"3 Trolls" WhCtK

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"3 Trolls" WhCtK

Post by rezwits » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:10 pm

Stay calm. :)

Bert, Tom, and William (AtS, MEAS, Versions) as Characters, state, similar "bringing into play effects"

Tuma states:

Unique. Manifestation of "Tom". May not be included with a starting company. May be played on the same turn Bûrat and/or Wûluag is played. Discard on a body check result of 8. +1 prowess against Dwarves. Tap Tûma to untap Bûrat or Wûluag if at the same site. If Bûrat and/or Wûluag is in his company, Tûma's mind is reduced by one. Home Site: Any non-Under-deeps Ruins & Lairs

I believe I can use We Have Come to Kill, to bring one of the trolls into play, and then a 2nd and even a 3rd, if I have them in my hand.

Now I am sorry I ask so many questions, but I am a CONFIRMER. I want to confirm, just so I don't have to explain or look stuff up during a game, to my opponent.

To me this is obvious and possible, because "Tom" (in this case) doesn't say:

May be played on the same turn Bûrat and/or Wûluag is played, [during the organization phase].
May be played on the same turn Bûrat and/or Wûluag is [normally] played.

Thanks again guys, (I'll keep you busy ;))
You probably aren't playing Agents correctly 8) <- need a rule thread for this tho...

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Re: "3 Trolls" WhCtK

Post by Konrad Klar » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:54 am

There is no character that cannot be played e.g. in result of influence attempt, if earlier in the same turn other character has been played e.g. in organization phase.

So either the phrase " May be played on the same turn" is meaningless or means that playing a one of the Troll characters in organization phase, that normally exhaust limit of "playing/discarding one character", exceptionally leaves a possibility of playing the other two Trolls.
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Re: "3 Trolls" WhCtK

Post by Mordakai » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:33 pm

It probably should have been worded as "Bert, Tuma and/or William can be played in the same organization phase, overriding the 1-guy-only-playing-in-org-phase", or something... Because, as far as I know, Thorin II may be played on the same turn as Thráin II, you just have to bend the standard mechanics of the game (with A Chance Meeting, Influencing away your opponent's character... whatever).
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