Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Events taking place on GCCG.
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:23 am

new time today 21.45

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Fangorn » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:42 pm

Game started today vs Gothmogg
End game tomorrow at 21
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:40 pm

Adanedhel (hero) vs Grishnakh (minion): 4-2

Galadriel and Khamûl both sent out servants to gather Information and search frantically for rings in Wilderland. Khamûl's found them first, and found more of them, but they were of the evil mind-controlling kind. Galadriel was absent for quite a while, and her subjects got stuck in the Gladden Fields, fighting with Khamûls minions (where Odoacer was lost in the swamp). Entering the scene, she remembered her days in Eregion, and reading her Essays in Ringcraft decided to simply make some new magic rings.

Both sides were harrassed by spiders Huge and Horrible, which could have been nasty, but the minions brushed them off with sorcery, and the Elves used a Starglass and their arts of Concealment. Aegnor was caught in the webs of Flies and Spiders and subsequently sucked dry. Orophin was sent alone on a Great-road mission to fetch his wounded comrades, but there's always the Chance of Being Lost, thus the fair-haired Nando ended up in Dol Guldur, where Bold Spies attacked him. Yet he lived! and took the information home to his Lady. With that Lost Knowledge the party went Into the Smoking Cone of Mount Doom, to test the temperature there: yep, hot enough for ringforging.

Meanwhile the Grimburz took Stinker captive and questioned him about his time in Thranduil's Halls, but what he revealed That Ain't No Secret of Their Forging. It took Khamûl and Dwar too long to find suitable horses and get Black Riding on a ringhunt. They did discover the Scroll of Isildur in the libraries of Daelomin, but there was no time to offer it to Scatha and bring the Wyrm over to Sauron's side (Dragons love a good book). So in the end, it was 35-24.
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Grishnakh » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:27 am

Yes Eric, respect to Galdriel and your style of write!
Also it was a 5 hour game!!!
I agree in every point of Eric's "story" ;)

But now Khamul made his experiences and changed some little thing.
Now he has more chances to bring a dragon faction over to Sauron's side (or two?).

If some hero player like to play/test vs. Khamul (Heiko alias Grishnakh), he may send me an PM.
I'm quite busy until the end of the year, but I think I can play 1 game a week.

Heiko / Grishnakh [-me_eye-]
Heiko / Grishnakh

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by dirhaval » Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:16 am

[-me_sh-] Logain and me played about ten days ago. We decided to end it after four turns when I slaughtered his men with undead.
I tossed my notes when we agreed to play again, but Logain is busy for the next two weeks at least. I hope I remembered
correctly below.

His Psousen and Kavatha sent out to find gold rings. He was successful after two turns at Gladden Fields. Kavatha forgot
about Star-glass in his back-pack when Mewlips came Out of the Swamps with Doors of Night in play. Saruman was found Walking Here
and There. Many low body Men came to his banner. Agog and his maggots were lost at what to do with no items to play
on the first turn. They thought it smart to move to Bernastath hoping to draw High Helm. They hit a wall.

First, Black Crows taps a Brawler. Marsh-drake wounds the other Brawler and taps Agog. Ent in search of Ent-wives Woulds Urdak. Then Rain-drake
wounds the Berserker. It got better. Snow in the Mountains was forecasted in the Iron Mountains. [Logain and me were not sure if a wounded character
was tapped. I thought it was not wise to play that card since I can be sent back to a haven to heal, instead of bleeding at a site far away.] The company
was sent back in disgrace. But High Helm was in hand now! Next turn, they moved to the abandoned halls of Zarak Dum for High Helm.

Logain was avoiding my shadow and dark playability creatures until he visited Bandit Lair in the forsaken Brown Lands. Psousen and Kavatha were destined
to have their own cairns. Doors of Night, The Moon is Dead, and a Plague of Wights were awaiting. They disturbed a family of Ghouls. Kavatha was killed
without his unopened backpack.

Saruman, Dasakun, Hord, Layos, Jehn Remak, and Ceorl went to Amon Hen to see any knows of rings I think on Turn 3. Sleepless Malice was distilled with
a Barrow-wight and I think Stirring Bones. Everyone was wounded except for Dasakun. Saruman rolled a 2 for this strike even with Wizard's Flame in play.

