Gothmog (clarification)

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Konrad Klar
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Gothmog (clarification)

Post by Konrad Klar »

CRF, Errata (Cards), Gothmog wrote:Gothmog is not keyed to anything, the Orc or Troll he is played after must be keyed to
a Shadow-land or Dark-domain.
Not quite correct. Sometimes Gothmog is keyed to [-me_dh-], or to [-me_dd-] , as its card indicates.

I propose the following changes:

"If played after Orc or Troll attack keyed to a Shadow-land or Dark-domain, Gothmog may be played not being keyed to anything."
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Re: Gothmog (clarification)

Post by rezwits »

Agreed, what a dumb errata mistake"

I think the OG text is clear but...
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Re: Gothmog (clarification)

Post by CDavis7M »

I also think that the original text is clear. Clearly the CRF is not errata to preventing Gothmog from being keyed to [-me_dd-] or [-me_dh-] as printed on the card.

There is no need for us to vote on this.

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