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"Complete" Resource Strategy Taxonomy

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again what follows is not my work - maybe one day someone can finished this - maybe even the original authors:

This 'complete' taxonomy is now officially COMPLETE!

Version 10.3



Squat at and Rebuild a :R: (The Stones)
Hobbits in Dragon-Country (1)
Unexpected Party (Northeast, around Mordor, Coastal, no starting characters, far east)
King Under the Mountain (1, 2)
Return of the King/White Tree (1)
Lucky Search for MPs (1)
Eriador (usually with Radagast 1, 2, 3)
Hour of Need squatter (usually with 2-3 elflords and pallando) (1, 2)
Underdeeps ("Indy Jones") (1)
Beorn/Glorf (and variants of the "two big guys" theme)
Target Boy and two hobos (1)
Star of High Hope (usually with Glorf and Elrond's sons)
Wandering Wizard (usually radagast)
Flatter up North (1)
Borderlands (Rohan, Anduin Vales, Gap of Isen) (1)
Alatar in the South (1)
Elrond with Vilya (1) (and Gandalf with Narya)
Home site squatting with Saw Further and Deeper
Coastal Raiders (using great ship, Belegaer, Cirdan)
Dwarven Rings (1, 2)
Alliance of Free NorthEasterners (1, 2)
Fate of the Ithil Stone (1)
Pass The Doors of Dol Guldur (1)
Into the Smoking Cone (1)
Lucky Search (at Morannon)
Honorable Hobbits (1)
Info (1)
Hobbit Burglars (1)
Elf-Lords at Home (1)
Influence Away with Elrond (1)


4 moving Hobbits (1)
2 Hobbits and 1 big guy (gorn or beorn)
Unexpected Party at Lorien (1)
Moving Dwarves Dunk (1)
Elves (1)
Morannon Squat (1)
Eagle Express (use eaglemounts or Gwaihir to jump directly to Mt Doom)



Great Army of the Northeast (sneaky or beefy)
Akhorahil Malady (1, 2)
Character Malady (1)
Mordor Squatter (1)
Mordor Shuffle (1, 2)
Torch Gondor (overt or covert 1, 2)
Torch Anduin Vales (overt or covert)
Torch Harad (overt or covert)
Underdeeps tour (1, 2)
CVCC with Dwar (1)
CVCC with Indur (1)
Mouth has Come to Kill (1)
Faithless Stewards (1, 2)
Wolfies (1, 2 (with dwarven rings))
Dragon Factions (Covert magic-users, Overt threateners, RW)
Hero Item denial (Grab Orcrist & Wormsbane & Emerald or Aiglos & Dragonhelm)
Covert Spies (down south)
Grimby, Lt of foo, and friends (1)
Bag End Mission (1)
Rings for Points (up north)
Haven Squatting + Safe Underdeeps (1)
Items in Dragon Country (1)


Black Rain (1, 2)
Rings for Points in the Northeast with Dunk Option (1)
Northeast, Dunk Mandatory (1)
Under-Grottos (usually MP with dunk option)
Deck Manipulating (1)
Easy Auto-attack sites in Anduin Vales (1)




Wolves (1, 2, 3)
Great Army (1)
Dragon Factions (1)
Torch Anduin Vales (1, 2)
Torch Eriador :B:s (1)
Torch Gondor (1)
Torch Worthy Hills (1)
CVCC (Balrog in Flame mode or trolls with clubs)
Influence Buster (Strangling Coils + Mine or No One's/Heart of Dark Fire)
:S: Squatter (1)


Descent Through Fire (1, 2)
Lord and Usurper (1)
Underleas Squatter (1)
Rings for Points (1)
Great Army with Gangways (1)
Mind Ring Monstrosity (1)


Balrog Descends Through Fire while Trolls Torch Eriador (1)


Putzing around with Gangways (1, 2)
Black Rain upstairs, 2
At Under-Grottos (1)

Fallen Wizard:


Angmar/Gundabad (1) (usually with Short Rest)
Coastal (1)
Wolves/Tombo (1)
Northeast (1)
Bounty of Framsburg (1)
Bounty of Earcaraxe (1)
Overt CVCC
Great Hunt with Last Child (1)


Home Site Squatting at Havens (1)
Gondor (1)
Anduin Vales (1)
Bilbo Baggins’s Birthday Bash (1)
Northeast (1, 2, 3)
In and around the Gap of Isen (1)


Eriador (usually with Short Rest and/or Deep Mines) (1)
Worthy Hills (1)
Gondor (1)
Saw Further and Deeper Home Site Squatting (1)
Far East (1)


Wolf-Squat (1)
Wellinghall-Squat (1)
Deep Mines (often from Ettenmores where Troll-Chief plays factions)
CVCC with Ents/Tombo (1)


Influence monster 1)
White Hand at Isengard (1, 2)
White Hand in Eriador (1)
Rohan (1) (usually with Short Rest)
New Ringlord (1, 2, 3)
Rings for Points (1)
Rebuild Minion Worthy Hills + Lots of Info (sometimes use Saw Further & Deeper rather than actually playing Saruman)

Challenge Decks:


A: Stewards of Gondor ( Saruman, with Orc & Troll hazards)
B: Release the Prisoners (Alatar, with corruption & Undead hazards)
C: Dwarven Quest (Pallando, with Animal hazards)
D: Bargain Between Friends (Radagast, with Man hazards)
E: Return of the King (Gandalf, with general creature hazards)


F: Spies and Traitors (Adûnaphel, with Drake hazards)
G: Marauding Brood of Uglies (Dwar, with Wolf hazards)
H: Stealthy Tribe (Hoarmûrath, with Undead hazards)
I: Morgul Rallying Cry (Witch-king, with Roadblock hazards)
J: Seducing Nations of Men (Indûr, with corruption & general creature hazards)

K: Lord of Rings (Ren, with Doors of Night and auto-attack enhancement hazards)
L: Wolves! (Uvatha, with company-splitting hazards)
M: The Fell Magician (Akhorahil, with Men and Giant hazards)
N: Smoke on the Water (Khamul, with River-type hazards)


Please let me know what I forgot (I'm sure there's some...).

I just cross-referenced the items in this list with every deck currently in the decks forum.  When you post a new deck in the future, please send me a PM and tell me so that I can cross-reference it too.

I just started adding the Challenge Decks, including the new ones I've created.  Expect to see the old challenge decks show up in the decks forum too, just for completeness-sake.

Note: All Challenge Decks are now here.

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