Agog and his misfits moved to Leiri to play a gold ring and to burn it down on an Iron-Road. That is when the Witchking made his way to Carn Dum on Turn 4.
Berserker was hasty in his stroke against another Marsh-drake I think and died. Ice-Troll was found at Gondring's Lair with a gold ring.
The Moon is Dead was discarded by The WInd is Turning. but luck would have it another The Moon is Dead and the second Plague of Wights played the next turn.
Saruman decided to visit Brown Lands to help a wounded Psousen, but Stirring Bones killed Ceorl, Hord, and I think Jehn too. Layos was wounded with Saruman. Only Dasakun was unharmed. I played Lure of Expedience on Psousen for his 5 cp (star glass, two gold rings, and Lure). That is when the author stopped writing the story.
I would have had him next turn with Ghosts, Slipped Treacherously, and Lure of the Senses in hand. That means I could tapped his Star-glass, give him 7CPs and then cause a CC with Ghosts. I think we stopped at 13v9.

I faced none of his Nazgul or agents. I was slow to draw my Ringwraith and MP items.

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:24 pm

Hail King Dain,

he ran away with it in the end 47 : 30 vs the harad Quenn Adunaphel, need to to write more but need sleep now

5 : 1 good start for me ;)

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Fangorn » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:24 pm

Fun, because Brand is King of Dale !

I indeed just finished game vs Gothmogg, which was almost hazardless.
My animal/drake hazard was useless vs Mordor area, and I spend most of time travelling only the [-me_wi-] of Northern Rhovanion.
Game was thus like MP race.

I had a very good draw and had a big company with Heirs of Girion Bard, Bain and Brand (and Eodoric, Celeborn and a Mallorn-dweller too).
Forelast turn they went to Lonely Mountain where Smaug was at Home.
With Wizard's Flame, the Old Thrush and almost Black Arrow in hands of Bard of the Race of Dale, Smaug at Home was a mere 2@10/2 !
So Bard supported by other characters and Celeborn with Aranruth killed him almost automatically ...
Bain found the Necklace of his ancestor Girion in the vaults of Smaug.

Meanwhile Gothmogg rebuilt Mordor, played lots of Dark Forges for some rings and spears.
He had lots of characters by the end.
Finally game ended with 29/23 for me.
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:04 pm

last result is in

Makinal beats kjeld 41 : 34 so 4 : 2

I am doing some math and then next round is right around the corner

yours Nicolai

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Kjeld » Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:36 pm

It was a back-and-forth game the whole time, played out over 4 sessions. Both of us had all sorts of trouble with factions -- I had both Rangers of the North and Elves of the House disband due to Muster Disperses, and then failed to bring the Rangers back into play three times in a row, despite devoting Strider to cycling them back out of the discard. This left me with no factions, doubling Makinal's by now substantial faction holdings (after his luck turned a bit). I held Makinal's minions at bay with some nasty, nasty hazard creatures -- multiple dragons, lord of the eagles, nameless thing, Fangorn, and Alatar all made an appearance, I believe -- while Strider, Gildor and my hobbits dodged wolves left and right and center (kudos to Arwen for repeated Marvels Told, which discarded I don't know how many Wake of Wars!), though Gildor did manage to rope some wargs at one point, which was cool. In the end, though the wolf-lord prevailed -- it will be a long winter in Bree this year!

Also, thanks to Makinal for your patience with a player who is decidedly rusty with the rules and completely new to the GCCG interface! By the end of the game, I had shuffled my entire hand into my deck by accident several times... :oops:

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by gollum51 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:53 pm

Ernst and I have already scheduled our 2nd round game. We will play face to face during the Northern Wastes tourney end of the month in Lille (29&30/10).

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by dirhaval » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:01 am

MENE. Round 2
Ardagor Terror Cardolan v Lord Denethor Captains of the West
13 v 32 (originally 13 v 27, doubled 3 faction MP and 2 ally MP; 11 item MP with Legacy of Smiths)
game time: 2.5 hours

We rolled ties for who starts the game first. Lord Denethor went first.

Lord Denethor came into play worried that his firstborn son, Boromir, was in peril. He was
captured by nasty orcs at the Cross Roads. Someone had the map upside down of how to get to Imladris.
Boromir went south and east. A big mistake.
Lord Denethor, now in play, sends Faramir to prove his worth and seek for Boromir. The second born son
goes to Dead Marshes since in hand were Escaped slaves. Not the best first site to visit,
but was hoping to draw a major or greater item weapon. No luck. War Preparations were drawn.
However, a Ranger named Thorongil was in the company. He was a Trusted Counsellor.
The Troll-lord enters play.
Ardagor moves his minion men of Perchan and Uchel to Dunnish Clan-hold. The desolate waste
of Eriador is littered with cairns and barrows. More will be added. Plague of wights was played.
Mewlips crept out of the river when the men crossed the Greyflood to reach Dunland. Perchan was killed.
Many dead inhabitants of old Tharbad were awakend and Stirring Bones killed Uchel. It was made by the Dead
and the Dead keep it.

