Fair travel in free domains testing

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Thorsten the Traveller
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Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:40 pm

I've also learned from experience with the arda cards, and with dreamcards and elf-lords and such, that increase in handsize for just a turn is not easy to use effectively or indeed it is too difficult/cumbersome for you to keep track off and use effectively. Let alone for your opponent, or on gccg. I'm not a fan of incidental handsize anymore (well, never was, with the black horse either). It's confusing.
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Post by marcos » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:05 pm

I actually think Boder’s version is a little too strong; since the effect lasts a full turn, as long as you are moving some company (even a 1-minder) through a free-domain, and that is the first company you pick to move, you will gain the hand increase and you will never suffer a drop in handsize. This makes it the easiest handsize mechanism in the game, save avatar abilities.
Part of me likes Marcos’s card’s potential ability to stop Rivers, but if you think about, there’s not a great deal you can do vs. Gondor decks if you don’t have the right creatures, so having a resource that stops the King SB hazard AND the ubiquitous river is probably too much. But I also wish the card did something else…
does river have the word "lost" in its title? :D

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Post by Frodo » Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:52 am

No, but your first version of the card did. :D

Maybe it's a player thing, but I don't find increases in hand-size that difficult to keep track of at all! At least, not in a constructed-deck, where you *expect* that increase to be coming. (I have used the virtual Black Horses temporary hand draw to great effect... it really helps "unsaddle" <sorry, bad pun intended> multiple cards in the site phase.) In ARDA, well, I find just about everything to be confusing sometimes!

Boder, how can you say that tapping two characters to draw two cards is weak? Any competitive deck in MECCG needs to have significant draw to work. If my diplomats will not be doing anything that turn anything (low mind, or just plain not needed), why not draw an extra card or two, or three?

Your perm event suggestion with the diplomat effect might work...

More comments about combining the two, etc.?


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Post by Nerdmeetsyou » Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:28 pm

maybe we should try something else with this card???
And take a new aproach...

here a totaly new suggestion:

Fair Travel in FD

Long Event

Hazard events cannot be played during the hazard phase of any company with at least one free domain on its site path.
Alternativly playable as a short event during your organistion phase, to let a company move up to two additional regions this turn, if it has at least two free domains on it's site path.

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Thorsten the Traveller
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Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:49 am

Can you indicate what use the second (short-event) ability would serve? Extra movement is nice, but limiting it to two free-domains makes it very specialist.

The first ability is obviously way too powerful and general, besides travelling in FD is already pretty safe, if you're free of Foolish Words or Siege or Lost ins or Rivers, basically that's it for you. As resource long-event non environment, only Many Sorrows can touch it, which is an event too so it would be cancelled :wink:

my approach in virtualizing: it has to be either cool, fixing some wrong or balancing some strat. If possible it should create interaction. This proposal doesn't do either of these.

btw as long event this would also work for your minion opponent I guess, so that would be really weird. If anything, this card should cancel creatures, not events...

unfortunately I have no counterproposal, my mind is blank now and has been for this card, because you see, free domains already offer fair travel, so why make it fairer, the only proposal I liked so far was to cancel cards that would stop you dead for a turn because I dont like such cards. Frodo's idea to reward combo-makers is nice but imho handsize increase needs to be (semi)permanent otherwise it just serves as extra draw.
Maybe this card should be used offensively therefore, not defensively. Like: if moving to a site where opponent is present, you may take another movement/hazard phase for a company if there is at least one free-domain in its site path.
Stone-age did not end because man ran out of rocks.


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