playing those other decks too, but I see a vicious cycle here: The only actual reason for change would be that those decks would start losing, but as the pilots have so much experience with the deck, the combination of strong deck with very strong pilot (see Martins post, its not the deck!) prevents them from losing (not on the scale of single games, but on the scale of tournaments). Alas, prepare your hazards, make them lose!

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:55 am
by Patric
As most of you already know because of the lack of players and the family with my two won-derful daughters normally I only play at the Lure once a year. And if the German Nationals are also not that far away I will try to attend there, too. That was the case this Year with the EC in Munich – Thank you very much Martin for your organization!!! I also have had in mind to change my Deck but we also moved to a new home in Tübingen and my cards were all in the cellar in some of the boxes. In addition my family have been ill the week before so that there was no time for deck building etc. So I just grabbed the same box of cards as (I must agree most of the times) and printed my decklist, so that I know how to adjust my sideboard.


Round 1 vs. Hans-Werner

I can’t remember too much only that he played minion and could avoid my hazards quite well. He also played Searching Eye and Many Sorrows Befall straight in the deck, so he was able to attack me even when I have played Hiding. But I managed to get more points so it was a 5:1 win for me.

Round 2 vs. Wolfgang

He played a minion deck and his Bane didn’t let me play the allies with Glove from discard pile. He also attacked me with Cave Drakes, Wild Trolls and Agents quite well, so that I missed my 6 allies for the Girdle. But in my last round I was able to get at least one point more than Wolfgang so I won very close 4-2 (21:20). And while we were eating lunch we talked about the last game and how close it was. Then Wolfgang asked me how many characters I have had, because it couldn’t be more then 10. But we just counted our point without entering them in the tournament sheets and so I was afraid that I have had more than 10 character points. Luckily it turned out that everything was correct after I could explain the 11 points from other sources. So for the future…always fill out the tournament sheets 

Round 3 vs. Martin

As he already mentioned he has played a Eriador Hero Deck with Dwarves so I couldn’t play with Gloin which turned out to be a problem, because I haven’t had a character with 5 prow-ess. Normally no problem, because they don’t move…but this game was different. I play a corruption deck vs heroes but at the beginning he didn’t play a single item and on Dwarves you can’t play the Lure of Nature, too. So I was happy, that all my 3 Assassins could attack him quite well. Because of all his Risky Blows and the Dwarves are upon you I couldn’t kill characters but at least they have been all tapped. And because I thought the he will most likely play Tom Bombadil in his Deck I sideboarded Tom as first card into the deck.
So as I got Tom in round 3 or 4 I beamed with Farmer Maggot to the Old Forrest and played Tom before he could do. But there was still one problem…I needed an item. So I moved in my next and last turn to The White Towers but didn’t thought about the problem that my strongest character has 4 prowess and therefore I didn’t transfer the Dagger to one of these guys to be save from Beorning Skin-changers. But it also was my luck because Martins plan was to send me back with them and because you couldn’t play anything else on the company after they have sent back he used all his hazard limit on the company. I used Tom for the Skin-changers and “safely” reached the White Towers where I could play my item point. But he also have had a River in hand which would be the better option for him because I haven’t had a ranger and couldn’t cancel River with Tom because it don’t affects the company.
And in the last turn he also played a Cruel Claw and so my GI was reduced by 7 and I only have had one GI left. Of course he canceled my Marvels Told with Blind to the West (well prepared @ Martin) and he played his Muster dispersed twice against me…but luckily I was able to roll like a god. I won 6:0 (34:16) and would have won even when I would have lost my factions but I guess Martin would have had a better change to reach the finals with a 4:2 loss than a 6:0. We both made a lot of mistakes in this game and it was an interesting game, too because Martin knows how to hurt you with your hazards. ;-)

