All-Expansion Sealed Collection Tournament 3, Summer 2024

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Registration is openclosed for the third annual All-Expansion (and all-alignment) Sealed Collection tournament.
Summary wrote:Each player is given a collection of cards from which to create decks for standard (Council of Lorien) General Opponent two-deck games. That is, players can designate up to two decks each round, one for facing Heroes and one for facing Minions (either one of which must also be for facing Fallen). Only cards from the player's collection along with one additional avatar character can be in any deck that player uses.

As with normal (CoL) tournaments, Marshalling Point levels give different tournament points and players are matched based on tournament points accumulated thus far. Matched players work out a mutually acceptable time to play during the interval. The event is expected to run 5 or 6 rounds (one extra round compared to standard Swiss). There is also a small added incentive to play as Wizard and Minion in different rounds.
Compared to last year, players no longer designate their deck category for each round (less paperwork, more deckbuilding demand), and the bonus point structure is based only on deck category rather than deck distinction (for simplicity).

The schedule is on two-week intervals, with all deadlines at 2359 Eastern Time.
  • May 28 -- Registration closes; collections released within a few hours after. (I will accept some late registrations with quick deckbuilding assurance.)
  • June 11 -- Decks should be ready to play, within small tweaks; Round 1 pairings announced within a few hours after.
  • June 25 -- Deadline for submitting Round 1 results; Round 2 pairings announced within a few hours after.
  • July 9 -- Deadline for Round 2, ...
  • etc.

:!: :!: :!: MUST READ SECTION: :!: :!: :!:
  1. Play Rules - This event follows the Council of Meduseld's recommendations on rules precedence: . Players are encouraged to settle misplays and disputes as they mutually deem appropriate. I (Theo) will arbitrate cases as needed, with possible counsel from other scholars. (For any new folks, know that I am generally a respected rules ranger in the community).
  2. Deck Construction - Any deck used must only include cards from the player's collection plus one additional avatar character, and must follow all standard requirements for two-deck games. Players can bring up to two decks to each game, one for facing Heroes and one for facing Minions, either one of which must also be for facing Fallen. The same cards can be used in both decks, and players can remake their decks each round. ... ecker.html is available for checking a deck list against your collection list.
  3. No Scouting - Players are not allowed to share or acquire any player's card collection nor deck information, specific or general (other than their own info inside their own games), until the final results have been announced. Keep reflections in a personal journal until the tournament ends.
  4. Concession is Strongly Discouraged - You may not care about your tournament or league standings, but concessions can take the fun out of play and can affect every other players' matching and standing. The CoM scoring system almost always keeps at least one point within the realm of possibility. In cases where you can anticipate being too busy, please notify the coordinator (me) prior to matches being announced for the next round, or make use of the optional game time limit. Concessions that are overtly casual will result in ejection to protect the tournament experience for the other players.
  5. Reporting Results – Each round, both players should agree and submit the CoM tournament points of both players to the coordinator, if and why either player conceded, and---for a Bonus Score Multiplier---the total number of games they have now played of different deck types (Wizard or Minion) without naming the types. Players should capture (not normally report) a screenshot of the End-of-Game state for their own records in case of dispute, including the Marshalling Point tracker and all cards in play. Players should keep track of the deck type (Wizard or Minion) they used and that their opponent used, to report at the end of the tournament for verification.
  6. Communication – communication with the event coordinator (me) must be via the designated threads in the or MECCG Discord, or via private messaging on those platforms if on game info or other private matters. Communicate with me to register.
    Registration must include:
    • a cardnum account name,
    • a Discord username for coordinating scheduling games (with individual exceptions), and
    • a statement that you have read at least these MUST READ rules.
    (cardnum and Discord have no download requirements and minimal registration requirements.) For example: "I'd like to register. Cardnum: Theo2. Discord: Theo#4594. I've read the must read rules. Thanks."

Additional Game Details:
  1. Game Format - Games should be played in accordance with the two-deck game format except as described above for deck construction and as noted in this section.
  2. Time Limit - All games have an optional time limit of 150 minutes (2:30), thereafter following CoL procedure. If either player requests the time limit before the game, or during the first 90 minutes of the game, it is in effect. After that, either player may set a limit of as short of one additional hour of play from when notice is given to the other player, or both players can agree for the 150 minute maximum to be in effect.
  3. Scoring - Conversion of Marshalling Points to Tournament Points will follow CoM counsel (, along with a possible bonus multiplier for playing different alignments (see below).
  4. Additional Card Errata - Chance of Being Lost and Winds of Wrath may be used against any opponent. An opponent who could not have constructed their deck to have a version of the selected site ("hazard site") with the same alignment may use their own version of the site instead ("resource site"), if available. When the resource site leaves play, the hazard site leaves similarly (discarded or returned to its player's location deck).