Lord Denethor now has Rescue Prisoners, Escaped Slaves, and Lock Nor Bar May Hinder in hand.
Longbottom Leaf shuffles Captain of the Guard and True Hearted Man, while the avatar taps to send cards to the discard
pile including Boromir. Darkness fell. Doors of Night was in play along with the Plague of Wights.
Lo! in the only backpack east of the Misty Mountains was a Star-glass, a trinket bought at the market in Gobel Mirlond,
forgotten until this time of peril. That item was tapped to drive away the automatic-attack.
Mablung taps to play Glamdring, a sword lost when its bearer died during the Battle of Dagorlad in another age.
Prisoners were rescued when Faramir, alone faced the spider guardians; two, ugly spider strikes.
Then Escaped slaves were found among the webs. Thorongil was able to gain their trust and commanded them to follow.
Ioreth saw a gloom in the distance and played Marvels Told to remove Reaching Shadow. But Dark Designs of Mordor was
in play by Denethor, which should of been the target.
Ardagor finds Morvan at Cameth Brin and moves his troop to a Ruined Signal Tower on the coast of Cardolan. A High Helm
was discovered in the cellar.

Ioreth learns her lesson of speaking too much. She plays Marvels Told this time to discard Dark Designs of Mordor since
Ardagor appears to not face the regions affected by Angmar Arises, which comes to be true.
Beregond was played at Minas Tirith. Unused General Infuence was getting thin.
Among the prisoners is Boromir! Lock Nor Bar may hinder this stout man. Hope was renewed by all. But Thorongil pressed
for the group to use their luck to find any news of war. They traveled south along the Mountains of Shadow to Imlad Morgul.
Rumuors of Danger were discarded twice by this time in hope that creatures of shadow/dark were few.
Wild Trolls first stopped them. Faramir Dodged one of them. At Cirith Ungol, Gorfaur the Lame greeted them, but Faramir
Dodges the troll's strike with a 11 roll! Orcrist was found in the treasury after the guards were dispatched.
But it was a dear price. Boromir fell in the courtyard covered with arrows not tapping to face his strike. Faramir was distraught.
Damrod was wounded. Glamdring should of been given to him.
But bad luck continued when a Searching Eye fizzled War Preparations. Knowledge of the Enemy was left in hand.
Ardagor moved to Dunnish Clan-hold on his own. Old Troll stayed at Creb Durga - a Warlord's Lair.

The company at Cirith Ungol splits. Thorongil takes Anborn to Pelagir hoping to draw Men of Lebennin.
Faramir and Damrod move to Minas Tirith. The slaves went with Thorongil to a non-haven site. All was quiet.
Safe From the Shadow stored War Preparations.

Ardagor moves to The WIllow Dingle for his hoard. But they had to pass near to the Barrow-downs. chill Douser
taps many. Then Stirring Bones wounds Tuma and Ardagor. Nothing is done at the site.

TURN 5. mp (Ardagor 10, Denethor 12)
The men are healed. All but Lord Denethor, Ioreth move to Lugular in Chelkar. Wild Trolls again were faced.
But Damrod was wounded when they all Escaped. Now at the castle in the shadow of the mountains, the men automatic-attack
was faced by Faramir again tapping twice using Orcrist. He sang was his cleaved the guard. Doors of Night and Minions stir
enhanced the second automatic-attack of orcs. But it was luck again when the Orc Football League championship tournament
was on the tele. The fans of the losers attacked the fans of the winners through Dark Quarrels.
The castle was quiet. Knowledge of the Enemy was gained that help find the elf Khelegin-hurt from his tortures. War Prepartions
this time were found. Rescue Prisoners and Ungolcrist in hand now.
Ardagor with wounded and a weak company retreats to Creb Durga. Doors of Night and another Plague of Wights follow from the Downs.
Stirring Bones does not kill any. But Corsairs of Umbar were on a scouting mission up the Greyflood and attack. No troll was killed.

