Heros wizards : level problem

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Re: Heros wizards : level problem

Post by limitedwhole » Sat Jun 22, 2013 5:41 pm

Radagast: Most straightforwardly powerful wizard. Draws tons of cards. Most frail wizard. If you don't draw him or your opponent plays him first you often end up with hands of cards that are marginal unless you are drawing lots of cards. Also most easily killed. Lure of Nature, Shadow of Mordor, Snowstorm. Many of the powerful cards that were hosed by the council of Lorien 12 creature limit were designed to keep Radagast in check. A Radagast player in a vintage environment has to take special precautions as these cards are much mroe common and more often than not surrounded by supporting cards.

Gandalf: Great because of his homesite. His ring ability is fine. Narya is the real powerhouse here. Untapping all your character including Galdalf can be quite powerful against any tapping based strategy. His homesite of Lorien makes it easier to use Sacrifice of Form and replay him in a central location.

Alatar: Very underated wizard. Mainly used for his homesite. Alatar is better when you slow the game down. moving to 1/1 draw site and giving your opponent zero cards is actually quite powerful when Radagast is in check. His teleport ability is quite powerful and underused, mainly because you can't really use it every turn. But very good. Alatar is at his best when you have multiple small parties, even single character parties. He is also at his best when you play combat spells.

Pallando: Eyes of Mandos makes him a premium wizard. Strong general abilities.

Saruman: Ultra-powerful wizard that can search for spells you bring in out of sideboard. Has the ability to control the game with palantir usage. Most poweful in a controlling deck.

All five wizards are fine in my opinion. Problem in the 12 creature limit. Makes Narya less useful (Why plays Narya against weak hazard strategies), and makes controlling wizards like Saruman bad. Saruman is a hazard based wizard. Its pretty obvious that if you hose all the hazards he will suffer. Relegates Pallando to a nitch card. Alatar as well. Pretty much you play Radagast in almost every deck that you build under Council of Lorien rules. All the cards that keep Radagast in check were hosed by the 12 creature ruling. This leads to the who draws Radagast first game.

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Re: Heros wizards : level problem

Post by Jiri » Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:47 pm

One question for thinking, why don't we write errata which applies into real game?
Saruman (each organization phase Saruman can search for one spell from his discard or side) Casting spell gives him +1corruption or cannot be discarded only eliminated if not passing corruption test.

Alatar can search his side, discard for 1 warrior skill card at the end of turn. Cannot be targeted by Beorning skinn.

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Re: Heros wizards : level problem

Post by zirilan » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:38 am

A wizard failing his corruption check is always killed and never discarded :lol:

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Re: Heros wizards : level problem

Post by Jiri » Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:15 pm

Jj of course, no idea why I wrote this stupid note LOL.

The Saruman gets bonus while using spells instead.

What I don't like is the fact other wizards are unplayable.

FW: Saruman and Palando very rare to see them
W: Saruman and Gandalf.

I believe there should be an improvement to promote these wizards in the game. Every player is making an decision between 2 only as the other are weak.

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Re: Heros wizards : level problem

Post by dirhaval » Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:31 am

I have a comment on Sorry-man.
I see the reason for the tapping for a Spell. This requires the play of
support characters and items such as Tales of the Hunt, Hall of Fire,
cram, and waybread which implies a mostly squatting wizard. That is
against most of the spells. Saruman did settle down when interest rates were low.
A fully furnished condo with a garden? Who could refuse?

However, if anything is done to a wizard it is to allow Saruman to fetch a Spell
while at a haven or free-hold - not a universal fetching. If Saruman is playing
spells, then he is vulnerable to corruption, which implies not carrying a palantir
and being vulnerable to Beorning Skin-changers. You know Lindoin is a Warrior.


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