Worm's Stench

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Worm's Stench

Post by Leon » Sun May 10, 2009 2:31 pm

I agree that there could be a hazard for minion dark-holds, but I think that the existing Shelob and Spider of the Morlat are really nice cards. What do you think of something along this line?

Worm's Stench
Permanent event.
If a company has faced a dragon or drake attack this turn, one animal or spider attack against the same company receives +1 prowess and does not count against the hazard limit.
Additionally, drake, balrog, animal and spider attacks keyed to underdeep minion dark-holds attack normally, not as detainment.

The second ability does not make the underdeep darkholds as dangerous for minions as for the balrog, but somewhat more dangerous than it is now. Note that it also makes Spider of the Morlat dangerous at the Sulfur-deeps for all minions.

I thought of using Worm's Stench, because I like the original card but never saw chance to put it to use. The first ability is along the same line as the original, but more playable and weaker.

For completeness, the original Worms Stench:

Playable on a company that has already faced a Dragon or Drake attack this turn. The prowess of each Spider and Animal attack against the company is increased by two for the rest of the turn.
Additionally, if Doors of Night is in play, all Wolf attacks receive +2 prowess and all Wolf, Spider, and Animal attacks receive +1 strikes for the rest of the turn against the company.

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Post by Nerdmeetsyou » Mon May 11, 2009 6:18 am

I'm still not sure if the first ability would be good enough to be played.

but I'm lacking the paying expirience if the second one is even needed!


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