Round 4 vs. Heiner

After 3 Rounds I was on the first place with 15 points which was much more than I have ex-pected. I knew that this will be a very tough game for me because no one else than Heiner know better how to play hazards on me that will hurt a lot. My last game against his deck was at the Lure 2013 where I have won 6:0. But that was because he wanted to attack me in Weathertop and I could hurt him a lot with my Chilled Elf-Lords and I could also play my Majas nearly every turn so he only got his Balrog-points that you can’t avoid. But in this game he also have hurt me with the Arthedain Rangers and when you only have low prowess Dwarves there then you a most likely tapped afterwards. So at the Lure 2013 I decided to change my Starting company. Instead of Gloin I play with Beretar…he’s ranger and his home-site is Bree…so no more Arthedain rangers for Heiner. But it turned out, that on the deck-list I have printed Gloin was in the starting company…so I playes with Gloin until round this round because there I realized that he will most likely play Arthedain Rangers again. So I draftet Beretar instead of Gloin which was good and bad at the same time…When I adjusted Beretar into the Staring company I forgot to add Lobelia in my hazard decks. And I even didn’t thought on that problem until Heiner played a Pilfer on Beretar with Lobelia and because it was the last turn I lost 4 Points (2 Warg-King and Beretar). That was nearly the only change for the finals I added on Lobelia to every hazard deck.
This time Heiner didn’t try to attack me because he was afraid of the Elf-lords…but I could attack him with one Elf-Lord and luckily I killed his Azog. But as everyone knows Balrog can recover really fast from that. I was able to slow him down a little bit with my hazards, but these Great Shadow is really overpowered. He shuffled 6 cards from Sideboard into his play deck with GS and with this cards he could reduce the hazard limit and or cancel for example my attack with Nameless Thing and the auto attack, too.
Anyway I wasn’t able to play the Girdle and therefor my only chance was to avoid a 1:5. In my last round I beamed to the Old Forrest to play Tom which would have been a 2:4 loss instead of 1:5. He played an Assassin and I tapped two guys and tried to cancel the last one with Escape…but he played Blind to the West and canceled it. I wanted to play my second Escape but I couldn’t find it in my hand even when I knew that I have had two in my hand. Martin looked through my discard pile and couldn’t find one, too. When we had finished and put the cards together Heiner found a cards from me which I forgot to take back to hand from on guard. So there is still room for improvement even when Heiner’s deck is really really great and very difficult to defeat. So congrats to a 5:1 (30:20).

With 17 points I was second and made it to the final four.


On Saturday I have asked Martin what he would time he expect to finish because my bus leaves on 17:30 or 19:30 …the train wouldn’t be an option because of the strikes. He said 17:30 would be very tough to reach…so I waited until tomorrow and thought I could book the bus when I know where we stand after two round or something like that. But when I wanted to book, only the 15:30 bus was left and all other were already booked out. So I have had no option but to book this one even when I didn’t knew if I could manage to play all games of the finals. Bernd said we would most likely not ready until 15:02 (my time to leave to reach the bus) and so I said I would also skip the finals for the next player but Wolfgang had already be on it’s way back to Salzburg and it would have been unfair to let Martin play instead (6. place). So we have had no choice but to rush through the finals…everyone skipped the lunch and I want to apologize and thank you again for that!!! I was also afraid to drop on the last round and perhaps influence the EC result in a bad way…

So with all that thoughts in my mind and the knowledge that everyone knew that I play my Fallen Radagast again I was 100% sure not to win the EC (but that was also not my intention when I participated…maybe 10 years before ;-))
And I met Heiner in the train and I told him…”Heiner I know that you have a ton of hazards now prepared against me and I’m going to lose against you” His response gentle as ever was: ”I can use every single card of my 30 hazards against your deck (If you know my deck normally only a few cards straight in the deck will hurt me) and I will win against you 6:0 – I would bet on that”.

Round 1 vs. Heiner:

As I already knew I will lose this game that was sure…but I wanted to avoid Heiner a 6:0 vic-tory against me. And who knows if I draw my hazards well…then I can make Heiner also a hard time. Sadly I couldn’t play anything special against him. And on my resources I faced in the first round two Chilled Dousers…I killed the first one and survived the second. Ok he de-cided to play an Undead hazard deck against me and of course he removed the Arthedain Rangers because he knew that I will play with Beretar. But he didn’t hurt me that badly even when he canceled my Hiding with Blind to the West and stuff like that but it was ok. So it looked surprisingly good for me after round 3 and in this round I made my only mistake…he already have had Orcs of Moria in play and has used all of his GI so I though a Muster dis-perses would be a good idea. I halved his hazard limit and at the moment when I cycled the card into my deck I realized that as far as he draws Great Shadow this card would be useless and I regret it and asked him if I can not reduce his hazard limit. Of course he said no…no problem Heiner I love you anyway ;-)
And he decided to play “only” The Warg King in Weathertop with a hazard limit of only 1 against his two big guys with Regiment of Crows…so I couldn’t do anything to prevent him to attack me easily and I also haven’t drawn Escape yet. But I have had Farmer Maggot in my hand. I thought I couldn’t play that to cancel a cvcc because it is a permanent event but Mar-tin saw that in my hand and later we discussed this matter and it would have been possi-ble…too bad for me because he killed my only two sages (until now I was able to discard Bane and all the rest of his ugly hazards all the time) Needless to say that he didn’t play the Warg-King in this round because he would rather attack me. In my next round I knew that I have only one chance to avoid a 6:0 so I stayed with my company in Weathertop and to bad that he canceled my Hiding again so I have had to face creatures…the only problem was that my Beretar gets wounded and with him I wanted to strike back…but so I played one Wolf and attacked with the Wolf and another character Heiners company. Because Heiner have had only two big characters I could give him a lot of extra strikes so my Wolf was +3 on his roll against Azog with I’ll report you an +1 prowess of kill points. I managed to wound him but sadly not to kill him. It would have been a chance to come back to the match but so I lost close 1:5 (I missed 1 or two points again for a 2:4). But all in all it was clear that I will lose this match even when there was a time where I thought that there might be a little chance to win, too.

