Charter Amendment (and/or rewrite) Involving Errata

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Re: Charter Amendment (and/or rewrite) Involving Errata

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There will always be a difference between competitive games and cool/casual games though, it's important to recognize that.

So in fact we might need to take a double approach to draw people back in and/or keep them in, course it's just a different group of players.

Of course errata might simplify play and change the meta-game, thus make it interesting again for some players, but I doubt they will make cool decks in which THe Ghan appears more competitive. Getting the Virtual Cards allowed and accepted in competetive games might be the best way to bring the two together, but it remains to be seen whether the active competitive playgroup accepts them.
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Re: Charter Amendment (and/or rewrite) Involving Errata

Post by marcos »

i fully agree with Eric

Vastor Peredhil
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Re: Charter Amendment (and/or rewrite) Involving Errata

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Even if I am far out . . .

I am agreeing with Eric & marcos,

the community is split anyhow into gamers & occasional players

so we do errata for all, but still becoming more know is the key

but Joe I feel you, it is frustrating, but again I have been surprised which players knew about my dream cards work for example

I believe about 75% of German players are not online, this number might be true and even higher for other nations

and of these who are only half use GCCG regularly this are the numbers we must change in order to have bigger crowd in general

yours Nicolai


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