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Re: Old Road

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Konrad, and everyone, thanks for all of the explanation and discussion.

I have to say that I think Old Road falls into Konrad's first interpretation. But, Hour of Need falls into the second interpretation.

The wording in Old Road suggests that it is altering the conditions of the Faction (ie where the faction is playable). The wording implying: "Allows a character at a Haven to attempt to bring a faction into play *as if that faction were playable at the Haven*". I feel like Old Road is just enabling the faction card itself to be played at an additional site. (faction arrives to the Haven by an old road, character attempts to influence the faction that arrived as normal)

Where as Hour of Need has this long weird recitation of steps (play a faction from your hand, tap, etc) with some redundancy with the normal influence rules (tapping) and some new rules (organization phase). And then it also has a very harsh failure condition (death) compared to old road. I feel like Hour of Need enables the faction to be played "out of nowhere" bypassing the normal rules (a character sends a messenger a long distance with the red arrow to influence a faction).

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