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Assigning strikes is part of resolving the attack, not of resolving the strike. Until the attack ends, its strikes remain assigned.

This is clear enough from the rules on defeating attacks:
MELE wrote:Only those strikes that are assigned need be defeated for the creature's marshalling points to be received by the defender.
An attack by a hazard creature is defeated if it is not a detainment attack and all of its strikes directed against (i.e., assigned to) a company are defeated.
If strikes ceased to be assigned as soon as they were resolved, then it would never be necessary to roll body checks to defeat attacks, since only strikes that are assigned need to be defeated in order to receive MPs when the attack resolves. I think we can all agree that this is not the case.

Strikes remain assigned until the attack has been completely resolved.
Remember, NetRep rulings are official. This does not necessarily mean they are correct.

You probably aren't playing Fallen Wizards correctly. This prompted the backlash erratum that I will link to as soon as I notice it is officially posted. :)

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