Additional Logistic Details:
  1. Bonus Score Multiplier - Final tournament score is the sum of TP from each round, multiplied by a factor based on the number of games played with decks of different types. The two types are Wizard (Hero or Fallen deck rules) and Minion (Ringwraith or Balrog deck rules). The tables below show the multipliers on the right side, with the left side giving the distribution of games played with Wizard and Minion types. (Byes and pre-play concessions count toward the deck most played by the player.)

    Code: Select all

    For 5 rounds:
    W:5, M:0		1
    W:4, M:1		1.07
    W:3, M:2		1.13
    W:2, M:3		1.13
    W:1, M:4		1.07
    W:0, M:5		1
  2. Pairings - In the first round players are randomly paired. In all following rounds, pairing is Swiss based on current score multipliers as if remaining games would be played with most-played deck and gave tie TP. (E.g., a player with 9 TP after round 2 of 5 having played one game as Wizard type and one as Minion type would have multiplier 1.07 and be paired the same if they had played with only one alignment and currently had 10.575 TP ((9+4.5*3)*0.07 more points).)
  3. Scheduling of Games - Players have 14 days to complete each game and should typically attempt to begin communicating availability with their opponent within the first 24 hours after pairings are announced. If a game is not completed in time and the coordinator assesses that it is your fault, you will receive no points for the game and may be dropped out of the tournament. If it is no one's fault (e.g., scheduling not possible), both players may receive up to 5 tournament points or points for partial games as if they had reached the time limit. Failure to submit a report as to why a game was not completed automatically puts you at fault. This is an international game, and players are discouraged from entering the tournament without anticipation of at least a couple different possibilities within the round periods for synchronizing with players in other time zones or with other work and family schedules.
  4. Byes - If a player knows that they will not be able to play one of the rounds in advance, they are encouraged to request a 5-point bye for that round before pairings are assigned. One per player per tournament.

Cardnum Rules:
  1. See "Card Num Guidelines" at (items 13-20).
  2. Cardnum Malfunctions: any player may submit a report of a malfunction in cardnum for possible at-discretion adjustment of the game point outcome, explaining what happened and why the impact is perceived to be significant. Submissions received after the announcement for the next round of pairings will be received with more skepticism.
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For this event, Sealed Collections will be generated with: ... m=1&gMam=1
After registration closes, I generate random seeds for each participant and send the cards generated to each player to copy into the cardnum (or other) deck editor. Generation is done with windows shrunk small enough so that I don't see any card information.

That is,
  • 2 METW starter (different fixed packs)
  • 3 METW booster
  • 4 METD booster
  • 4 MEDM booster
  • 2 MELE starter (different fixed packs)
  • 4 MELE booster
  • 6 MEAS booster
  • 6 MEWH booster
  • 5 MEBA "packs" of 10 cards each, using a print sheet equivalent to the combined deck boxes
  • 8 extra hero characters: 2 fixed, 1 rare, 4 uncommon, 1 common
  • A generic hero ally if the rest of the collection has no hero ally
  • A generic minion ally if the rest of the collection has no minion ally
(valuation of 131.51, not counting added singles)

Per pack, cards are sampled uniformly from their print sheets without replacement. It is still possible to have repeats of a card if that card appears multiple times on a print sheet or on multiple print sheets.

To reduce extremes of pointless cards (since all sites and regions are available to players), all sites and region cards are removed from print sheets. The number of cards of each rarity in a pack is reduced to be the smallest that still gives at least as many non-site, non-region cards as the original packs had on expectation. In particular:
  • METW starter: reduced from 40 to 39 commons
  • METW booster: reduced from 6 to 2 booster-only commons
  • MELE starter: reduced from 12 to 9 uncommons
  • MELE booster: reduced from 4 to 3 uncommons
  • MEAS booster: reduced from 4 to 3 uncommons
Duplicates over the maximum playset are automatically traded for equivalent rarity as they are generated. (New this year, yey!)
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One [online community] with hammer and chisel might mar more than they make...
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Registration List:
  1. bigred
  2. Trotter
  3. FUBAR
  4. travmcgee
  5. Shapeshifter
  6. Theo
  7. AdamJ
  8. sfan77
  9. Mercury321
  10. GaerethBarethson
  11. DamienX207
  12. Nimrandir
  13. sfakattack
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Note: updated the card distribution to include a bonus Hero character pack, which was accidentally left out of the first post.
One [online community] with hammer and chisel might mar more than they make...
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Note: updated the reporting of results so that the names of deck types played are only reported at the end of the tournament.
One [online community] with hammer and chisel might mar more than they make...
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