WITHDRAWN - Tales of the Hunt

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WITHDRAWN - Tales of the Hunt

Post by Sam.Gamdschie » Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:08 pm

Playable on a Man at a Border-hold [-me_bh-]; tap the Man. Bearer my tap to untap any character in his company. Bearer makes a corruption check. [2 corruption points]
I have never seen this card usefully played. Untapping of characters may be cool and useful, but the pay for it is too high:
- tap the bearer to play this card
- make a corruption check [-me_cc-] every time the effect is used
- get two (2) additional corruption points [-me_cp-] with this card.

My submission is to remove the corruption points (completely) from the card as an erratum.
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Re: Tales of the Hunt

Post by CDavis7M » Fri Mar 22, 2019 5:15 pm

I wrote some thoughts in a related thread: https://councilofelrond.org/forum/viewt ... 774#p30691
For Tales of the Hunt, this seems to work nicely in a Saruman deck. Especially FW since he requires so much tapping. And you can easily get Dunlendings or Rohan characters into play and at border-holds (collecting factions for White Hand). I have this card in my FW Saurman deck so I can retrieve multiple cards or use palantir. And the targets of TotH likely won't have other CP items. So removing the CP might not make sense.
My Conclusion: I don't think removing the CC will help playability much. If anything, I think it makes sense to remove the Race/site playability restrictions vs removing the CC. Removing the tapping to activate seems too powerful. And removing the CC is also powerful. Still, I'm not sure I'd support buffing weaker cards that still have some use in some cases (even if these are not tournament winning decks).

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Re: WITHDRAWN - Tales of the Hunt

Post by the Jabberwock » Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:57 am

DECLINED due to author withdrawing submission.

(Note: I am locking this topic at this time for record-keeping purposes)


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