Round 2 vs. Stefan:

He played a Mordor-Squatter deck and I decided to Sideboard Golodhros before Strengh of Mordor a big mistake because of course he have had Golodhros before me. And I have had to use my Withdrawn against his My Prescious…so my only good turn was in the beginning where I killed an Orc Captain with a Chilled Elf-lord. That was basically all I did to him so he could easily collect his points where I have had to fight for them. In the beginning I didn’t draw that many allies and when I got them in round three he always played a Heedless Revelry three rounds in a row. So my allies where more in my hand as on the table and that slowed me down quite hard. He also played Blind to the West and stuff like that and three Echoes of the Song what gave me influence problems. He called really fast in round 4 or 5 I guess with 7 points in the lead and the knowledge that I can’t play my Girdle (I missed one ally due to Bane/Glove and the heavy Heedless Revelry).
I managed to play Tom and Mitschief and another one in the Easterling camp. I also got my item in the Under-deeps so I was able to win at the end 4:2 against Stefan.

Round 3 vs. Bernd

His stealthy Orc-scout company was always able to cancel my attacks. I wasn’t able to play a single Maja against him, because all my Dwarven Travelers (and I played them a lot) have been canceled. So I knew that I couldn’t touch him with my Elf-lords, because he also have had Regiment out and he could tap the Regiment to bring one creature back to hand when it was not keyed to a site. So Bernd didn’t face a single attack from me...he also haven’t had the time for the Under leas so my Nameless Thing was also worthless. I tried always every-thing…Daelomin at home, Gandalf for one more hazard limit (sadly a little bit late) and Lady. I also was aware, that his Bane will not stay and because of my Lady he couldn’t cycle it back…still I marveld two of them. The lady helped me a lot because otherwhise you will face so many more hazards. My resource game was worked quite well, so until my last round Bernd was in the lead 26:21. But I have had another problem…the time was running against me because in 7 minutes I had to go to my bus.Everyone who blamed me for my last long turns…this time I was faster as I could believe it on my own, too. I knew and can’t move be-cause then Bernd will draw cards and that will cost me too much time. So I played the Girdle and Bernd tried to play the Arthedain Rangers but not with Beretar in my company and after that he played a Cave Drake…I beamed with Farmer to Old Forrest (yes I do this very often) and he played two Heedless Revelry (he was through his deck and Lady was gone)…the first one tapped except Dror everyone. On the second try he rolled a 6 against Dror what was luckily not enough so he could play Tom and one Mitchief. Radagast played on Wolf-from hand so I got 11 points on my last turn in only 7 minutes. Bern tried to corrupt my Wizard with corruption but Tom was there to play a Marvels Told against it...but Bernd wanted to play a Blind to the West but recognized that it was the wrong one vs minion resources so my cc in the council was auto.
While I was playing I asked Martin to count my points so that I can just put my cards together to run for my tram. I heard that I have had 32 or 33 point vs. 26 so I knew I was second but haven’t had enough time to enjoy that moment…thank you very much Domse to run to the tram and stand between the door because this was my last chance to arrive Tübingen.
In the tram I realized that I became second but on the other hand I was really exhausted be-cause I just have had breakfast at 8 and one bottle of water the whole day and when I arrived at 19:20 at home I have had a headache but also a smile in my face! 

Thanks again for the great Event and the great location (thanks to Bernd’s brother). It’s al-ways a pleasure to meet you guys. I would love to have more time talking to each other (like Friday evening) but I know gaming is our profession so I hope to see you all next Lure!

Best regards,


P.S. Congratulations Heiner to your title!!!

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Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:08 pm
by marcos
So I played the Girdle and Bernd tried to play the Arthedain Rangers but not with Beretar in my company and after that he played a Cave Drake…I beamed with Farmer to Old Forrest (yes I do this very often) and he played two Heedless Revelry
How did he manage to play heedless on a moving company?

Re: AW: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:47 pm
by Patric
They said that beaming with Farmer Maggot does not count as movement...

Re: Euros 2014 - Tournament Reports

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:30 pm
by marcos
wrong ;)

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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:27 am
by Beornd
marcos wrote:wrong ;)
:lol: - Patric and I were not sure about Heedless Revelry and asked the judge (Martin) - if i renember right came the final decision from Martin and HEINER :shock: - but they were not sure too.