Saving the Game Letter - Problems & Possible Solutions

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Saving the Game Letter - Problems & Possible Solutions

Post by Frodo »

Hey Guys,

I just put up a super-major post under GENERAL on the COE site. It covers the new idea for Worlds we talked about in Belgium, tournament structures, and, well... just about everything! ... =7984#7984

Chime in! Also, if anyone can make the message a sticky, I'd appreciate it. Finally, can anyone send me the Van Impelen brothers' email address?

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Post by Sauron »

One of the big issues you face Joe is time. People dont' have tons and tons of free time.

For just 1 thing like GCCG2 or MECCG 2, you're looking at 100's of hours of development time, testing, etc.

I think one of the major issues we currently face with GCCG is Rich is hosting the gccg server, for which I'm grateful. But he's not active on the boards as far as I can tell. We can't get updates to the server made, unless we go out of the way to contact him, etc.

When wigy hosted the server he could make updates whenever he wanted. wigy's been making new tables available that use some of the new rules, and I've been keeping the file server up to date. Vastor's Firstborn expansion is now playable.

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