At Dunnish clan-hold, Morvan, Wolf, and Freca south to enter the town. But Sons of Kings taps them all.

Hirgon is played at Minas Tirith. Politics is played on him, which is a good thing.
Sworn to the Lord was fetched to now have 6 SP. Then Legacy of Smiths was played for +4 MP.
Faramir was in rage still of his brother's death. Now, news of war creased his face with vengence.
The five men moved to Minas Morgul with news of Mace of Anarion hidden there. Knowledge of the Enemy and Rescue Prisoners
were also in hand. They entered the City of the Moon hot with wrath. The dead fled them. Thorongil found the Mace
in the tower. But no more could be done with Greed entering their hearts. Beregond was corrupted, running away in fright.
He may be found again. But his leaving will help Thorongil's influence attempt on the Men of Lebennin with the playdeck running
low on cards.

Ardagor moves with Tuma, Forest Troll and Brutal Retinue. Doors of Night and Plague of Wights again overtake the land.
Chill Douser kills Tuma. Mewlips from the river kills Forest-Troll.
The men are at Dunnish Clan-hold.
My deck exhausts.

The company of men splits. Faramir goes to Druadan Forest with Damrod and Mablung.
Hirgon goes to Pelargir. Thorongil and Anborn go to Minas Tirith and Anborn uses Escapes with angry Olog Warlords.
Hirgon plays the Men of Lebennin after Withdrawn to Mordor discards the On-guard card.
Faramir taps to play Noble Hound.
Lord Denethor is distraught and plays the palantir-no greed.
Ardagor and Brutal Retinue move to Creb Durga, but two Mewlips attack. He later plays Great Troll.
Ognor and another troll Hide in Dark Places at The Willow Dingle and search the hoard well for Bone-hilted Broadsword,
but no timing was found.
Morvan, Wolf, and Freca entered Dunnish Clan-hold but had to deal with Fear Fire Foes. Only Morvan was left untapped.
But Foolish Words was On-Guard, but matter little with a bad roll.

Game ended. corruptions checks made.

Summary. Lord Denethor saw only three creatures and two were canceled with Escape.
He had four site phases with an AA
*Dead Marshes (starglass)
*Cirith Ungol (orcs faced)
*Lugular (men faced, orcs(Dark Quarrels)
*Minas Morgul (starglass)

Some more creatures would of slowed the playing of MPs greatly.
I did not use War P to fetch a faction since I had Hirgon in play and my deck was soon
to exhaust drawing a faction.
House of Mardil was not used to fetch any card. I forgot about the use of command cards,
but GI was an issue. I discarded Captains of the West I think on Turn 3. Boromir may have lived with I'll Report You.
Fetching Sworn to the Lord allowed the play of Legacy of Smiths (6 SP needed). Else
I would of moved to Edhellond for the stage point.
Glamdring, Orcrist,and Mace of Anarion may have scared away creatures.
I mistakenly discarded an Archer of Ithilien on Turn 1, but I think that was smart due to GI limits.
Great Road was drawn twice I think on Turn 4. I did not want to use them and have my opponent
draw so much. He ended the game with Lost in Free-Domains in hand.
More corruption cards against me would of hurt when Greed was played. I rolled threes and fours for corruption checks.

Hazards were only good for undead creatures. I needed Double Wilderness for Mewlips. They killed two characters.
No Barrow-wights or Ghouls were played. I think he killed only one of my creatures.

***Reading Ardagor's deck now***
He had Coastal Sea creatures. I only moved into one CS, which frightened me.
Avoiding Shadow-holds after Dead marshes kept me alive. maybe add Watchers at the Gate instead of Gorfaur?
My hazard limits were high for three turns. I moved the squatting company last to avoid permanent-events.

The West Wind comes walking, and about the walls it goes.
What news from the West, O wandering wind do you bring to me tonight?
Have you seen Boromir the Tall by moon or starlight?
search for online: youtube Karliene Lament for Boromir.

But you came not from the empty lands where no men are.

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by dirhaval » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:16 am

I had two Undead hazard decks in this tournament that laid waste.
How about a new card?

This card allows the play of any non-unique ring item from hand if resource player kills
certain undead creatures. this can scare away playing undead. These undead
are bony, but still wear jewelry. If the following are killed, then you can play a ring
item from hand. maybe sideboard too.

