Kris's Tutorial Game

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Re: Kris's Tutorial Game

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Theskyscreams wrote:
Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:43 pm
Hey just checking in a few months later. Any news on this?
I apologize it has been such a long time and I have not yet done this. The available time I have had for CoE related efforts this year has been poured into ROC and WIC items, since I currently serve on those 2 committees, they must be the priority.

This is still something I would love to do, however.

Does anyone have suggestions on the best equipment to use to make such video tutorials? I had thought of purchasing a Go Pro camera (as I can use it for other things as well), but perhaps there is something better? And a method for mounting it? If nobody has ideas, I will just get creative, but I thought maybe we have forum members who have made YouTube videos before and might have ideas.

Also - My thought was to create a dozen or more relatively short video tutorials (rather than one really long one). Each tutorial would have a focus. Any preferences on which videos you would like to see made first? What is most important for you to learn now?


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Re: Kris's Tutorial Game

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I think anything that shows from over head down on the table would be best. Then you can explain the turn sequences and phases of the game as they happen.

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Re: Kris's Tutorial Game

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It's not a true tutorial, but I recently uploaded a video of me playing a very simple solo scenario, and I outline and explain a lot of the rules as I play. I'm planning on a more formal video in the future, but some might find this one helpful:
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