[Deck Dwarf-lord Thrain] The Seven Houses

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[Deck Dwarf-lord Thrain] The Seven Houses

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Orcs Have Come to Kill at the gates of Moria, and Thror has been slain. This Cannot Be Borne !
His son Thrain seeks revenge against Old Enemies and gathers the 7 Houses of Dwarves, not only Longbeards but also Firebeard, Ironfists ...
Clan Bonds is necessary to reconquest Ancient Dwarf-ruins sung by Songs of the Old, and build new strongholds.
Clad for War and At Thrain's Service, Dwarf host will be ready to clash and overwhelm the Orcs.

[DC] stands for a DreamCard.

Character Pool

Starting Company
[DC MEDF] Dain II + [DC MEDF] Ironfoot + [DC MEFB] Trusted Councellor
Threlin + Horn of Anor
Nain + Shield of Iron-bound Ash
Gulla + Cram
+ [DC MEDF] Son of Thror

In deck
[DC MEDF] Thrain II
[DC MEDF] Dworin
[DC MEDF] Nali

Not in deck
[DC MEDF] Thulin
[DC MEDF] Attack-lord
[DC MEDF] King's Judge

Avatar and Characters

[DC MEDF] Thrain II
[DC MEDF] Thrain II
[DC MEDF] King's Judge
[DC MEDF] Kori


Blue Mountain Dwarves
Iron Hill Dwarves
[DC MEDF] Ironfists

Durin's Axe
[DC MEDF] Dwarven Axe
High Helm
[DC MEDF] Khazadshathur
The Mithril-coat

[DC MEDF] Deep Mountain Fortress
[DC MEDF] Return to Old Dwellings

[DC MEDF] A More or Less Decent Giant

[DC MEDF] Clad for War
[DC MEDF] At Your Service !
[DC MEDF] At Your Service !
[DC MEDF] Clan Bonds
[DC MEDF] Origin of Stone
[DC MEDF] Origin of Stone
[DC MEDF] Songs of the Old
[DC MEDF] We Must Away !
The Dwarves are Upon You !
The Dwarves are Upon You !
The Dwarves are Upon You !
Crept Along Cleverly
We Have Come to Kill
We Have Come to Kill
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf


Watcher in the Water
Watcher in the Water
Watcher in the Water
[DC MEDF] King-spider
[DC MEDF] King-spider
[DC MEDF] Ninevet
Fell Turtle (Landroval against Dark/Grey)

Monstrosity of Diverse Shape
Dwar of Waw
[DC MEFB] Black Crows
Beorning Skin-changers
[DC MEDF] Goblin-basher
Bairanax at Home

Full of Froth and Rage
Full of Froth and Rage
Full of Froth and Rage
Wake of War
[DC MEFB] Protecting Their Domain
[DC MEFB] Protecting Their Domain
[DC MEFB] Protecting Their Domain
[DC MEDF] Flooded to the Surface
[DC MEDF] Flooded to the Surface
[DC MEDF] Terror from Deeps ([DC MEDF] Lord Eagles against Dark/Grey)
The Reach of Ulmo ([DC MEDF] Eagles Ahunt against Dark/Grey)
Nature's Revenge
Nature's Revenge

An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


vs. all
[DC MEDF] Glades of Flowering Stone
[DC MEDF] Great Miners
Gems of Arda
Vein of Arda
Delver's Harvest
[DC MEDF] Hoard Gathering
[DC MEFB] Sulhelka
Bitter Cold
[DC MEDF] Kingdom of Old Restored
[DC MEDF] Folk of Durin
[DC MEDF] Promise of Treasure
The Old Thrush
King under the Mountain
Returned Exiles
[DC MEDF] Great Achievement
Wondrous Map
[DC MEDF] Mornaugrim
[DC MEDF] The Seven Houses
[DC MEDF] This Cannot Be Borne !
[DC MEDF] A More or Less Decent Giant
[DC MEDF] Carc
[DC MEDF] Last of the Seven
Leg it Double Quick
A Friend or Three
Lordly Presence

Carrion Feeders
Alone and Unadvised
Call of Home ([DC MEDF] Old Enemies against Dark/Grey)
Lost in Free-domains

vs. Fallen
[DC MEDF] Call of the Deeps
[DC MEDF] Fear of Kin
The Way is Shut
[DC MEDF] Tarin
[DC MEFB] The Dark Days
[DC MEFB] Chocked with Vanity
Diminish and Depart
Lure of Nature
The Will of the Ring
Blind to the West


[DC MEDF] Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold => Blue Mountain Dwarves
[DC MEDF] Iron Hill Dwarf-hold => Iron Hill Dwarves
The Worthy Hills, [DC MEDF] Bar-en-Ibun => Petty-Dwarves
[DC MEDF] Nurunkhizdin => [DC MEDF] Ironfists, [DC MEDF] A More or Less Decent Giant
[DC MEDF] Gaurblog Lug => Durin's Axe, [DC MEDF] Dwarven Axe, High Helm, [DC MEDF] A More or Less Decent Giant
Goblin-gate => [DC MEDF] Khazadshathur, [DC MEDF] A More or Less Decent Giant
Glittering Caves => Durin's Axe, [DC MEDF] Dwarven Axe, High Helm
The Gem-deeps => [DC MEDF] Deep Mountain Fortress, [DC MEDF] Glades of Flowering Stone, Gems of Arda, Vein of Arda, Delver's Harvest
Mount Gundabad => [DC MEFB] Sulhelka, The Mithril-coat, [DC MEDF] Return to Old Dwellings, [DC MEDF] Kingdom of Old Restored, [DC MEDF] Folk of Durin
Ovir Hollow => Returned Exiles
[DC MEDF] Mines of Angurath => [DC MEDF] Mornaugrim
The Lonely Mountain => The Mithril-coat, [DC MEDF] Carc
Dale, Lake-town => [DC MEDF] Carc

Play tips

Dain II, Thrain's nephew, is naturally one of his Trusted Councellors.
Threlin the diplomat, Nain the sage and Gulla the ranger are helpful skilled characters.
Threlin, Nain and Gulla aren't Longbeards, just as the strong-warriors Dworin and Nali.
Starting company costs 13 GI.

