Spies Feared

Any rule erratum or clarification submission for the upcoming 2018 ARV should be posted here.
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Konrad Klar
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Spies Feared

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I propose the following erratum:

Scout or Ranger only. Playable on a Shadow-hold if one of your scouts is there or on a Ruins & Lairs if one of your rangers is there. An automatic-attack is created at all versions of the site against minion companies: Orcs-5 strikes with 8 prowess (detainment). Additionally, automatic-attacks at all versions of the site are duplicated (including the new one) against all companies. Discard when site is discarded or returned to your location deck.
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Re: Spies Feared

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Konrad Klar wrote: Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:55 pm I propose the following erratum:
Why? A card cannot fail by itself.

It says right there on the card: "against minion companies" -- which is your opponent's company.
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