Do we need a topic/theme for futer virtual sets?

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Do we need a topic/theme for futer virtual sets?

Post by Nerdmeetsyou »

One thing I always liked about the star wars V-card sets... that they had some kind of theme that connected them in some way... within each editon!
So for example, one was about bounty hunters and jabbas palace.
While another was about Jedi duels.
so they realy got the feeling to be some kind of "new editons"...
because normaly in a TCG every editoin has some kind of focus or thematic...

so maybe we should adapt this kind of thing for further V-sets?

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Post by marcos »

more or less we kept some kind of theme

Hazards: mainly Awakened plants
Hero resources: under-deeps, rohan
Minion resources: active RWs
Stage resources: nothing special

Hazards: Giants/ flooding
Hero resources: balin at moria/ rings
Minion resources: Hogless/ rings
Stage resources: helping saruman

Hazards: Pukels
Resources: Quests in general

Of course it is very hard to make each card on each set be completely related to the other, because we count on a limited amount of card names (original ICE stuff), wich is not the case of Dream cards. On the other hand, and luckily, there is still a lot to be done. So keep the ideas coming

Sure, it would be good to make themed sets


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