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Wyvern CCG

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I've begun collecting an old CCG released around the same time as MECCG, called Wyvern. However, given that it's so old and went largely under the radar, even at the time, it's tricky finding product to fill the gaps in my collection. Is anyone familiar with the game, and does anyone have any leads to where I could find Wyvern singles and boosters (beyond the usual ones like eBay)?
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Re: Wyvern CCG

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http://www.potomacdist.com/wyvern-booster-boxes/ - Potomac Dist seems to have to have some booster boxes in stock. Go get some!

http://www.inmint.com/wyvern.html - appears to only be 8 starter decks in stock. This store looks to be not updated. But, I have ordered from them in the last few years. I would email them to see if they had more than the 8 starters. Their "ADD TO CART" buttons and what shows on their yahoo.com cart page can be two different things. Like items showing as IN STOCK but not when you add to your cart.

I would contact old game stores that are still around. See what they have. Some of the less than sophisticated sites have product for sale. I'm in the process of buying out an old store's SWCCG and MECCG - sealed and singles. (Clam your ta-tas... the MECCG sealed are only METD boosters.) You could also email the big online retailers to see what they have.

I scored Troll and Toad's last METW limited starter box after seeing it online and sending in a massive buylist of MtG garbage. Don't ask. Don't get. This box has seen better days. I should do a youtube unboxing... Was delivered today. :D

You gotta get out there and search search search. I pulled those within a minute of going to each site. The hunger and thirst are real. I get ya. Nevertheless, ya ain't getting all my secrets and treasure holes!!!

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