Stirring Bones

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:20 pm

That is what our game is about,

for our GCCG Necromancer event, Herve & Ernst met up in Lille (Eric and I supplied the decks) and in an time driving game (Ernst had a train to catch) concluding with an epic

CvCC Ernst secured a 5:1 victory, it was just next table but I did not see too much, I was busy scoring Mithril before getting it handed to me by Galadriel with her Ruling Ring ;)

yours Nicolai

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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Fangorn » Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:08 pm

Game vs Luis scheduled Thursday 10th november at 9 pm (France hour) / 4 pm (Chile hour)
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Re: Dream card challenge deck event on GCCG

Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:38 pm

Grzegorz (Gothmog) and I (Adanedhel) finally finished our game today, after 3 sessions of 1 to 1,5 hours (8 turns) spread over 2 weeks.

Thranduil was very successfully Mustering animal factions in Mirkwood (13 MP!), and gathering support from many Elves, becoming the Lord of Wood and Beast. Meanwhile Smaug the Golden slept on his costly bed in the Lonely Mountain, waiting for a mode card to start Roaming in Rhovanion. But the minions who had answered his call did ok, rousing the Orcs of Mirkwood and the Ice-orcs. And where the Sinda-lord had his Panoply of Wings and Falcons of Mirkwood, Grimson the Fearless and his goblin companions gathered a Regiment of Black Crows and army of Great Bats. Two Lords in close proximity with a large Airforce, that would bring trouble! But for the moment both sides were dancing around each other, gathering courage (read prowess) for an attack.

Smaug after a few turns felt Wide Awake enough to start moving, and checked the Orcs of His Dominion in Mirkwood: "hey you maggots, attack those wise-ass Woodelves!" Talmog got the message, threatened Durlog to Report You, and paid a visit to Bladorthin/ Othar/ Prince of Mirkwood at the haunted barrows of Cor Angaladh. But their Mallorn-dweller arranged a Diversion, so combat was averted. Oh well, then look around and discover a High-helm. The Uruk-leader actually felt relieved, upon realising Legolas had found the Bow of the Galadrim in the barrows, with which he might have shot his flocks of Crows and Bats to pieces!

Thranduil's Folk could not be avoided and slew a few Brawlers, and there were many Elves upon Errantry, and even Ents in Search of Entwives in Mirkwood, with Old Man Willows on their tail. But most ended up as trophies on the belts of Talmog and Durlog, who wielded a Fizzling Torch. Smaug was way more dangerous, sabotaging his own troops, capriciously eating Grim-faced Northmen and his Dragon's Disciple (WTF Smaug?! down big fellow, down!). Meanwhile the Woodelves got through unscathed, but this was deceptive, as later turned out. There was Darkness Ahead, so much was clear, as dragons were being Summoned from Long Sleep, but not yet, not yet...

Thranduil went to Dol Guldur to Pass the Doors and Rescue Prisoners, using a Great-road from their Halls. Mjummie, 8 cards to draw! They encountered a Nameless Thing, which was ominous enough, but not deadly, as the Lord tapped twice to dodge the creature and Woodelf did the rest. But Black Crows in the service of Smaug brought the beast back, and something was placed on-guard card.
Bladorthin/Legolas/Othar/Mallorn-dweller were coming over from Celebannon. First their bows Slipped Treacherously, so when a Nameless Thing appeared it could not be shot. The beast wounded Othar and tapped out all but the Pretender King, but no biggie. However, the Worm's Stench it left behind was unbearable. Then a Were-wolf attacked, and they do love some stench, but the Many Turns and Doublings of the company made it confused. Grzegorz sighed with relief, this was going ok! Entering the Naked Hill, the Orcs and Trolls were not impressive, but Caran-carach on-guard was!: 2@16/7, ouch. Bladorthin with some Swift Strokes lived, but the company was tapped out, so Thranduil had to step up....and failed. The demon gives +1 to body checks, but a 12 was rolled so that was overkill.

Afterwards, Smaug burned down Lake-town single-handedly, yet managed to eat only The Master; Luitprand and Bard Bowman got away -apparently Elves are much tastier. His goblins gathered A Few More Recruits and a Helm of Madness, and brought back their trophies to the Lair. Demoralized, the Woodelves stayed another turn at Dol Guldur, with their new Lord of Mirkwood going on The Hunt of his life, trying to avenge his step-brother by killing Caran-carach. Even shooting Arrows Shorn of Ebony it was not to be, as Bladorthin failed the bc 5. So in the end (doubling allies) it was 35-20 (5-1) for Smaug.
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