Cram and almost Ironfoot are necessary for long trips (just as We Must Away !), because resources cover a wide area.
Ironfoot as an armor and Shield of Iron-bound Ash as a shield ensures the effect of Clad for War.
Horn of Anor, King's Judges and At Your Service ! are useful to influence the several factions.

When Thrain (Son of Thror) enters play, sideboard to discard :
- Last of the Seven (recycled with son of Thror)
- Leg it Double Quick (recycled with Ironfoot)
- Attack-lord and King's Judge which were in character pool (latter recycled with The Seven Houses)
- Carc (latter played by a Longbeard)
Thrain is a powerhouse with Last of the Seven, but don't give him any item to take care about CP.
Dis gives an additional early chance to play quickly Thrain.

Dror and Fori are nice agents who may be played as characters, depending on draw.
You may indeed play them as characters for "their" faction with high DI for low GI (but beware with only 18 GI).
Kori is a very fun agent with his home sites far away and his skills.
Kori is very useful too as character to cancel aa at the Gem-deeps.

Clan Bonds is absolutely needed to play characters easier.
Otherwise play them with We Have Come to Kill.
Some characters will indeed die because creatures will be faced with prowess (battle-gears, Origin of Stone, The Dwarves are Upon You !).
Battle-gear items may be played at several sites.

There's only one ally straight in deck : A More or Less Decent Giant. Another one is in sideboard.
Be sure to play him at Nurunkhizdin or Goblin-gate (Gaurblog Lug is suitable too).
On other side, Carc is very weak but easy to play for discard pile.

Hazard is an heavy animal theme. Animals are easily playable but weak.
This drawback is lessened with lots of boost : Full of Froth and Rage, Wake of War, Protecting Their Domain, and Dwar of Waw.
Animals are recycled with Monstrosity of Diverse Shape and Black Crows.
Thus high hazard limit is needed, but Bairanax is at Home.

Goblin-basher, the Beorning Skin-changer agent, moves quickly thanks to animals.
Terror from Deeps enhances greatly playability of very strong coastal animals like Fell Turtle and Ninevet.
They may surprise too a company at an under-deeps surface site with The reach of Ulmo and Flooded to the Surface !
The Watcher in the Water may Shut an under-deeps Way.


Strategy of the deck is very simple.
Among the 7 Dwarf factions, gather as many as possible.
Additionally Glades of Flowering Stone gives faction points.

Apart from missions, gather the 4 well-known factions :
- Blue Mountain Dwarves at Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold (Dis and almost Dror are good candidates)
- Iron-hill Dwarves at Iron-hill Dwarf-hold (Dain and almost Fori are good candidates)
- Petty-dwarves at The Worthy Hills or more thematically at Bar-en-Ibun
- Ironfists at Nurunkhizdin (Threlin, Gulla and Dworin are Ironfists)

The 2 main missions are the reconquest of Mount Gundabad and the foundation of Aglarond with Thrain.
Normally there's time for only one, depending on draw.
Search for Deep Mountain Fortress with Songs of the Old if needed.

Reconquest of Mount Gundabad :
- play Return to Old Dwellings (opponent often plays a Nazgul as second attack) => 1 MP
- play Sulhelka if possible (sided before) => 4 MP
- side and play Kingdom of Old Restored, and keep a low-mind Dwarf there ("free" with GI bonus) => * MP
- side and play Folk of Durin (with help of A Friend or Three and/or Lordly Presence) => 4 MP
- give Sulhelka to Nain (too many CP for Thrain) and let him use Bitter Cold
- give Promise of Treasure to any Dwarf carrying an item, allowing full MP for Return to Old Dwellings => 1 MP

Foundation of Aglarond :
- go first to The Glittering Caves and to The Gem-deeps the same turn with Leg It Double Quick
- if possible play Kori as a character to cancel aa (aa may be cancelled too with Crept Along Cleverly)
- play Deep Mountain Fortress with Thrain => 2 MP
- play Glades of Flowering Stone with Thrain
- thanks to Clan Bonds play characters with Glades of Flowering Stone => * MP
- with a character play and store Gems of Arda, Vein of Arda and Delver's Harvest => 3+2+1 MP
- Great Miners is needed to have ore full MP => 2 MP bonus for all
- Hoard Gathering for ore => 2 MP bonus for all

Unless playing on GCCG and all run perfect, it's impossible to play the secondary missions : Returned Exiles and Mornaugrim.

Returned Exiles at dragon's lair :
- go to Ovir Hollow and kill Bairanax at Home with help of the Old Thrush
- play Returned Exiles => 5 MP
- play King under the Mountain and Great Achievement => 5+1 MP

Mornaugrim at under-deeps :
- go to a Wondrous Map in Horse Plains
- go down to Mines of Angurath
- if possible play Thulin as a character to cancel aa
- play Mornaugrim => 2 MP

Finally, with lots of Firebeard and Ironfist characters in deck, The Seven Houses is easily playable.
The Seven Houses gives lots of MP with many factions.
Afterwards This Cannot Be Borne ! give a useful +1 cc to Thrain.

MP overview (expected / max)

Characters : 10 / 19
Items : 10 / 21
Factions : 10 / 22
Allies : 1 / 3
Miscellanous : 10 / 30
Kill : 3 / 4
Total : 44 / 99
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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